The benefits of fish oil

Once forced to drink cod liver oil eachchild. Including me. It was so nasty, and it seemed to me that the bottle where the fish oil, just kind of a giant. I dreamed that the fish were thin, without any fat. And well, that's my dream did not come true! Because now consume fish oil is not only useful as ever, but nice.

Once forced to drink cod liver oil eachchild. Including me. It was so nasty, and it seemed to me that the bottle where the fish oil, just kind of a giant. When my mother called me to inject another dose, I frowned and wanted to advance to the fish were thin, without any fat. Then I also did not realize that fish oil is obtained from the liver. And well, that's my dream did not come true! Because now consume fish oil is not only useful as ever, but nice.

The benefits of fish oil

A, D and omega-3 per capsule

The fact that fish oil is very useful to know for a long time. It includes, of course, there are iodine, bromine, phosphorus, but they are so small that they have no effect on our health. But what is really in a lot of fish oil, it's vitamin A (retinol), and D. It is fish oil - the best source of replenishment of the body of these vitamins.

In humans, the daily update of bone occurs because vitamin D is vital, as it promotes the absorption of calcium and phosphorus.

Vitamin A helps metabolismPlays an important role in formation of bones and teeth, it retards the aging process.

Another component which is a fishfat is very important for our body - a group of polyunsaturated fatty acids omega-3. They prevent the development of cardiovascular disease, help prevent an increase in plaques and blood clots in the arteries that supply the brain, as well as to help the brain to function normally.

The benefits of fish oil

Cod liver and muscle fat?

Previously, only the fish oil obtained from fish livercod family. Now it began to produce and fatty species of fish muscle. What is the difference between muscle and liver fat? It turns out that a liver full of vitamins, but the muscle is full of polyunsaturated acids (PUFA). The fat from the liver to the same can not be taken for a long time, that there was no excess of vitamin A and D. But the fat of the fish muscle is considered a dietary supplement, so you can use it for a long time, reasonable, of course, limits. In any case, you need to consult a doctor. Many doctors even advised to consume fish oil because of the muscles, because the liver retained various harmful substances, because the liver - a cleansing organ. Information about some of the fat it made the drug must be labeled. Although I bought the fish oils of different manufacturers and in different pharmacies, but in composition, except for the fish oil and glycerin sometimes, it never found. But the manufacturers of dietary supplements, indeed, often as a source of fish oil used muscle fat saltwater fish.

The benefits of fish oil

I am, frankly, less concerned about whereFat is taken - from muscle or liver, and it is more pleased with the fact that taking fish oil today became enjoyable. You can, of course, still buy fish oil in bottles, but pharmacists, apparently, thought about people like me. And they come up to produce fish oil in gelatin capsules, with no taste, and most importantly, the smell! There is another plus in capsules. Since PUFAs are easily oxidized and are thus harmful, the fish oil, which is in a glass container, must be stored in the fridge and use quickly. Another thing capsules - they are kept much longer. Take they should be before eating, drinking water!

Useful than fish oil for children

Pediatricians know that the benefits of fish oil are not onlyin that it is rich in vitamins. There he had two more indisputable advantage - it is very nutritious and easily digested. In addition, when the child's body is formed without the vitamins and polyunsaturated acids simply can not do.

Vitamin D due to its aid in the assimilationcalcium and phosphorus helps proper bone growth. From phosphorus depends on the development of the central nervous system, it stimulates the brain. If vitamin D sufficiency, the child is not threatened ricketsIt will grow calm and healthy.

But blurred vision, dryness of mucous membranes and skin,as well as the hair is said that the body lacks vitamin A. Fish oil helps children fill retinol, making the skin becomes smooth and recover visual function.

The main task of the polyunsaturated acids -improve brain function. PUFAs are necessary for the formation and development of brain tissue. And it affects the intellectual development of man. It is better to become memory and cognitive activity. On the whole, the behavior of the child varies from irritable restless, he turns into a quiet child. But natural: one fish oil is not enough. Today, pediatricians fish oil is effectively used for the treatment of skin diseases, renal failure, allergic reactions, asthma and many other diseases.

The benefits of fish oil

But parents need to remember that some childrenthere may be side effects of fish oil, for example, metabolic or digestive disorders. Therefore, you need to take the drug only under the supervision of a pediatrician.

Disease of the XXI century - lowered immunity, strengthen it by force by the same polyunsaturated fatty acids, they are useful even in the prevention of cancer.

Even polyunsaturated fatty acids normalizeblood pressure and kidney function, reducing blood cholesterol, slows down blood clots, inflammatory and antiallergic action, improve joint health. So if you anemia. tuberculosis. arthritis, Psoriasis, asthma, inflammatory bowel different - you can help control the disease cod liver oil! Again together with other medicines prescribed by a doctor.

The need for omega-3 in the adult organism

We all know that nutritionists recommend avoidingfats in great numbers, but not the fish oil! In contrast to animal and vegetable fats, fish oil contains omega-3 PUFAs. Their positive effect on the heart and brain activity, I have said above. In addition, fatty acids - excellent prevention of atherosclerosis and coronary disease. But there the wonderful properties too, does not end there.

Omega-3 PUFA in the human body itself can not be synthesized, so it is important to each of us from time to time to include in the diet of fish oil.

Fish oil instead of cosmetics

In addition to the general improvement of the body, fish oil can be used for hair treatment and facial rejuvenation.

The benefits of fish oil

To hair is not whipped, pierce a few capsules or take a spoonful of cod liver oil and mix with burdock oil. The resulting mixture was put on the ends of her hair at the roots, or to strengthen.

Instead of nourishing cream can be easily several times a month to use fish oil, just do not apply it thickly. One capsule is enough for the entire face.

To do this, pierces the capsule, squeezingand the contents gently put on every wrinkle. You can mix fish oil with honey - a teaspoon of honey to a teaspoon of cod liver oil. The resulting mask is applied on face for 30 minutes. Then wash off with warm water.

Excluding cod liver oil!

Not all and not always beneficial fish oil, there are contraindications to it. You should not take fish oil if:

  • enlarged thyroid gland;
  • promoted content vitamin D or calcium in the body;
  • or aggravation of cholecystitis pancreatitis;
  • allergic to fish oil;
  • you have kidney stones or gallstones;
  • a bleeding disorder, since fish oil thins the blood;
  • renal failure;
  • pregnancy. You can receive, but only on doctor's advice. And so - better eat eggs!

Although fish oil and not directly related tomedicines, but a consultation with a physician is necessary. Even if you use it as a preventive measure. And especially if you are taking other medications. But no matter what, with the help of fish oil or not - be healthy and happy!

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