How to lose weight teen

If a teenager has appeared overweight, it is on98% blame the parents who did not teach him to eat. That they should show care and attention to help your child lose weight. To force it to comply with a rigid diet is inappropriate and even harmful to health. It is necessary to teach him how to eat rationally, to develop his healthy eating habits.

If a teenager has appeared overweight, it is 98% of the wine of parents who do not teach him to eat. That they should show care and attention to help your child lose weight.

teen body grows and develops, itIt needs a large and varied amount of nutrients. To force it to comply with a rigid diet is inappropriate and even harmful to health. It is necessary to teach him how to eat rationally, to develop his healthy eating habits. In addition to this we add any, but the daily motor activity - sports, gymnastics, hiking, etc.

Our site will help teenagers lose weight without harmhealth, simply follow our recommendations. Separately, I note, if the child is related to the completeness of any disease, you must first consult your doctor for advice. But in all circumstances the rules of a healthy lifestyle are relevant to everyone.

Nutrition and food again

How to lose weight teen
The main factor of excess weight in adolescents - a poor diet. About the mode of the day will be discussed later, and now - about the food.

Nutrient Balanced Diet(These are proteins, fats, carbohydrates, minerals, vitamins) is of great importance for the mental and physical development of the child. What should be discarded if the teenager is faced with the task of losing weight. Vegetable fats are best used (sunflower, corn, olive oil), they are easier to digest. But animal fat in the form of fatty meat, fat is better to completely eliminate. It is not recommended that fried, smoked meat and fish are high-calorie and "difficult" processed by the body. It is better to choose meat and fish of lean varieties, it is preferable to bake or cook. Be sure to exclude from the diet gravy, spices (mustard, mayonnaise), very salty dishes - they excite appetite.

Fast food. Places where such food should be madebypass the tenth expensive - useful in it there is nothing. Needless to say on the inadmissibility of the use of alcohol by teenagers. Under the ban as a sweet sparkling water and various energy drinks. Also recommend to exclude tea and coffee. This exciting acts not only on appetite, but also on the nervous system as a whole, besides contains a large amount of unnecessary calories for losing weight baby. Replace these drinks are fruit drinks, fruit drinks, juices (fresh juices), milk and milk drinks.

Sweets - This is what love to adults and children. Unfortunately, this is the main source of excess weight. It is necessary to minimize the consumption of sweets, biscuits, cakes (especially fat cream), muffins, and limit the use of pure sugar. Partially replace all be jelly, berries, milk, curd desserts.

Try to give the teenager in the school fruit anddried fruits instead of candy and cookies, and chips should be replaced with whole grain bread made from wheat or rye flour with additives in the form of various kinds of seeds.

Of course, you can control the quality ofa large part of the food your child eats. But he has to understand the importance of getting rid of excess weight. To do this, make a teenager with "list of forbidden foods" and gradually it Fill, explaining along the way the child, why do you make them there. Believe me, you do learn a lot about the product. Do not forbid something categorically explain why it can not be done and impractical.

It is very difficult to eat right all week,so the reward of a teenager in a small holiday dessert from the banned list, then, that he is not deposited on the sides, ask him to take a walk, ride a bike or skate.

Daily routine and diet

How to lose weight teen
It is very important for the adolescent day slimming regime andproperly organized power. This will not only help to lose weight and maintain weight within, but also protect against all sorts of diseases. Develop a child mode of the day, covering all its activities on the rise before bedtime. Turn back time compulsory meal, the so-called diet, some effort will be needed to carry it out.

The teenager must observe the frequency of food intake,the intervals between them, and you - correctly compose the daily requirement of a growing organism, not only in calories, but also in the proportional distribution of proteins, fats, carbohydrates. Given the age-related needs of the body, for adolescents this ratio will be 1: 1: 4. Skewing towards an increase in fat or carbohydrates contributes to metabolic disorders and leads to excess weight. Teenagers' meals should be at least four times a day, with approximately the same distribution of volume throughout the day: breakfast - 30%, lunch - 40%, afternoon tea - 10%, dinner - 20%. A teenager usually has breakfast and dinner at home, and you can control what he eats. The last meal should be no later than one and a half hours before bedtime.

How to organize meals outside the home of a teenager? Well, if the school provided a complete meal, but if not, it will have to reallocate amounts of food between lunch and afternoon tea and provide the maximum nutrition. For example, at lunch eat food 20% instead of 40%, and the remaining volume of 20% share: 15% move in the afternoon, and 5% for a snack between classes.

Be sure to include in the daily routine exercise - a daily 15 minute charging or classes in any section 3 times a week. This is a significant factor for weight loss, as well as food.

The purpose and personal example

How to lose weight teen
Put teenager goal, for example, throw in the month, 0.5 kg, and not to recruit them again. Praise him for his achievements, reward, how prompt your imagination, but not biscuits, of course.

No matter how much you do not forbid your child to eat a lot,as if you did not force him to play sports, it will all be under-performing, yet you will not be for a teen role model. Consider whether the child will have a useful porridge, if you do lacquer cake? Accustoming the teenager to the rules of a balanced diet and exercising, follow them together. Share with your child the difficulties he will face when losing weight and reward you will have a healthy baby slim and good relationship with him.

Absolutely not!

In the public domain now various dietary supplements andmeans for weight loss, in no case do not offer it to a teenager - remember: his body is just forming, it is better to avoid the effects of such drugs, because their effect on human health has not been fully studied.

Our site wants parents and children forever part with excess weight and be healthy.

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