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It is widely known that the simple or fastcarbohydrates, which are so many sweets and baked goods, a very negative impact on the figure. All because such relatively simple carbohydrates are quickly digested and the person thereby gaining weight faster.

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The most famous is a simple carbohydrate sugars. In addition to fast carbohydrates, there are slow or complex carbohydrates, which are absorbed much more slowly. Upon cleavage of carbohydrates are glucose is obtained, which is spread in the body through the insulin. Excess glucose is deposited in the form of extra padding. If you reduce the amount in the diet of simple carbohydrates, it leads to the fact that the accumulated body fat slowly are utilized. It is on this principle, excessive weight loss based low-carbohydrate diet.

However, the latest research resultsshow that using such a diet can not lose weight for a long time and dropped kilos during a diet is likely to come back. In this respect for such a diet may be at the beginning of a very serious health problems. This is especially dangerous, if the large amount of fat present in the diet.

In general, a person gains weight, not only from an excesssimple carbohydrates. A major role here is played by calorie intake and calories come not only from carbohydrates, but also from proteins and fats. In this case carbohydrates are the only sources of supply of many internal organs. In particular, carbohydrates, or rather, they generated glucose, is necessary for the brain, nervous system and kidney. Therefore it is necessary to think ten times and get medical advice before you take on such a diet.

How does the low-carb diet?

glycemic index diet, low carbohydrate diet, weight loss, carbohydrates, figure

Below is a rough menu, low-carb diet for three days. You, of course, based on it can make up their menu.

So, on the first day for breakfast we eat scrambled eggs with onions, green apple and tea without sugar. For lunch, prepare mushroom soup, a dinner salad with fresh vegetables, which is dressed with vegetable oil.

In the second day of the diet as a breakfast we will have a serving of low-fat cottage cheese with dried fruit and coffee without sugar. For lunch we will have a vegetable soup, and baked sea fish for dinner.

During the third day to eat breakfast cookedcauliflower and tea with a slice of cheese. Lunch will be chicken and boiled lettuce. At dinner that day, you can eat a slice of boiled or roasted veal chop with vegetable salad. This menu at the end of the week you will notice improvement in the work of the stomach. At the same time it's worth listening to your body.


During this diet, according to its authors, the body clean of toxins. In addition, improved metabolism. Besides the diet actually it gives good results.


By reducing the amount of increased carbohydrateFat intake, including animals that cholesterol can lead to heart disease and excesses. Although if you focus on low-fat products, this risk can be minimized. If you do not include vegetables in your diet, the low amount of carbohydrates can easily lead to the occurrence of constipation.

General conclusions

glycemic index diet, low carbohydrate diet, weight loss, carbohydrates, figure

If you choose to use this diet, our websiteIt urges to remember that carbohydrates are necessary for health and should not be excluded from the diet. Especially it is not recommended to use a very low-carbohydrate diet that is rich in protein. In addition, it must be remembered that such a diet usually does not allow to lose weight in the long term. Therefore, if you want to observe the low-carbohydrate diet, you should not avoid eating carbs completely. In particular, they are necessary for the metabolism of fat. It is best to leave the diet foods that are rich in carbohydrates, but which have not undergone refining and processing. Especially recommended to eat whole grain products and vegetables. From what it takes to give so that from high-calorie foods such as sweets, cakes and soft drinks. For the diet is better to choose vegetable fats. These fats include sunflower, olive and canola oil. From butter and lard should be abandoned.

In general, low-carb diet can helplose weight, because if it is limited to compliance with the consumption of calories. At the same time the body, to compensate for the lack of carbohydrates begins to use muscle glycogen and glucose from the body. In this case, the fat reserves are being used. This process can lead to the fact that the body will form ketones, and this in turn leads to acidification of the internal environment. This can cause metabolic changes that may give rise to serious diseases. For example, it can threaten the start diabetes. Moreover, people often on this dietnausea, increased sweating, dizziness, constipation, dehydration, loss of appetite and bad breath. Therefore, this diet is hardly suitable as a healthy food.

Usually, the authors recommend low carbohydrate dietsget the calories from fat and protein, wherein the carbohydrate is recommended to use less than 100 grams per day. Although doctors do not support it, at least due to the inclusion in the diet of high fat level. Also, this diet restricts the intake of important food sources. In addition, it is worth noting that the subject of this diet reduced the consumption of fruits and vegetables that may cause a shortage of some essential body substances.

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