Watermelon diet

Among the many mono-product diets watermelonIt is one of the most productive. But before exposing your body to such a severe test, it is necessary to make sure there are no contraindications and there is an iron willpower. Watermelon diet has helped many women gain the coveted slim figure and clean the body of toxins.

Since watermelon diet refers tosingle-product type, that is, involves the use of only one product, it causes the body to put it mildly, very uncomfortable. Just imagine that your diet will consist only of the sweet fruit waters. This is difficult to survive, both morally and physically. For this reason, watermelon diet has such a short duration. But more on that later. Who is to understand why a watermelon promotes weight loss and cleansing of the body?

Why watermelon?

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The first and most important reason islow calorie fruit that giant. In 100 grams of watermelon accounts for only 38 calories and to eat to satiety, man enough to 400-500 grams of product.

As is known, watermelon has on the powerfuldiuretic effects, bringing excess fluid, and with it the harmful substances accumulated over a period of malnutrition. Simply put, watermelon juice does in the body "wet cleaning". But this hides a serious danger to people with weak kidneys or diseases of the genitourinary system. Excessive loads can cause aggravation and lead to undesirable consequences. If you do not have these problems, but on the second or third day of the watermelon diet appeared pain in the kidneys, you should immediately terminate the course and in any case check the condition of the internal organs. Perhaps watermelon diet can help prevent the development of serious diseases.

Losing weight in the first couple of days of melon dietit will be by removing excess fluid, with whom leave and harmful salt deposits. Thus, the course helps to lose weight and have the capital to clean the joints.

Watermelon perfectly suppresses the feeling of hunger, fillingstomach fluid to failure. This illusory sense, but it can save, if a person can not independently control the food intake in reasonable quantities.

The sweet taste of the berries is also of great importance. Scientists have conducted studies that have shown that the human brain will receive a signal of satiety, if the stomach enters sweet food. Therefore, many much easier to move the cleaning watermelon diet, rather than a cucumber.

Rules watermelon diet

watermelon, watermelon diet, diet, mono-diet, weight loss

The day can eat up to half a kilogram of watermelon,biting his crackers or meatless loaves. It is forbidden to drink black tea with sugar and coffee (even without sugar). If you really want in the morning, you can drink a cup of green tea with lemon or mate. So cut a slice of watermelon, otsypte crackers and spread this "wealth" for the day.

Watermelon diet can last a maximum of 3-4 days. Ideally, the body is enough for two days, to get the utmost amount of salts, toxins and wastes. Unfortunately, many women who want to lose weight quickly, they think that if will hold on watermelon diet for a week, it will be even slimmer and healthier. This is not true. The body will be exhausted, and the kilos come back in a heartbeat.

It should be remembered that the watermelon diet does not helpderive from the body fat. With its help you get rid of excess fluid and are preparing themselves to a more serious turn. Remove body fat can only be sport and moderate healthy diet. No diet is not capable of it, except for regular physical activity, so that a slim figure is necessary to earn hard.

But if you resort to unloading watermelon regularly,every 5-6 days, centimeters from the waist will gradually go away. But in this case it is necessary to strictly control the volume of your diet in between diets, or kilos back twice. mymedinform.com warns that the appetite will have to fight anyway. So, if you are "unloaded" watermelon on Monday, then a day or two you will want to eat a supplement to dinner or treat yourself to a sandwich at night. The result, as with any diet, will depend on the strength.

helpful hints

Choose a small watermelon, not to be tempted to eat more than necessary, and that the remaining part is not deteriorated.

It is best to sit on a watermelon diet at the end ofsummer when the berries have ripened naturally and not through chemicals. Benefit from the "chemical" watermelons will not be any, but the risk is very high poison. It's better to drink water than to eat a questionable product.

Do not buy cracked watermelon! This berry is an excellent natural absorbent, which absorbs all the surrounding volatile substances and odors. Therefore, if you see that close to the road sold cracked or raspolovinennye watermelons, you can be sure that in addition to vitamins they have plenty of "urban chemicals."

Useful than a watermelon

watermelon, watermelon diet, diet, mono-diet, weight loss

Watermelon is almost entirely composed of water, butthat a tiny fraction of the pulp (10-15%) is enough to fit a lot of useful substances. A distinctive feature of watermelon juice from all the others in that it does not complex sugars requiring insulin in the body. For this reason, watermelon you can eat even people with acute diabetes, albeit in small quantities.

Also in watermelon contains a complex of mineral salts that help the body maintain fluid and electrolyte balance, in no way harming the kidney condition.

Fiber or the very flesh of watermelonIt contributes to the normalization of intestinal motility. Berry simply "crammed" with powerful antioxidants, which have anti-aging, and even some anti-cancer effect! Such substances in watermelon are many, but their concentration is quite small, so they do not have a bright pronounced effect.

Watermelons are useful for young nursing mothers, as they contribute to the development of breast milk and its supply nutrients for the baby.

200 grams of watermelon flesh contains a daily ratemagnesium. Recall that magnesium helps the absorption of nutrients from food and drinks, so the use of water-melon with fruit, cereal and milk products are very useful. Moreover, magnesium strengthens the nerves and muscles. A man less tired, feel vivacity all day and is in good spirits.

Not so long ago, scientists discovered that watermelon has a positive effect on potency, acting in several times more powerful viagra! The berry pulp present a special ingredient - citrulline. Dissolved in the intestine, it is converted to arginine, greatly expanding the blood vessels.

Our website already mentioned above contraindications,but would like to add something else. Often, pregnant women are advised to eat more watermelon, because it contains the necessary amount of vitamin B9 in its natural form. In the first months of pregnancy watermelon will bring enormous benefits, but later on it should be abandoned, because the fruit will increase and put pressure on the bladder. In late pregnancy, future moms already complain of too frequent trips to the bathroom, and a load of watermelons can only exacerbate the situation.

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