Drinking diet

The purpose of this diet, according to its creators, is to reduce the load on the digestive tract. This in turn should allow to bring the norm all the necessary internal organs.

According to the authors of the diet, it should help cope with extra kilograms. In general, this diet will be useful for those people who are constantly snacking on the go. However, is it really? Let's tell readers our site in this article.

So, as the creators of the diet say, while compliance with the drinking diet, the human body is smoothly cleaned. At the same time, only surface cleaning of the body occurs in the first seven or ten days. According to the authors of the diet, during the second week internal organs and the entire digestive tract is already cleared. The most important stage, which consists in cleaning already at the cellular level, happens on the third week. Consequently, the duration of the drinking diet can vary from three to four weeks. During a diet, there is a moment in which it is very important not to break in order for the rectification mechanism to get to the deepest cells. At the same time, the stick is also not worth. Otherwise, you can only harm your body. Consider some types of drinking diets.

Diet «Drinking day»

Water, diet, drinking diet, slimming

This option drinking diet is better called a discharge day. Such days are usually held once a week or several times a month. During this period you can drink water. The maximum daily rate is about two liters per day. Instead, you can spend a day on the freshly squeezed orange juice, grapefruit juice or can be on apple juice. At the same time, the juices usually need to mix with water in the proportion of one to one. It is important a week before the beginning of this unloading day. Go to healthy eating. If you love sauces, mayonnaise, sausages, roasted, sweet or fat, then this food needs to be completely eliminated for one week. Two days before the start of the unloading day, eat only porridge, vegetables and fruits. In addition, during the whole week, it is recommended to drink drinks, which contains sugar, and the day before the release of the unloading day drink only green tea. At the same time, the daily rate is usually two liters of fluids every day.

An important point is the way out of this diet. You need to leave this version of the diet smoothly, while gradually adding products without fat. First, vegetables, fruits, porridge are added, then protein products without fat. In two weeks you can already gradually return to the usual diet. Although leaning on sweet, fat and flour products should not.

Drinking diet for 2-3 weeks

Water, diet, drinking diet, slimming

First of all, you need to remember that drinking diet is not starvation. When it is observed, you can drink any liquid that is suitable for vital activity. Only alcoholic beverages and weak carbonated water are prohibited. In any case, drinking drinks should not contain dyes and preservatives. At the same time, it is allowed to include liquid yogurts, dairy and dairy products, low-fat broths, various teas, roast diet soups, natural vegetables, cocoa and mineral water. By the way, coffee lovers rarely can pamper themselves with their favorite invigorating drink. In addition, the daily menu should necessarily include at least 1-1.5 liters of clean drinking water.

Here are some recipes for a diet

Vegetable puree soup with potatoes, carrots and cabbage. So, for the preparation of such a dietary soup you need to cut into potatoes with large cubes, pour it with water or chicken broth, then put it on fire. After boiling, you should add several inflorescences from cauliflower. Also add carrots cut with circles, and then cook vegetables until readiness. It is allowed to add one head onion and one Bulgarian pepper without leather. When vegetables are ready, then grind them in a blender and add broth to them. Soup we should not get unnecessary dense.

Vegetable puree soup with repo. In order to prepare this dish, there will be 50 grams of carrots, 50 grams of onion, 70 grams of potatoes, 70 grams of turnips, as well as one glass of low-fat milk. For cooking you need to first chop fine carrots, turnips, potatoes. Vegetables after this can be prepared on a non-large broth or on the water until they are ready. After that, we beat vegetables in a blender in boiled form along with a small amount of broth. You can wipe them instead through a sieve. After that, add hot milk, a little salt and all thoroughly mix until a homogeneous consistency is obtained.

Prohibited products

The basic principle of this diet is a complete refusal of hard food. Therefore, it must be excluded from the diet. In addition, you should not drink drinks with the addition of sugar and even sacharo substitutes. In addition, it is necessary to eliminate completely alcohol, canned juices, sharp spices, vegetable oils, fatty milk, any fat broths, as well as sour cream. In liquid soups, you can add a small amount of salt in order to give the taste.

Drinking diet 7 days

Water, diet, drinking diet, slimming

This version of the diet, according to its authors, allows for seven days to lose weight up to seven kilograms. As a basis, such a diet is quite possible to take vegetables, fruit juices, low-fat dairy products, as well as broths. At the same time daily need to drink one and a half liters of drinking water. Allowed to drink natural juices, unsweetened tea.

This is how this week may look like: on the first day we drink milk or kefir, we live on the broth on the second day, we spend the third day on the juice, we drink tea on the fourth day, drink Kisel diet on the fifth day, I spend the sixth day on compote from dried fruits. The main thing is that the compote is without sugar.

Drinking diet

How do the creators of the diet say, it is important to be able to correctly leave the drinking diet. The output must be, above all, smooth. At the same time, to exit a diet usually take two times more time than the diet itself. For the first two or three days after the diet, the best of all oatmeal has breakfast, but lunch and dinner, let them be as drinking as on a diet. After that, you can already eat a dish from the usual diet for breakfast. It can be yogurt, eggs, cheese. The main thing is that there was no flour. You can eat porridge at lunch, as well as an apple or banana. Dinner stays while drinking. You can eat three times only in the second week. In this case, the diet should be protein low-fat products, as well as vegetables. On the third week you need to increase carbohydrate consumption. Gradually need to be introduced into its ration rye bread, salt, cereals, pasta and potatoes.

Harm drinking diet

Water, diet, drinking diet, slimming

I should immediately say that the authors of this diet give knowingly harmful recommendations. After all, weight loss here is only due to the fact that the body is starving, but starvation, In fact, it is the process of slow killing of any living organism. In general, the consequences of such a diet may well manifest themselves immediately, but after some time. The main rule of such food is the refusal of hard food, but without it it is simply impossible to satisfy all the needs of our body. The authors of the diet declare the purification of hollow organs, but at the same time they do not indicate which. Further promise to purify the rest of the authorities. In fact, these are false rules, and the MPS will recommend that you do not mock your body using this diet. Otherwise, you can violate badly metabolism in your body that will cause very serious health effects.

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