12 habits that accelerate your aging


You can not stop aging specifically,trusting the wisdom of nature and genetics. However, there are habits that accelerate the appearance of wrinkles and reduce skin elasticity. You can do nothing to slow down time, but at least stop harming themselves.

We have compiled a list of the twelve most obvious and common ways that women accelerates the onset of old age.

1. Experiences

Enough to get nervous for any reason! Yes, we understand that you have a demanding job, children, husbands and mortgages. But if you do not regularly send yourself on vacation, you are old rather than those of your colleagues and friends, who go for a massage, relax in the yoga and spa, and at least once a year to fully rest on the south. If you do not provide yourself a break, then who?

2. Malnutrition

12 habits that accelerate your agingTwenty-five years ago you could afford onchocolate bar a day, Coca-Cola, fried potatoes every night and the sea of ​​alcohol. And nothing. Now, when you are thirty or thirty, this is simply unacceptable. Especially harmful and sugar alcohol. Both reduces the elasticity of the skin. So leave the champagne and beer for large celebrations and biscuits, sweets and pastries replace with fresh fruit.

3. Chairs

If most of the day you're sitting at the computer,you get old faster than women working in the confectionery industry. Only active, but the load on the muscles and ligaments, but kardiozanyatiya will give you a good chance to look fresh and young in fifty years. Every hour, five-minute stretch and do exercises. Every day, no less than forty minutes to spend active movements like walking (preferably running) and fitness. And at least twice a week - Weight Training.

4. The lack of sleep

No excuses constant lack of sleep! With each short night you reduce not only your life, but the flowering period. It would be desirable if you look of frozen, tired and "show off" gray skin? If not, generally rigid: a critical minimum of sleep - seven.

5. Ignoring the dangers of the sun

If you live in the northern latitudes, your summerthe desire to catch as much sun can be quite clear. But please, do not exaggerate. Tan - is not a matter of pride and a reason to feel sorry for you: you increase the risk of various cancers, and for forty or fifty years will look just old. Look at the not so young, but very tanned Italians, Spaniards, and Greek women - if they do not use the services of a specialist on BOTOX, their skin looks terrible. Do not do this with you, and use sunscreen sprays.

6. Smoking

12 habits that accelerate your agingWomen who smoke are guaranteed to get morewrinkled skin than those who just throw this nasty habit. Get rid of the smallest "smoking" borozdochek have eyes, near the mouth and forehead almost fail in any way. So do whatever, but stop yourself slack off.

7. Irregular sex

We already wrote about the fact that the more sex, thepeople happier, more relaxed and happier. In addition, regular sex life increases the lifespan and significantly extends the period of youth. Work hard to make sex in your life has been as much as possible.

8. Disorderly day

Planning reduces stress. Reducing stress removes large wrinkles and prevents the emergence of new ones. Here you have a long youth. Learn how to make a plan of the week and the day - it's easier than it seems. When you know exactly when and what to do, you do not waste power and nerves in order to remember them all and get it all. You know exactly what you can to overcome the day only a certain number of points. And in time to go to bed - is also important.

9. Improper posture during sleep

Sleeping on the stomach is bad! At least, for your face. Especially if you are prone to lie on the same cheek from night to night. Over time, the side of the face will reflect all the folds of your pillow. By the way, can save the situation silk or satin pillowcase.

10. Overheating apartments

If the home is cold in winter, it is better to dresswarmer than play three heater and no humidifier. Do the opposite: put humidifiers in every room (and let them work round the clock), and the heater, use the "point" and turn on briefly. So keep your skin more moisture and stay young longer.

11. Improper posture

If you are used to living hook, you riskHe looks older than his years. Straight back always gives the impression that its owner - a young, energetic, self-confident person. Because only a youth turretless inherent natural ability and not to bend under a hail of adversity. Keep your posture, control yourself, use special posture correctors, until you become like the ancient old woman weakened.

12. Abuse of cosmetics

Some women feel that they are without makeuplook bare. It is not true. A woman who spends money not on creams and shadows, and a beautician's Skin facilities and services, looks much fresher and brighter than the one that tries to mask skin imperfections. And the longer you use "make-up" instead of collagen masks and creams with Q10, the less likely that you will ever be able to show people without makeup. Under a layer of makeup, your skin is aging twice as fast. You need it?

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