How to bring alcohol from the body

Time spent with friends and loved ones- It is always the most pleasant moments, we tried to make memorable. Well, how do without a glass of aromatic wine, cocktail or other alcoholic beverage, which will add a touch of fun to the family feast. However, if the evening much good, that on the morning of the picture may change dramatically.

Alcohol and its consequences for the organism

alcohol, alcoholic beverages, to bring alcohol, spirits

Ethanol, which is part of alcoholic beverages is one of the most powerful drugs, as highly addictive and an overdose - the strongest poison.

The interest of Russians to the rather alcohol is not reducedvice versa. However, the same pattern is observed in other developed countries. There is a growing level of beer alcoholism, many people on this background, more and more began to be interested in the secrets of rapid sobering.

This fluid is not alien to our body,because it produces a certain amount of alcohol for the proper functioning of internal biochemical processes. You may know that the ethyl alcohol is also found in certain foods, such as yogurt, kvass and so on.

Alcohol formed in the body due tointernal reasons, it is impossible to deduce, in contrast to the surplus of alcohol, taken orally. For successful detoxification without consequences in due time it is best to clean your body of excess alcohol.

Before moving on to consider the various options, it is necessary to understand the scheme of the natural excretion of alcohol:

  • of the alcohol leaves unchanged;
  • else - is converted by oxidation to acetic acid.

Pure alcohol evaporates through the lungs, skin andkidney completely metabolized in the liver. It was here, under the influence of certain enzymes, ethanol becomes toxic substance acetaldehyde, which is the accumulation of causes in alcohol addicted people cirrhosis of the liver. After that acetaldehyde undergoesoxidation process and converted into acetic acid. It should be noted that the ethyl alcohol in the form of output is not more than 40% alcohol, the remainder is output through the human liver. From the body of the state directly depends on the speed of this process. Normally, these rates are 0.14 ppm and 0.09 in men - women.

To influence the activity of alcohol eliminationwe can body through the skin, lungs, and kidneys. Sometimes it is useful to have a cup of strong tea, acts as a diuretic. The caffeine in tea, eliminates unpleasant symptoms of intoxication such as dizziness and vision problems with focusing.

Non-drug way to sober up

alcohol, alcoholic beverages, to bring alcohol, spirits

And yet, if you or your friend need to quickly andeffectively put themselves in feeling after drinking, use a few tips that can easily be applied at home.

  1. First, continue to drink, but do notalcohol and water or other beverages that do not contain alcohol. This ensures that the load kidneys, and toxins will be output intensively with urine. Ideal for a drink - pure mineral water without gas.
  2. Drink milk that forms in the gastric mucosa protective film, so that the absorption of alcohol in the body slows down.
  3. Take activated carbonIt adsorbs toxins and facilitates overall if intoxicated. The same effect have starchy foods: potatoes, cereals and bread.
  4. Induce vomiting. This will bring the alcohol that has not sucked into the blood.
  5. Sweet fruit weaken the strong influence of alcohol. Highly recommended to eat bananas, strawberries, grapes, apples and oranges.
  6. Perform a simple exercise that will accelerate cleansing the body of alcohol and toxins. For example, dance to.
  7. Since alcohol is also displayed through the skin, as an option, try a good sweat. By the way, sex is excellent activate metabolic processes and promote sweating.
  8. Contrast or cold showers - excellent sobering. This procedure not only accelerates the metabolism, but activates the removal of toxins.
  9. In a state of intoxication can not overeat. A huge number of incoming proteins and fats will require its processing, and it is - an additional burden for the liver.
  10. Actively trying to sober up, you can forget thathangover body potassium is very necessary to establish the work of the kidneys and the heart. Quoting myself feeling, eat a little parsley or bananas, dates, or potatoes.
  11. Print the alcohol from the body also help to dairy products due to the presence in them of a large number of bacteria and amino acids that promote the metabolism.

Elimination of alcohol intoxication at moderate

The most effective way in this state -is a gastric lavage. To do this, you need to drink at least 1.5 liters of pure water, adding a little potassium permanganate (on the tip of a knife) and then trigger the gag reflex.

alcohol, alcoholic beverages, to bring alcohol, spirits

This procedure must be repeated until the wash waters will be completely absent alcoholic odor, after which, it is recommended to drink immediately 30 ml of water with 5 drops of ammonia.

In addition, effective means are saline laxatives and sorbents, and lest there be complete dehydration, You need to drink plenty of pure water or herbal tea.

If you are going to drive a car, thenYou should be aware that none of the above methods can not decrease the amount of blood in ppm. Of course, it will be a little less, but it will not be enough to responsibly get behind the wheel.

Contraindications to artificially eliminate alcohol from the body are two states:

  • heavy drinking;
  • pathological alcoholism.

If the bout - a periodic problem and clear, the pathological manifestations of intoxication is characterized by:

  1. After drinking even a couple of glasses of alcohol a person becomes aggressive and loses the orientation in space.
  2. On the face of anxiety and panic.
  3. Hallucinations and delusions.

Unfortunately, all of the ways in which we are todayconsidered, can not save people from the painful craving for alcoholic beverages and not withdrawn from the binge. Simple pouring cold water and abundant drink is not enough. In this case, the person should be admitted to substance abuse department for treatment and being under medical supervision.

Professional drug treatment and MirSovetovit is strongly advised not to self-medicate with alcohol intoxication. Only a doctor can correctly select the optimal composition of effective medicines without side effects.

Fast sobering is only suitable for healthy people without alcohol dependence, so the output of ethanol alcohol from the body in the home is possible only in a state of mild intoxication.

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