dehydration Treatment

Water - a key component in the humanthe body as it is involved in all processes of life. Correct drinking regime while maintaining water balance create favorable conditions for a healthy and fulfilling life of each of us.

What is dehydration?

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Dehydration also called dehydration,It indicates the status of the acute shortage of water in the body, which is necessary for metabolic, physiological and chemical processes, not for a moment be terminated in the course of our lives.

As a result of dehydration occurpathological phenomena that triggered the violation of water-electrolyte metabolism mechanisms. Liquid - is the basis of each cell constituting component of blood, brain, and cerebrospinal fluid. By reducing its levels in the body the blood thickening process is started when the water molecules move into the extracellular space and functionality broken cells.

Especially dangerous is the state for children,since early regulatory mechanism of water exchange is in flux, and the body is extremely difficult to overcome the pathology. It is equally difficult to pass and dehydration in the elderly due to age-compensatory function and lose the usefulness of action. To learn how to deal with the problem of dehydration, tell MirSovetov.

The main causes of dehydration

water, dehydration, fluid in the body, dehydration, drinking water, to drink

Determine the degree of dehydration severe (11-20% of body weight) can be, if you are diagnosed with at least one of the following symptoms:

  • severe dizziness, which occurs in the supine position;
  • changes in behavioral reactions - sharp sense of fear, carelessness, confusion, etc .;
  • headedness, shown after 2 minutes after getting up;
  • weakness in the limbs, when you can not stand or walk;
  • rapid breathing and weak pulse;
  • clammy and cold skin, and sometimes the opposite - hot and dry;
  • no urination for more than 12 hours;
  • loss of consciousness.

By the time of onset of severe dehydration inthe human body is insufficient volume of liquid that could transport the blood to the vital organs. In this case, there may come death, so immediately call an ambulance.

How can you give first aid?

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Each minute of waiting carriages Ambulance It could cost a human life. To avoid unfortunate consequences, it is worth remembering a few rules of first aid to the victim.

So, the main task - to fill the volume of a liquiddehydrated human body. To do this, you must give water to the patient, so that he saw her very small sips. It is advisable to choose drinks with a high electrolyte content - it can be frozen juices, sports tonics, melted ice chips. If the hand is plain water - and let the body get enough.

Then try to cool the body. This will help to make such manipulation:

  1. Remove outer clothing, possibly a shirt and trousers.
  2. If there's a room with air conditioning - to deliver the exhausted man.
  3. If there's a fan - body wrap with a damp towel and seat the patient by air.
  4. Can be used with a bottle spray nozzle.
  5. Avoid excessive supercooling to prevent vasoconstriction.

The victim must be delivered to the hospital when he noticed symptoms such as lethargy, seizuresPain in the chest or abdomen, fainting, unconsciousness, headache.

Surveys in the dewatering

During dehydration, doctors prescribe generic analyzes on which to assess the state of exhaustion. General blood analysis It shows the degree of condensed blood plasma, red blood cells, as well as indicators of blood coagulation. Diagnostics urine It shows an increase / decrease in urine specific gravity. A biochemical analysis directly indicates the number of plasma electrolytes.

dehydration Treatment

water, dehydration, fluid in the body, dehydration, drinking water, to drink

The main goal of treatment of dehydration -and restoring blood volume in the body fluids. Depending on the severity of the patient's condition, the degree of progression of dehydration, doctors use various methods of struggle.

Infusion therapy - the most effective anda simple method for the treatment of water depletion. The technique is in the full saturation of body fluid, which contains a large number of carbohydrate. If the victims do not have vomiting, nausea or fainting, then the water is consumed orally. And in cases of severe dehydration fluid intravenously.

When the visible improvements with permissionthe doctor the patient can go home in the hospital. However, if the victim is recovering hard, he observed fever, symptoms of infection, loss of consciousness, then he must remain under the supervision of a specialist prior to recovery.

Preventing dehydration

water, dehydration, fluid in the body, dehydration, drinking water, to drink

The risk consequences of dehydration sogreat that at times can be very expensive. In order not to expose your body to such tests, it is necessary to prevent possible dehydration at the very first stage. To prevent the fluid deficiency should be followed simple tips:

  1. In dry weather, during long journeys, active physical exercise or High body temperatureAlways have on hand a bottle of water.
  2. Make sure that children and the elderly in your family consume a sufficient amount of fluid per day.
  3. Avoid strenuous exercise when is hot and dry weather.
  4. Avoid alcohol, especially in hot weather, because it blocks the ability to feel the symptoms of the first stage of dehydration.
  5. In sunny and dry days, try to wear clothes with bright colors, preferably made of natural fabrics and loose-fitting.
  6. Seek shade or air-conditioned environments.

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