How to clean vessels

human vessels - one of the most delicate and vulnerableauthorities. Improper lifestyle and certain diseases, or simply with age, they can become clogged, and blood on them will be difficult, and this would harm the entire body already. It is therefore important to monitor their condition and cleaned in time.

Clogged blood vessels

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The vessels in the human body there are three types:

  1. Venous - most of them form clots.
  2. Arterial - most of them form plaques.
  3. Lymph - often infest different parasites in them.

Vessels may become clogged by thrombi or blood clots, usually, this phenomenon occurs in diseases such as phlebeurysm. arrhythmia, Malfunction of the heart valve. From clots the vessels cleaned surgically or medication. If your feet are the veins, they can be lubricated with heparin ointment.

But the parasites get into human blood withmosquito bites. There they find a fertile ground for breeding, growing, linked to tangles and a clog vessels. Germs enter the body mostly in sepsis and bacterial endocarditis. They get together and clog vessels. In this case, you need to see a doctor, he would appoint a course of treatment. Sometimes the blood vessels become clogged with gas, it happens in divers who emerges abruptly from great depths to the surface, whereas oxygen can be collected in the blood. Independently solve this problem is impossible, you need only apply to the medical institution. Also, our website does not recommend to experiment with self-medicate and consult a doctor in cases where vessels are clogged with fat, calcium, without lime, amniotic fluid, tissue particles.

Sometimes the vessels are narrowed, it is due tothe formation of atherosclerotic plaques on the walls of blood vessels occurrence of rheumatic nodules. In this case it is necessary to expand the gap and make smooth skin inside blood vessels.

Cleansing vessels

atherosclerosis, vascular disease, vessels, cholesterol, cleaning vessels

Atherosclerosis - One of the most common diseases,which provoke the vascular oppression. In the treatment it is important to stick to your diet. It is necessary to limit the intake of cholesterol from the outside. In this case, suitable vegetarian food. If you can not completely eat plant food, or at least replace whole milk to skim the cream into cream. Your diet should be no more than 2 chicken egg yolks per week.

Food should be prepared exclusively on vegetableoil, limiting its consumption, but from margarine and butter should be avoided altogether. Also it is necessary to eliminate all fatty meats, it is best to replace them with fish.

Every day you need to eat nuts and legumes,eat about 300 grams of fruits and vegetables. It is better not to buy products that provoke narrowing and gluing of blood vessels, it is, first of all, about coffee and alcohol. It is worth giving up smoking and playing sports. Because with a sedentary lifestyle, blood vessels become clogged twice as often. If you are not particularly “friends” with sports, then moderate loads, such as walking, will become an alternative. An adult needs to do 10 thousand steps a day.

Do not forget about the water, the more you drink it, the better it thins the blood.

How to clean the vessels at home

In the pharmacy you can buy many different medicaldrugs that fight clogged vessels. But you can try home methods, so, according to traditional medicine, garlic is the most formidable enemy of cholesterol. From it you can prepare a healing tincture. To do this, take 4 heads of garlic and the same amount of lemon, scroll through these two ingredients through a meat grinder. Put the minced meat in a bottle and pour boiled water to the neck. Leave the infusion for a day in a dark place, and then strain and refrigerate. You need to drink three times a day, 20 minutes before meals, half a glass. When the bottle with the drug ends, immediately prepare the next one. The course of treatment is 40 days and it can be repeated no more than once a year.

atherosclerosis, vascular disease, vessels, cholesterol, cleaning vessels

American doctors advise people who havethere are problems with blood vessels, daily use 3 cloves of garlic, but only in fresh form. The man next to these recommendations should clean their vessels in the past month. But this method does not fit all. Those who have problems with the gastrointestinal tract, and increased acidity in the stomach, should not eat raw garlic, so as not to aggravate his illness. They get help from decoctions of medicinal plants, such as everlasting, buckwheat, nard, clover, corn silk and others.

One of the most effective drugs and, at the same time, sparingfor the stomach is flaxseed infusion. Seeds are sold in any pharmacy and in supermarkets. You will need a glass of flax seeds, pour into a thermos and pour a liter of boiling water, leave overnight and in the morning you can already drink half a glass 20 minutes before eating. Repeat before dinner. The course of treatment is 14 days, you can repeat it in three months.

Any compound that is called in folk medicine"Elixir of immortality", he cleans not only vessels but also the liver. To make it, you need to take in equal parts honey, lemon juice and olive oil, mix well and you can take a teaspoon 20 minutes before eating.

Of the products that lower levelcholesterol, there is useful kiwi and melon and pumpkin. And if we drink these products cranberry juice with red grapes, then the effect will exceed expectations. Among the products, it is necessary to pay attention to those that contain a lot of fiber - it pears, oats, cabbage. Therefore, the best time to cleanse the body - this autumn, when fruits and vegetables in plenty.

A good prevention of stroke is consideredeating oily fish rich in omega-3 acids. Science has proven that in Japan, men who smoke a lot of statistics and more Americans suffer less from heart and vascular diseases, due to the fact that they eat more seafood. It is therefore desirable to salmon, herring, tuna and other oily fish are on the table as often as possible.

Important and nutrition, better to eat little and often, and get up from the table with a slight feeling of hunger.

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