What diadynamic

Diadynamic - this treatment is differentDisease electric currents. With electrotherapy you can get rid of most of the diseases. Only a qualified person knows what the strength and frequency of the current should be put to work on specific organs and restore their job.

diadynamic therapy, electric shock therapy, therapy, physiotherapy

Treatment of electrical currents - this method is widelyused at the end of the last century. This technique - not a novelty in the field of medicine, doctors have long known that the treatment of electric currents can improve the patient's condition. The strength, the shape of the voltage and frequency of the current is regulated by purely individual.

Diadynamic currents were first modulatedscientists from France. Pierre Bernard has developed a unique program of electric treatment. In medicine is more common term "Toki Bernard", so if you will be offered this treatment, do not worry - diadynamic and treatment by Bernard - they are one and the same.

What is the treatment for Bernard? French scientist in the course of numerous experiments have tried to connect several frequency currents and got a good result. It was first tested the new technique - treatment currents at 100 and 50 pulses. Such currents are called half-sine, and the frequency is calculated 50 and 100 beats per minute.

What is the advantage of current treatment

The effectiveness of treatment diadynamic currentshigh. As a result, the impact of current, there is a reduction of muscles (smooth and skeletal muscle), and this is a great stimulation of muscle corset and muscle fibers of the internal organs.

During the procedure, the patient is practically nothingIt feels - perhaps a slight tingling and warm. Nerve receptors are stimulated currents of low frequency, so there is no pain. Total 100 Hz allow the patient to relieve pain in the first few seconds of current treatment. The mechanism of production of the body's own pain relief is very complex, we can only say that the set frequency (100 Hz) allows you to slow down nerve cells and improve circulation tissues.

In order to achieve the rhythmic contraction of the muscles and increase blood flow, using the current frequency of 50 Hz.

What are the current form

diadynamic therapy, electric shock therapy, therapy, physiotherapy

our site will tell you at what diseases can not be treated currents:

  • in cachexia;
  • presence of tumors;
  • tendency to bleeding;
  • if the high sensitivity of the skin;
  • in severe patient's condition and acute inflammatory processes;
  • if you are hypersensitive procedures;
  • pulmonary tuberculosis (active phase);
  • epilepsy and other psychiatric diseases (acute stage);
  • tendency to form blood clots and thrombophlebitis.

In addition, there are a number of contraindications, in which at the moment the patient will be denied in the conduct of the procedure:

  • pus formation, and abscesses and boils (requires surgery, after which possible treatment);
  • pacemakers and metal implants in the body;
  • violation of the integrity of the skin in the area of ​​current treatments.

How is the procedure

diadynamic therapy, electric shock therapy, therapy, physiotherapy

current treatment is carried out in a hospitalor physiotherapy office using special equipment. Controls the operation of devices, feeding currents - qualified professionals (doctors and nurses).

If it is necessary, the procedure can beperform at home, if you buy a portable mini device. Only very important that the course of treatment prescribed by a doctor, to independently carry out the procedure without evidence, can not be.

Currently, commercially available integrateddevices that are capable of producing different kinds of currents. It is not just about diadynamic therapy, but also other kinds of currents: galvanization, sinusoidal treatment, electrical stimulation, ultrasound therapy and laser therapy.

How is diadynamic? For the body of the patient applied the electrodes, they can be big or small, have a different shape. This depends on the area of ​​impact.

The unit turns on and through the electrodesIt carried out the current supply. Paramedic, using the controller controls the strength of currents. Supply current - minimum, so that the patient does not feel pain. First, perhaps a slight tingling sensation, and gradually increasing the current, possibly a slight burning sensation. After a few minutes, these sensations tested, a person feels light surge, especially in a place where the electrodes.

The patient, before starting treatment,notified of the possible sensations. If there is pain and a person is not able to tolerate the procedure (a feeling of heaviness, tingling and severe tightening of the skin), then treatment currents do not spend or regulate the intensity and observe patients.

Increasing the current gradually carried out, and the provider monitors the status of the patient. Above the limit of the permissible level of force can not be fed current.

diadynamic therapy, electric shock therapy, therapy, physiotherapy

After completion of the procedure in place of the negative supply current field "minus", may be increased reddening of the skin.

Common rules current treatment:

  • exposure to the locus of pain currents should not be more than 10 minutes. This is the maximum time of the procedure;
  • necessary to change the polarity of the electrodes, if the "plus", then you need to put on the "minus" and vice versa, if the treatment is assigned long and short currents;
  • treatment - 10 sessions (minimum of 4);
  • that was not addictive, treatment may be repeated after 14 days.

Consider a specific example to get rid of migraine. Sensors mounted on the temporal artery andupper cervical nodes. The procedure was performed by continuous currents (double-ended), the duration of 3 minutes for the cervical nodes, and 2 minutes - to the temporal artery on the right and left. In each case, the current is adjusted individually. The patient should feel a slight tingling and pleasant vibration.

Now you know all about diadynamic therapy. Good luck, and let you have no reason to resort to the current treatment.

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