Why pawns ears

Everyone at least once in a lifetime encountersthe fact that he's ears. This is especially true when climbing at high altitude or with a sharp fall down. Usually, this phenomenon does not cause pain, but the feeling a person gets unpleasant, so we need to know why laying the ears and how to help yourself.

The congestion of the ear of a healthy person

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The reasons for this phenomenon somewhat, it mayIt is associated with various diseases or occur in the background of a sharp pressure drop, which is at a very high altitude or depth. Pressure drop ear does not have time to adapt, and the eardrum starts to be pushed into the Eustachian tube, then, and a feeling of stuffiness in the ear, which is sometimes accompanied by pain.

A healthy person should not lay the earseven on the plane, because the pressure does not change significantly, only one atmosphere. And yet, there is many feeling scarcely plane begins to climb. This phenomenon indicates a weak hearing aid. In addition to differential pressure, there are several options, why a healthy person lays his ears:

  1. If the ear is laying at a time when a personIt is at rest, such as sitting on the couch, and over time the situation has not changed, it can talk about the formation of ear cerumen. In this case, refer to the recommended mymedinform.com LORu, it will help solve the problem in a matter of minutes, simply by washing the ear. Independently carry out the procedure is not necessary, only the doctor knows under what pressure and the angle should go jet of water, so as not to cause damage to the eardrum.
  2. If the ear is laying after bathing, then waterI hit the auditory tube. From it necessarily have to get rid of. It is simple: one leg preload on the second jump, the body slightly tilted to the side, which laid the ear. If this does not help, there is one more: wound on a cotton swab and cotton is still inserted into the ear, only gently, do not need to promote deep, so as not to damage the eardrum. Wool absorbs excess moisture. But if this method does not help, do not despair, the water still leaves the ear alone, but will have to suffer the inconvenience of congestion ear.
  3. Sometimes it lays ear when itIt gets a small insect. A man can sleep at this time, and not feel that ear crawls living being. These cases are not uncommon, doctors often ask patients experiencing due to insect pain and congestion. Help in this case, only a specialist, to postpone a visit to it is not necessary.

Nasal and ear disease

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Every second pregnant woman encounterssuch a problem as stuffy ears. The illness may accompany the mother-nine months. And sometimes it lays both ears, sometimes only one, and most of all - the right. The reason for this phenomenon - the pressure drops: pregnant women, and it can rise and fall throughout the day. Also, expectant mothers need to watch your weight, speed dialing extra padding can cause, including discomfort in the ear. To cope with the problem of women "in a position" to help such methods:

  • If a woman has low blood pressure, then it will help slice of chocolate, cup of coffee or active walk;
  • If the problem lies in rhinitis pregnant women, the need to constantly wash the nose with saline (teaspoon of salt per cup of water), as well as to bury special drops that are allowed in this period;
  • if a woman gains weight too quickly, ityou must include in your diet more vegetables and fruits, as well as reduce the consumption of flour products. Menu is coordinated with the doctor, he assigns the same vitamins and determines the exercise.

In addition to these techniques eliminate discomfortin the ear, a pregnant woman can use and general recommendations. In any case, this is a temporary phenomenon, as a rule, after the birth all unpleasant sensations disappear.

First aid in ear stuffiness

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If you have to fly in an airplane, or go down into the subway, drip in a nose vasoconstrictive drops. This method is effective, but use it often impossible.

If you have sharply laid the ear, can help you perform these actions:

  1. Swallowed or drink of the water, making a tiny sip, the more you will make swallowing movements, the more likely it will pass congestion in the ears.
  2. Open your mouth as wide as you can, if you are going to yawn and Stay in this position a few seconds.
  3. Pinch your nose and try to breathe the air, and then sglotnite saliva.
  4. Chew gum, it is desirable that it was a mint flavor. Fruit or a snack.
  5. If possible, you should lie down and rest. Many people who have taken a horizontal position, the problem itself has passed.

ethnoscience It offers medical complex, which will helpdeal with the problem. First of all, you need to massage: a good warm up your palms, then rub the ears up and down. Then grind earlobes in a circle and lightly pull them down. Take your fingers acoustical shell and make circular movements, first clockwise and then counterclockwise. To conclude the procedure, you need to pat the ear and the skin next to it. Along with the massage can still be treated and infusions: take a handful of dried dill, pour a glass of boiling water and leave for half an hour, divide into three portions and drink before a meal three times a day. The course of treatment - two months. The ears can dig a decoction of blackberry branches. To prepare it, you need to boil in half a liter of water a hundred grams sticks, drain and dig out of the pipette.

To achieve results, it is better to deal with the problem in a complex, performing doctor's advice and using the popular wisdom.

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