First aid for snake bite

On the question of snake bites, some of us,most likely, will be treated with skepticism. Well, where the average citizen might find a snake - in the subway or at a bus stop? Of course not. But many at least once faced with the exotic nature of pleasure, and even more so to all, without exception, had to rest savages in tents, fun company to go looking for mushrooms or berries ...

Bites of certain snakes pose a great threatfor human life. In his "deadly" mastery of these cold-blooded creatures surpassed poisonous scorpions and spiders. But let's not lose sight of one interesting detail - no snake will not attack the person first and not bite it "specifically", it will make it only when her carelessness disturbed.

What kind of snake is to be feared

our site Please note that anyunfamiliar to you in absentia is considered poisonous snake, so the bite should immediately consult a doctor. Meeting with the cobra, viper, viper, copperhead and sandy efa does not bode well - this "company" is considered the most poisonous. It should be at least in general terms, to know the signs of each of them, in addition there are common to all poisonous snakes specifics:

  1. In the eyes of poisonous snakes have slit-like shape.
  2. Head is dangerous to humans snakes usually triangular.
  3. The basic tone color viper - brown with a pattern on the back of a zigzag, zigzag complemented by a scattering of dark spots on the sides, shades in different individuals may vary.
  4. snake, first aid, snake bite, snake venom, a poisonous snake
  5. Gurza - snake with a large body and thick gray-sandy and reddish-brown hues, spin it decorated transverse oblong spots.
  6. snake, first aid, snake bite, snake venom, a poisonous snake

  7. EPF is not confused with any other snake: this spectacular golden-sand beauty, all over his body "ringed" wide white spots, its sides marked by light zigzag pattern decorates the head in the form of a cross.
  8. snake, first aid, snake bite, snake venom, a poisonous snake
  9. Pallas copperhead snake body is thicker than thesteppe vipers. This snake is yellowish-gray, her torso punctuated by dark transverse stripes. Some members of the species pinkish hue.
  10. snake, first aid, snake bite, snake venom, a poisonous snake

Original and habits of each species of snakes.

  1. Cobra in the powerful striker roll overcomesa third distance of its body length. Intimidating the enemy, upper body stress snake lifts vertically eerily develops its hood, swinging from side to side and hisses.
  2. Gurza, attacking, one-third of the upper body arches in the form of a zigzag.
  3. Efa twisted tight socket, placing it in the center of his head.
  4. Copperhead snake before attack, nervously shakestail tip. In addition, a disturbed snake is a source of sharp and very unpleasant smell that spreads specimen at a distance of 4-5 meters from him.
  5. Viper in the attack moves, rather,lightning speed, what exactly, and if it misses, making several "attacks" until you reach the goal. The snake never attacked in silence - before the attack is always a loud hissing sound.

Symptoms of snakebite

snake, first aid, snake bite, snake venom, a poisonous snake

Nonpoisonous snake will leave on a "memory" two thin strips of small scratches, bites of poisonous specimens look the same, but each of the strips is crowned speck - puncture of snake fangs.

So, after a meeting with the snake should be possible to get to a doctor quickly if:

  • the skin has a clearly distinguishable "points" wounds (two, but may be one) or scratches;
  • bitten place "poured" swelling and pain;
  • you have a fever, and at the same sleepy, comes out cold sweat, muscles become wadded appear nausea and vomiting;
  • in front of you is twofold, fuzzy outlines of objects;
  • difficulty breathing.

First aid for snake bite

snake, first aid, snake bite, snake venom, a poisonous snake

  1. Do not hesitate to call "ambulance".
  2. Keep the bitten person is not moving -so it is possible to prevent the rapid distribution of toxic substances through the body. Place the victim on his back - the affected leg to pribintuyte healthy to maximize its immobility. If the snake pounced on hand, secure the limb in a flexed position.
  3. Now move on to action - fromwounds need to remove the poison. Wash the wound with clean water, squeeze the teeth, the skin around the lesion, while squeezing and sucking fluid from tissue bitten. What would be in your mouth, spit out quickly. Given a sequence of actions at least 15-20 minutes - so the victim can get rid of the poison of 20-50%. Do not worry, such manipulations are not dangerous for you - even if you swallow some poison, it will not be enough to harm your health.
  4. Process the damaged area with any disinfectant (peroxide, Iodine, brilliant green) and tighten the bite tight bandage. Weaken it by increasing edema, the fabric is not strong cut into the skin.
  5. Suggest to the patient as much as you can drink(Tea, plain water, low-fat soup) - the more he drinks, the faster the body will begin to be output poison. From coffee is better to refuse - he will have a strong stimulating effect on the injured nervous system victim.
  6. Be prepared, if necessary, carry out artificial respiration and do chest compressions.
  7. If for any reason, you can not causeambulance, your main task - how to deliver the victim in the nearest health facility quickly. There he will introduce protivozmeinuyu polyvalent serum.

If you are bitten by a snake, as a first aid must not:

  1. To act in a hurry.
  2. Accidentally fell under the hand objects (splintersGlass, knives, blades) crosswise cut bitten place - bring a dangerous infection or recklessly damaging a tendon in such a situation does not cost anything.
  3. Cauterize the bite from the red-hotitems coals from the fire or gunpowder - you earn a burn, a scab formed will fester. Poisonous snake bites to a depth of about one centimeter, by cauterizing the surface to neutralize the poison will not work.
  4. Tighten the tourniquet above the bite - youYou feel worse. Harness perezhmet vessels, thus worsening the already disturbed snake venom toxin metabolism in the affected tissues. The possibility of death after the measure increases.
  5. Take alcoholic drinks. Alcohol is not an antidote for snake venom, it just blocks it in the body and increases the effects of toxic substances.

How to avoid snakebite

snake, first aid, snake bite, snake venom, a poisonous snake

Always be careful and constantly lookat his feet, still the best option - to find a strong medium length stick and "rustling" it on the ground in front of him. It is necessary to produce as much noise to hear that all snakes will rush to get out of your way. Try to pay attention to the tree branches overhead, which sometimes snakes resting, not swing and does not pull the branches. At night, be sure to shine a flashlight under your feet, and do not go too fast.

If you are "lucky" to meet with one of therepresentatives poisonous brethren, do not try to catch it or throw anything into it, do not pull the hand in her direction. First the snake will not attack, to the same day, it is likely to be sluggish and sleepy. Snakes - crepuscular creatures.

Seeing the snake, immediately stop allMovement - Freeze. Slowly and gradually steps back, not be turned back to the snake. If you are in the hands of the stick - place it in front of him and point to the ground. By increasing the distance between himself and the serpent, do not run, because the risk of stepping on another nearby.

If you are going to travel the countryside, whereprinciple can be driven snakes, dress appropriately. For you must be tight clothing that covers the arms and legs, the pants should be tucked into high boots, and his hands better to hide in the glove.

To pass a collapsed while travelingtrees, old trunks and large branches, stumps and large rocks and even more so do not attempt to move them. All these places can serve as a secluded haven to snakes, scorpions and spiders. The same rules apply to a variety of natural cracks in the rocks and trees.

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