How to avoid frostbite in winter

Winter often presents us with a lot ofsurprises, but unfortunately, not all of them pleasant. Sometimes a harmless walk in the fresh air may result in frostbite. But this can be avoided if you follow a few simple rules. And if it happens, it is helpful to know and remember what to do if frostbite.

Winter often presents us with a lot ofsurprises, but unfortunately, not all of them pleasant. Sometimes a harmless walk in the fresh air may result in frostbite. But this can be avoided if you follow a few simple rules. And if it happens, it is helpful to know and remember what to do if frostbite.

Dress properly

Warmly dressed girl
The main rule that should not be neglected inWinter cold - to dress for the weather. Of course, if the wallet allows, you can buy special waterproof overload and things that protect you from the winter cold.

Personally, I prefer a proven method for centuries -wearing several layers of clothing, that is, two jackets, two pairs of socks. From cotton fabrics for the winter should be abandoned, favoring wool and, in extreme cases, synthetic - they will be best to keep warm, and you for a long time not be exposed to the cold. Good thermal insulation effect is achieved by an air cushion which is formed between the layers of clothing. As a result, the cold does not penetrate the body, and you feel warm and comfortable.

No less serious issue - the right choicewinter shoes. The sole should be thick enough and rubber. Availability insoles warm - necessarily. Also I recommend to our website readers to abandon the narrow, close and tight to the leg shoes - feet should feel comfortable and free.

If you wear the old cotton socks, change the habit and put wool. Wool absorbs moisture better, so feet stay dry and therefore not freeze so quickly.

Remember to always wear a hat, even if it contradicts your views on fashion and style. Most of the body to lose heat is through the scalp.

But before going out to eat dense and drink a cup of tea with lemon. It is desirable that the food was high-calorie - so your body will be less exposed to the cold.

Bad habits

The people there is a misconception: freezes - then it's time to smoke. But this can not be done, because at the time you are exposed to smoking nicotine. It has vasoconstrictor properties, so your body will be particularly vulnerable to the cold.

Also, do not get involved and alcohol. Drinking alcohol, there will be an illusion of warmth due to the expansion of blood vessels and capillaries - the body will be easier and faster to give heat, warming is not you and the environment. Besides, if before going out you have used alcohol, the risk of heart attack or stroke increases significantly.

Skin care in winter cold

The girl gets lip balm
For those who are used to care for a day,cold winter - the real test. Moisturize or not moisturize the skin - this is the main issue of winter. Often found information about the dangers of moisture in the severe frosts, they say, the water freezes in sub-zero temperatures. But this is nothing more than a delusion. All the matter in the proper application of moisturizers.

Conversely, in the winter, our skin needs high humidity, as it is peeling, redness, wrinkles deepen and new, dry skin - the result of lack of moisture.

If you want to be different, even in winter smoothvelvety skin, a healthy glow, follow a few rules. Start by washing with warm water. It is desirable to avoid the use of soap as it dries the skin. To make better use of soft cleansing moisturizer. Readers MirCovetov useful to know that the cream should be applied no later than 40-60 minutes before going out. This is the best time to remedy could fully absorb into the skin and act. Otherwise, remaining on the surface of the moisture contained in the cosmetic product, begins to evaporate. The skin becomes dry and peel off. And if at the same time you have to spend on the street for a long time, the effects of frost can not be avoided.

Taking a walk down the street, often see men and women,carefully wrapped in scarves and cover mitten. Until recently, so did I. After that greatly surprised sudden skin peeling. The fact is that no matter how mild was the scarf, he rubs the skin, irritating it. The moisture settling on the villi, freezes and traumatize the skin. The same applies to mittens. If you already unbearable, it is better for this purpose to use a clean cotton handkerchief.

Lips - also a separate topic. We mistakenly think, than we usually apply the balm, the softer and more luxurious will be our lips. But, alas, such actions, we only provoke chapping, peeling and irritation. As a rule, sufficient once a day, apply a balm to the lips during the day once again to update it. Today, a lot of cosmetic companies offer skin care lips in winter. Personally, I use the fact that each family has at hand - warm vegetable oil. Also suitable olive. Sufficiently lubricated twice a day - morning and evening. The result did not take long. From wounds and cracks on the lips of my rescues sea buckthorn oil.

Symptoms of frostbite

Frostbite hands
Determine the frostbite will not be difficult. Skin damaged area will be different pale-bluish color. The sensitivity of the limbs will be greatly reduced - pain and tactile impact will be almost palpable.

In the process of warming the affected tissue becomesacquire a reddish tint, the pain will appear, puffiness. If frostbite more serious and profound, then a few hours later may appear bubbles with bloody contents. The general condition of the patient will be characterized by low body temperature (below 36 ° C), low blood pressure, heart palpitations.

The sign is the presence of severe frostbitethe following symptoms: severe pain of the affected limb, the lack of sensitivity of the affected areas even after some time, spotting bubbles. If the pressure on the land frostbitten finger, then this place is changing color. In this case, you should immediately consult a doctor.

What to do if frostbite

Girl warms the hands
So, if you still got a slight frostbite, do not panic. Here are some practical tips you need to remember to help in such a situation:

  • In no case do not rub the affected areaice or snow - you risk not only damage the blood vessels, but also carry infection through minor scratches and abrasions. In addition, since you provoke the formation of blood clots in the vessels;
  • do not rush to warm minutely peremerzshie limbs. This should be done gradually. Start with cold water, gradually increasing degree. Do not forget to massage the affected area;
  • if the house has hot water bottle - put it on a limb. If no heating pads, it may well replace plastic bottles filled with hot water. The victim should bundle up warmly and drink hot tea.

If frostbite underwent ears, cheeks and nose, lubricate them with vaseline this well and apply a cotton-gauze bandage.

Follow all recommendations - and be healthy!

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