How to get rid of hiccups

All of us from time to time we feel discomfort from torture us hiccups. Hiccup absolutely everyone, the expectant mother may even hear hiccups in her stomach even a tiny baby.

Hiccup is a rhythmic, periodicbreath arises when narrow or closed glottis, causing hiccups sharp contraction of the diaphragm. Hiccup begins without any good reason, and usually takes place very quickly. But very often people willing to go to any lengths to only as soon as possible to stop the hiccups. Before I call you proven ways to quickly get rid of hiccups, let's try to find out why it occurs?

Why are we torturing hiccups?

hiccups, spasms, eliminate hiccups

Causes of hiccups researched groupScientists from the hospital in Paris, led by the group Christian Strauss, who put forward the hypothesis that the hiccups, which happens not only in humans but also in our smaller brethren - is a kind of memory that most ancient of our ancestors carried out the process of breathing through gills. Human hiccup occurs as a result of sudden spasmodic contraction of the muscles that we need to inhale oxygen.

Strauss has suggested that the cause of hiccups are special nerve centers of our brain responsible for movement of the gills.

methods of disposal

hiccups, spasms, eliminate hiccups

  • If you have ice in the freezer, try this method: the ice finely generations and eat.
  • Take the language of your thumb and forefinger and gently pull it down. Do this movement several times.
  • Doctors have proven a popular remedyhiccups, they make money betting, say that this method helps everyone. I myself, this method has never been tried, but I think that its effectiveness is not exaggerated myths as soon as a person starts to hiccup, you need to get the money and put them on the table. Then ask the person to a banal dispute with you, say a minute later he iknut no longer work. Doctors say that a hiccup goes well, just like lightning.
  • It may help hiccups non-standard way to drinkglass of water. Pour water into a glass and drink it while turning on its axis, it does not matter, clockwise you do it or not, many people use only this method, finding it fairly efficient.
  • To finish quickly hiccups, it is necessary to increase the blood carbon dioxide content.

    For this method of getting rid of the hiccups youneed regular packet of paper, make a few measured breaths, then hold your breath, exhale do in a paper bag, and when the time comes to take a breath, inhale and also from the same package.

  • Some at the first sign of hiccups begin to swing the press and push-ups as long as hiccupping itself stops. But note that not all, this method will be equally effective.

    I would like to give an example, which is included in the Guinness BookGuinness, a certain Charles Osborne, who lives in the state of Iowa began hiccuping in 1922. Note, not stopping hiccups, he continued to lead a normal life, had a couple of times to get married and raise a eight (8!) Children! What he just did not come back to normal life he succeeded only in 1990, of course, that this is an isolated incident, but it is here that push-ups and press the swing is unlikely to help ...

    hiccups, spasms, eliminate hiccups
    You can try the following exercise,laid hands behind his back add up to the castle, try to stretch the fingers are in the engaged state, at the same time drink water, always cold quick sips from a glass, which is in the hands of another person. This is really one of the most effective exercises, thanks to him, you will soon forget about the hiccups. When the hands are in this position, the diaphragm relaxes and sips a drink quick squeezes her again. These two actions occur simultaneously and stop the movement of the diaphragm, which causes hiccups.

  • If you have tried everything and nothing from hiccups andnot save, try the following recipe. Take the usual mustard, 1 tablespoon and pour into it a drop of vinegar, stir and the resulting grease ointment language, but not all, but only a third. Hold for 5 seconds and rinse your mouth with water at room temperature.

    hiccups, spasms, eliminate hiccups

    There is such an unusual way to forget about the hiccups,who came to us from Texas. You do not need to swallow and exercise written above is not needed, simply tie a red thread on the nose around the head. I do not know what is the basis for this effect, most likely, on the fact that you are concentrating on a string, forgetting about the hiccups.

    We all tend to think hiccups in some frivolous phenomenon that can actually say that there you have a serious illness.

    Sometimes frequent, long time does not stop hiccups can talk about inflammation of the lungs, in which case the disease appears irritating nerves of the chest or diaphragm.

    If it is impossible to stop the hiccups for about an hour, and it causes you discomfort more than once a day, be sure to consult your doctor, who will reveal the cause of hiccups and prescribe appropriate treatment.

    Be healthy!

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