What You Need to Know About Liposuction

In general, suction liposuction isof the fat cells from the problem area. For this purpose, the fat cells are damaged in some way, and are sucked by means of special tools. Then, after a rehabilitation period of the skin is selected, the swelling go, and get the figure of a new circuit - if there are no complications.

What you need to know about liposuction, liposuction
In general, suction liposuction isof the fat cells from the problem area. For this purpose, the fat cells are damaged in some way, and are sucked by means of special tools. Then, after a rehabilitation period of the skin is selected, the swelling go, and get the figure of a new circuit - if there are no complications.

The method itself is designed to remove fat from socalled "Body traps" - areas where the fat is accumulated, so that it is practically impossible to remove by means of diet and exercise - and thus to simulate the general contour shape. Generally accepted in the areas of liposuction are zone "breeches" - outer thighs, abdomen, knees, back, shoulders, arms (top) face. Other variants are possible, according to circumstances.

There is also a "taboo areas" - places where liposuctiondo not due to low efficiency and high risk of complications. These include the calf, forearm, anterior thighs. The surgeon may refuse to liposuction and other parts, if it considers that there could be serious complications, or just for one reason or another do not want to take up a specific case.


Since liposuction refers to plasticsurgery, then there is no absolute evidence. The main thing - the client's desire. However, if you specifically, this procedure does not work, in high-quality clinics you will be warned. But, unfortunately, our website can not fail to mention the fact that so honest, not all doctors, because the operation is quite expensive.

Daring for liposuction, you must bear in mind that it is not a cure for obesity, liposuction can be done, "the whole body". If you have problems of this kind is better to address to the endocrinologist.

Liposuction is best suited for removing localized fat accumulations, the formation of which is related to the constitution and human heredity.

With the stretched muscles (eg, abdominal distension) and liposuction can not cope. Here we need different methods - sports or abdominal wall plastic (with tightening of muscles).


What you need to know about liposuction, liposuction
First of all, our website will make an importantUpdate: liposuction - it is not a cosmetic procedure, namely the operation, in most cases, under general anesthesia. Therefore, all the contraindications for surgical interventions, such as pregnancy, exacerbation of chronic diseases, oncology, acute chronic diseases, mental illnessAlso apply to liposuction.

The next block is associated with the peculiarities of the operation. After all, fat - it's not just an inert substance, spoiling the contours of the figures, but also the energy reserve. It also produces certain hormones. Thus, the pumping of the oil is a lot of stress to the body with hormonal and energy point of view - so when endocrine diseases for liposuction should be treated with increased caution. Not to mention the fact that there is a likelihood that the fat will get into the bloodstream by the liver will be output. Therefore, liposuction can not be done for diseases of the liver or cardiovascular system.

Possible complications

The saddest of possible complications isdeath. Sometimes this happens because the body's reaction to stress, acute exacerbation of chronic disease (stomach ulcers, for example), on which the patient did not warn doctors. It is also possible blockage of the blood vessels pieces of fat seen late pulmonary edema (caused by a reaction to an auxiliary solution or made light a piece of fat), complications related to anesthesia, internal injuries due to the negligence of the surgeon or the custom of placing in this particular patient. Such cases are, fortunately, not too frequent (about 3% on average), but do occur.

A more common complication after liposuctionIt is a skin roughness due to uneven pumping oil or improper behavior of the patient during the rehabilitation period (too rapid return to normal life, inadequate compression garment, etc.). The fix is ​​not always possible, and then re-using liposuction.

Also during the rehabilitation period can occur infection of the operated areas, or arise as a result of scarring of the skin displacement.

Many arise after liposuctionpsychological complications. The fact that people are using plastic surgery often try to solve psychological problems - low self-esteem, shyness, fear, self-doubt, the relationship with the opposite sex, etc. But change is only external form. The bottom line, and therefore the problem is not going away. Failed expectations - already unpleasant enough, but it is not the worst. It is known that a person's appearance (if he did not use the services of a plastic surgeon) to some extent reflects his inner world. And it is on people's appearance appropriate to respond are those who seek Me, and communication are based on what they see. Thus, it seems that people do not communicate with you - and with your new body. Of course, this is not all.

How to choose a clinic

What you need to know about liposuction, liposuction
First, we should pay attention toPaper: surgeon diplomas, licenses for this type of activity. It would be nice to see a doctor and portfolio - pictures before and after operations. Particular attention is paid to the case like yours, or at least the same areas. Remember that you choose not only the clinic but also a particular specialist - in fact from his mastery result depends.

It would be nice also to familiarize with conditionshospital - at least one night after the surgery, you will spend in the walls of the clinic under the supervision of staff. Ask about availability of resuscitation equipment, and blood is in your group. During the operation, a situation may arise when this is all you will need. Again, the probability is low, it is better, of course, that such a need does not arise, but it can not hurt to err.

A good clinic during the initial consultationYou will not persuade to liposuction on the body parts where you had originally planned it is not. Adequately respond to your desire to think or even consult with another specialist. Allow to see samples of work. Be sure to ask about allergies to medications.

But still the main criterion is your intuition. If you do not like something - better think again. Eventually, liposuction is not a time-sensitive operations.

Methods and equipment operation

What you need to know about liposuction, liposuction
The general scheme. First, the surgeon marks areas for liposuction and places suspected puncture. The patient then receives anesthesia - local or general, depending on the type and scale of operation. From a doctor's point of view, it is preferable to general anesthesia, because the operation is long enough (from half an hour to 2-3 hours) and a little patient can all the time does not interfere with the doctor. Also problematic area cut away with a special solution, if it is provided metodom.Zatem actually destroyed and sucked the fat cells and closed with stitches. Right on the table the patient is wrapped in a compression garment (anesthesia is still in effect).

Let us consider the various methods of liposuction.

Vacuum dry (traditional) liposuction

Vacuum dry (traditional) liposuction - it isThe oldest method is now almost does not apply. The surgeon introduces a special section of corrugated cannula (tube), and its movement destroys fat cells, sucking them with a vacuum pump. Vacuum liposuction is considered the most traumatic for the patient. In particular, blood loss with this method is much higher than for any other. Its only advantage - the surgeon can evaluate the results in the process (later can not be seen due to swelling). Therefore, this method is still sometimes found in the "syringe" modification for the treatment of small areas where you need higher accuracy - or when correcting a failed liposuction. Typically, this method is not suctioned fat 100-200 ml.

Vacuum wet liposuction - the same as the dry, but the area previously cut away a local anesthetic.

Tumenestsentnaya liposuction

Tumenestsentnaya liposuction
When tumenestsentnoy liposuction in problem areapreviously introduced a special solution Klein, usually consisting of saline, lidocaine and epinephrine (volume about the same, how much fat you want to remove, sometimes more). The anesthetic solution is enough to do local anesthesia, if not operated for more than two zones. The solution turns fat cells in a liquid emulsion, which can be pumped thin cannulas. At the same vessels and nerves remain virtually intact.

Tumenestsentnaya remarkable liposuctionminimal blood loss (among the known methods to today). However, our site would like to draw your attention to the fact that pump out too much fat by this method is quite difficult, because an overdose of Klein's solution (or more accurately the contained lidocaine) may be unpleasant side effects. The normal volume of 3-4 liters.

Ultrasonic liposuction

With ultrasonic liposuction fat tissuedestroyed by focused ultrasound waves of a frequency to more dense surrounding tissue remained intact. In the stomach, this method does not try to use, as there have been cases when the ultrasound passed through the abdominal wall and damaged internal organs. Particular attention our site would be paid to the fact that ultrasonic liposuction (on the stomach) is contraindicated in women who intend to give birth in the coming year. On other parts of the body, this method is carried out without problems (except zones "taboo", which in general no one method can not guarantee the result).

Emptying the resulting emulsion was produced in the same manner as in tumenestsentnoy liposuction.

The advantages of ultrasonic liposuction canIt includes the fact that this method allows you to remove more fat (up to 6-8 liters) than vacuum or tumenestsentnaya liposuction at the same load on the patient's body (from the point of view of the actual process) and in the hands of the surgeon. Also during ultrasonic liposuction skin tightening occurs automatically, which allows not strictly monitor the number evacuated fat than other methods.

Lipoelektromodelirovanie (electric liposuction)

With the help of a special device generates a currentcertain frequency. Simultaneously with this operation in the area with a special needle fed liquid is sucked and then the resulting emulsion. The needle and the transmitter are mounted on the same handle as a kind of "fork", and the surgeon need some experience to adequately work with this device. The small diameter of the needle also plays a role - the operation is prolonged, but increases accuracy.

Non-surgical liposuction

The same as the ultrasound but receivedemulsion is not sucked and absorbed into the bloodstream by the liver and excreted. This method produces the highest load on the body, so is relatively rare.


What you need to know about liposuction, liposuction
By the operation of this scale, like liposuction, needpreliminary preparation. Physicians are advised to stop smoking at least two weeks before the operation (but in practice not really pay attention to it). Much more important is at least two weeks before surgery do not drink aspirinosoderzhaschih medicines. Did you personally have to give more of some medications - it is necessary to clarify in advance with your doctor.

Also at this point, you should buycompression garment - what exactly you tell your doctor. Buying a compression garment, keep in mind that in the first few days after liposuction leftovers fluids mixed with blood will ooze out through the seams - and of course it will all be on the laundry. And you wear it for at least two weeks, and probably about a month. If finances permit, it is better to have two sets, so that you can wash.

By the stage of preparation for surgery is perhaps theinclude coordination of financial issues. The fact is that in most private clinics to pay for everything separately: that is, the cost of liposuction - is the cost of the actual work of the surgeon. And for the Chamber, medicines, food, etc. will have to pay separately. It is better to settle this question before the operation - in order to avoid unpleasant moments.

Rehabilitation period

Before (left) and after (right) liposuction
It is advisable to take care of possibleRecovery after liposuction - it is not necessary to believe that the next day you can return to domestic duties or to work. By the operated area will be painful to touch, and to load the muscles in this place will not be for at least a week. In most cases, this means that it will be impossible to lift heavy or long time to be on their feet. Appearance is also not ideal - for some time operated part will be puffy and swollen, and perhaps the neighboring part of the body (for example, knee surgery is often swollen ankles).

Immediately after liposuction on you will wear specialcompression underwear. our website reiterates that it will need to buy in advance (which is, you explain to the doctor). It is necessary for the reduction of tissue taken exactly the desired shape. Wear it to be from two weeks up to six months - depending on the operation area and the features of your body.

In the early days of acute swelling is usually observed. Later he absorbed (in the past month and a half on average). At this time, not recommended for sports, solarium, steam baths, saunas and exercise. Later, it may be useful special massage.

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