Useful properties of milk mushroom

What could be more valuable than your health? For centuries, people are trying to find a miracle cure, healing from disease, helps to keep youth, vigor.

The use of artificial chemicalsoften it is short and the action is fraught with side effects. But there are natural "healers" - one of the most popular natural medicines can be called milk mushroom. Many attribute the properties of milk mushroom panacea for all ills and the elixir of youth, others do not trust such means. Let's see what kind of substance, which is used also as a milk mushroom.

The chemical composition of milk mushroom

Milk mushroom has other names - Kefir(The taste of the final product, which is obtained from the infusion of fungus) and Tibetan (one of the versions of the fungus was introduced from Tibet, although this fact is not scientifically proven). Milk mushroom is a white body, a granular structure, which appears in the process of interaction of yeast and lactic acid bacteria. Expanding, milk mushroom appearance resembles cauliflower florets and beverage taste similar to yogurt and has useful culinary, medical and cosmetic properties even.

Useful properties of milk mushroom

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Among a pronounced positive impactkefir beverage produced from the milk of the fungus in the home, it may be noted normalization of the gastrointestinal tract and improving digestion. Since the general condition of the immune system, the assimilation of nutrients and vitamins to 80% dependent on the condition and operation of the intestine, the use of milk mushroom obvious for the entire human body.

The body receives a healing effect due tobifidumbacteria contained in kefir from milk mushroom, also these and other useful components have a bacteriostatic and immunomodulating effect. Regular drinking will help normalize. metabolism, Cleanse the body of toxins and other harmful substances that accumulate in large numbers, both from the food, and under the influence of unfavorable environment.

Apply milk mushroom and lose weight if desired,because if properly used, the resulting drink is a good burn excess body fat. By the way, the impact would yogurt good for various allergies, inflammations, which can manifest itself in the form of a rash on the skin - you can not only drink kefir, but also make him compresses. In general, wiping the skin milk mushroom extract provides an excellent cosmetic effect - the skin becomes taut, elastic, acquire a fresh new look. Such effects on the skin and has a drink due to the abundance vitamins B, PP, C, E, and the other elements,included in the yogurt strengthens the nervous system, stimulate mental work, relieve the burden in times of stress, improve attention and memory, reduced sexual function.

The beneficial effects of having milkdrink on the cardiovascular system, reduces the risk of heart attack and stroke, it helps to cope with exacerbations sclerosis and arteriosclerosis, headaches, sleep disorders.

The antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory actionthe beverage produced from milk mushroom, is observed not only in acute and chronic diseases, but it also helps stop the growth of cancer cells and helps dissolve benign tumors.

Contraindications to the use of milk mushroom

Kefir fungus medicine, milk mushroom, drink, traditional medicine, alternative medicine

Along with many useful properties,There are a number of contraindications to the use of milk mushroom, of course, before the ingestion of kefir drink, it is better to consult a doctor, especially if you are aware of the presence of serious pathologies or chronic diseases. Here is a list of diseases, when it is not necessary to apply the treatment of milk mushroom:

  1. Do not take yogurt in exacerbationsdiseases of the gastrointestinal tract. Also it is necessary to exclude the use of beverage for people with high acidity of gastric juice, or take a fresh kefir, who insists no more than 12 hours.
  2. Never give drink kefir and children, especiallyunder the age of three years. The main reason for this limitation in the content of the proportion of alcohol in a drink, and alcohol, even in small doses, can harm a child. Even adults while taking therapeutic yogurt is prohibited to drink alcohol.
  3. When you receive other types of drugs should take into account the compatibility of yogurt and indications for the use of funds. Keep at least a three-hour break between the intake of yogurt and other drugs.
  4. Do not take milk mushroom diabeticsSince the substances contained in the resulting beverage neutralize the action of insulin.
  5. At intolerance of dairy products and protein milk mushroom use is contraindicated.
  6. People suffering asthmaIt is necessary to exclude the use of yogurt.

Care milk mushroom and a method for preparing kefir beverage

Kefir fungus medicine, milk mushroom, drink, traditional medicine, alternative medicine

Terms of care for milk mushroom is quite simple,importantly, do not forget to follow them on a daily basis, then you will effortlessly get a delicious, healthy beverage at home. Buy milk mushroom can be in special online stores, but more often it is passed from hand to hand as quickly gives processes that and multiplies.

So, you need to put into a clean milk mushroomglass container, pour 1 tbsp. l. unboiled milk mushroom glass of milk at room temperature, and then leaving the fungus to insist 24 hours at room temperature. Above the capacity necessary to cover with clean gauze, mushroom alive and must be free to breathe. When the day will need to strain the liquid through cheesecloth or plastic strainer - healthful yogurt is ready for use! The body of the fungus, which is formed around a thick milk foam should be carefully rinsed with warm water, and then pour the milk, and again after 24 hours you will receive a portion of kefir.

Do not forget to pour the resulting dailythe liquid in the morning or evening, and fungus rinse, perekisshy yogurt drink is not necessary! Therapeutic dose of the drink 200-400 ml per day, this amount can be divided into several portions, and to make it better for 30-4- minutes before a meal. In yogurt, you can also start a delicious batter. The treatment course is 20 days, then you need to take a short break, a week, and take kefir again. It is recommended to take healthy drink no more than a year, and then again to take a break.

our site warns, when you starttake Kefir drink inside, there may be some unpleasant symptoms, such as flatulence, light tingling in the liver and kidney (especially if there are stones or sand in the kidneys or the liver), but a week later the body's addiction will stop and you will feel the improvement in general condition, a surge of strength and lightness.

With proper care and use of milk mushroom, Registered general condition of the body, it is possible to obtain excellent results in the process of rehabilitation and treatment of many diseases.

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