Noise Treatment in the head

The noise in my head - companion of many residents of the metropolis. Noise machines, construction, operating office supplies reflected in the head and ears. But if you sit in silence, and in my head continues to make noise, then somewhere in your body fails, and you should pay attention to their health.

Causes of disease

headache, pressure, neurology, neurological disease, the noise in my head

The noise in my head - it's not a disease, but one of itssymptoms, and therefore the reasons for its occurrence can be multiple. The most common and harmless - it's stress and fatigue. In these cases, noise occurs gradually after a hard day's work or any emotional exhaustion. What a special treat this noise does not require that he took enough to drink a sedative, and then relax. With food must arrive vitamin B.

If the noise occurs in old age in the head due to the fact that natural changes occur in the hearing aid, the problem is usually the person left before the end of his life and will not be treatable.

The most common cause of noise in my head becomescerebral aneurysms, or poor circulation in them. In these diseases, except the noise in my head throbbing and still present. If you find yourself in such features, our site encourages immediately consult a neurologist to the disease is not passed in a more severe form.

Another reason why the noise in the head - is atherosclerosis. If the disease in the cerebral vesselscholesterol plaques are formed, the blood begins to move faster and therefore produces noise. Moreover, in the vessels become smaller and the oxygen leads to hypoxia, which is also one of the causes of noise in mind. As vascular dystoniaIf there is such a disease, you need to takevasodilators, and check the level of glucose in the blood and adrenaline. All diseases of the cardiovascular system affect the rate of blood flow through the veins, which also provokes a phenomenon of sound in the brain.

But not only the vessels are always the fault occurrencenoise. The kidneys can also be the cause. Only consultation urologist will determine whether there is a malfunction of the kidneys. Also, noise able to finish due to the curvature of the spine or damage, particularly cervical his department. The blood that runs through the vessels of the spine, getting on the obstacle does not enter the brain in the required amount, and why there are unpleasant sensations.

Another cause of noise are diseases of the endocrine system. Sometimes the sound in my head - a sign of the presence of a tumor or head injury. To determine the true cause may be a doctor.

Diagnosis of the disease

headache, pressure, neurology, neurological disease, the noise in my head

The first thing to determine the cause of the noise occurrence in the head. If in addition to this feature sore and dizzy, numb the tips of the fingers, so you need to treat such diseases as osteochondrosis. It is necessary to drink the drugs from the group hondoprotektorov and be sure to do exercises for the back and spine.

If a person does not look at his age, butolder, over the centuries he has a slight swelling with yellowish skin, there is a grayish arc around the iris of the eyes, it is quite possible that a person is sick with atherosclerosis. In this case, the patient is prescribed a special diet rich in fish, vegetables, in which there is no smoked meat, fatty foods, sweets. Among the medicines, Ateroblock and Vitrum Cardio can be prescribed.

At elevated pressure, which is practicallyalways accompanied by the noise in your head, you need to drink antihypertensive drugs. When taking any medication, you should carefully read the instructions, possible noise - this is one of the side effects. And sometimes the sound arises from the cerumen in the ear.

Noise Treatment in mind traditional methods

headache, pressure, neurology, neurological disease, the noise in my head

There are a few popular recipes, which will help to cope with the noise in my head.

  1. It is necessary to peel the horseradish root andsoak it for a couple of hours. Then rub it on a fine grater to make a slurry, measure a tablespoon of horseradish and add it to a glass of sour cream. During a meal you need to eat a tablespoon of this mixture.
  2. Heat a cup of milk and add 1 drop of iodine,adding every day a drop, reaching 10 drops at a time, the next ten days to reduce the amount of drop of iodine per day. Then make a two-week break and then you can repeat the treatment. It is desirable to hold three such courses.
  3. Win noise help and garlic. 200 grams of peel and mince, mix with a glass of alcohol. Leave to infuse for two weeks, then strain, add 50 grams of propolis tincture and two tablespoons of honey. All the ingredients mix well and leave the tincture for another three days. Medicine to take half an hour before meals three times a day, starting with 1 drop every day to add one more, until 25 drops per reception.
  4. In equal proportions, mixed beet juice and cranberry. Take three times a day to 60 grams. The course of treatment is not limited, but are advised to take a break for a week every month.
  5. Tea on the basis of herbs, especially mint and lemon balm to help cope with the noise in my head, if they occurred against the backdrop of fatigue. Tea can be drunk at any time of the day.

Prevention of disease

headache, pressure, neurology, neurological disease, the noise in my head

Preventive techniques that will help your body:

  1. Timely medical examination - this means thateach person, even if he feels completely healthy, must undergo a medical examination once a year, which is suitable for his age group. As practice shows, it is at such medical examinations that most of the diseases at the initial stage that can be cured are detected. Including the causes of noise in the head.
  2. Healthy life style, which can be attributed proper nutrition, Moderate exercise and timelyvacation, avoiding harmful habits, outdoor location. If you work in an office, you need to enter yourself into the habit of airing each hour room at least 10 minutes, and in the summer to keep the box on the winding time.
  3. Regular treatment revealed a chronic disease. This is primarily for those who suffer from high pressure. It happens that patients drop to drink medicines to be taken for life, almost relieved.

Cancel or assign any treatment can only physician. Therefore, at the first appearance of noise in his head at once, refer to the district physician or a doctor that you trust.

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