Treatment and prevention of osteoarthritis

According to statistics, every second inhabitant of our planetosteochondrosis suffering. Although from this disease do not die, it is accompanied by pain, sometimes severe, are prevented from moving to live in a familiar rhythm. How to avoid and how to be treated for osteochondrosis tell our site.

According to statistics, every second inhabitant of our planet is suffering from osteochondrosis. And though by this disease do not die, it is accompanied by pain, sometimes severe, are prevented from moving to live in a familiar rhythm. How to avoid and how to be treated for osteochondrosis tell our site.

What is osteochondrosis?

Osteochondrosis - a disease of the spine, or rather his, ligamentous apparatus. Simply put, metabolic disease in the intervertebral cartilage. Most often the disease occurs in the female half of humanity, but painful occurs in men.


As is known, the load on the human spineminimal in the supine position. But with today's hectic lifestyle lying we spend less and less time. But in uncomfortable or immobile (eg, a computer) poses more and more. And it's bad, because without themselves realizing it, we hurt his spine. Recalls more often, when it suffers back pain, Neck, hands during lifting or turning the head. This is osteochondrosis. Exhausted by the constant load intervertebral cartilage thinning, deformed and clamped nerves and blood vessels of the spinal column, causing pain. A nerve tissue, and cartilage are not reversed, and therefore, "earning" low back pain, we have to live with him all his life. But not so scary. For those who have yet of the disease, there are a number of preventive measures, the others have an arsenal of tools for the treatment of this disease.

How to recognize osteochondrosis

Treatment and prevention of osteoarthritis
To check if there have degenerative disc disease, respond quite negatively to some questions.

  • Have you noticed a constant periodicity or heaviness in the back, numbness or muscle back strain?
  • There you have the so-called "goose bumps" on the skin of the neck, back or waist?
  • Do Happen "backache" in the back, or a nagging pain in the neck or hands?
  • Try to raise your hands up. Delivers Is it pain you?
  • Would you pains bother when turning or tilting the head?
  • Have you had vertigo?
  • Are you numb the back, arms or neck?
  • Do you suffer from tinnitus and / or nausea?

If you've ever responded to one questionpositively, our site recommends that you contact your doctor. To which? By traumatologist, neurologist or even a therapist. They will examine your spine and, if necessary, carry out a thorough investigation (X-ray, tomography).

The causes of osteoarthritis

Treatment and prevention of osteoarthritis
Lead to the emergence of this disease may be many factors.

  1. Heredity. If your mother or grandmother had low back pain,it does not mean that he will certainly have. Just often inherited by the very structure of the intervertebral cartilage, and in this case there is a predisposition to the disease.
  2. Diseases of the back. This curvature of the spine (scoliosis, kyphosis,lordosis), and weak latissimus dorsi. All this makes the uneven load on the spine, which leads ultimately to cartilage defects.
  3. The monotonous and hard work. Well, what about all the hard physical laborunderstandable exceeded allowable strength and duration of the load on the spine - and there is an osteochondrosis. This disease is inevitable for those who work in the same position. For example, the manager, every day sitting at a computer, or a cook, constantly bent over a cutting board. People such "fixed" occupations should definitely pay attention to the prevention of osteoarthritis.
  4. Injuries or metabolic disorders. Regular vitamin deficiency or vitamin deficiencies can cause irreparable damage to the vertebral cartilage. What to say of serious injuries or metabolic disorders.

Preventing osteochondrosis

As you know, prevention is easier than ittreat. Preventing osteochondrosis need everyone - both children and adults. Moreover, nothing complicated about it there, and no special effort prevention of degenerative disc disease is not required. The first and perhaps most important point is the concern for the health of the spine. To this end, our site is constantly advised to engage in sports or even exercises that help develop spinal muscular system and improve circulation. Next - to constantly monitor the posture and gait, not hunch or slouch.

For the prevention of osteoarthritis are advised to routinely engage in sports or even gymnastics

Perfect posture - is when the head and backare on the same vertical line, straightened her shoulders, shoulder blades do not stick out, chest lifted, and the stomach retracted. My yoga teacher once said that the stomach is noticeable we did not because we eat a lot, but because they go wrong. How will be correct? Imagine that you pull behind the crown, and you barely touch the floor eh socks. Practice this exercise a couple of weeks and soon will not notice that they have become the owner of an excellent posture.

Another desirable as often as possible to hang on the bar,stretching the spine and give it a rest. Allow yourself a dream in which your spine will take the correct position. Research scientists have shown that the ideal posture for the spine in the supine position. But at the same mattress must be tough enough to take a comfortable natural spine posture. To do this, enclose under legs elastic roller. We recommend to buy an orthopedic mattress and a pillow and throw, finally, his grandmother's quilts.

If you have a sedentary job is monotonous,certainly every two hours (the more the better) take breaks. Relax, take a few rotating movements of the head and shoulders, walk. If possible, move to a fresh air. By the way, like this breaks legalized, and in the Labour Code allowed for people who are constantly working at the computer.

By prevention we refer and balanced, fortified food. Try to eat fish and seafood, nuts, legumes and various dairy products. Periodically take complex vitamins. This will not allow the violation metabolism and insure the appearance of degenerative disc disease. Ruinous burden on the spine and is overweight, so try not to get better.

Oh, and a word or two about prevention in children. Always make sure the child's posture, doing gymnastics and morning exercises (to be effective if you do it together). And yet, give preference school backpacks and bags are not, after all rucksacks balance the load on his back.

Methods of treatment of degenerative disc disease

To cure low back pain is practically impossible. The deformation of the cartilage - an irreversible process. Therefore, the aim of treatment is the suspension of the disease and get rid of, to put it mildly, unpleasant symptoms. Methods of treatment, there are many. Which trust - it's up to your doctor, since each case is different.

Treatment and prevention of osteoarthritis
1. Medication. That is to say classic. This analgesic, anti-inflammatory, decongestants. Possible to use various ointments that help remove pain. As well as a list of medications that improve blood circulation, relax muscles and will contribute to the restoration of cartilage. These treatments have to constantly repeat, as the time of action of this treatment is limited.

Now advertise an arsenal of wonderful tools,that will cure diseases of the joints and bones, will solve all your problems. This, unfortunately, is just advertising. From my experience I would say - very helpful and Teraflex Balsam Dikul. The first - a tablet, reducing cartilage. The second - a herbal gel really balm - excellent relieves pain and fatigue in the back. But again, the selection of drugs purely personal matter.

2. Physiotherapy. To this list we put electrophoresis, treated withmagnets, various mud treatments, ultrasound or current. A suitable method for you will choose your doctor, because for some procedures there are a number of contraindications. For example, massage is strictly contraindicated in people with any benign. Another popular so-called traction, which is held on special couches. This procedure is carried out only by prescription and under medical supervision.

Treatment of osteoarthritis of acupuncture techniques borrowed from the East and is based on the effects of certain active points of the human body
3. Reflexology. Such treatment is borrowed from the East and is based on the effects of certain active points of the human body. This acupunctureAnd a special warming, and injections. Conventional medicine often with negative refers to a similar treatment. But the results are said to be on the face - after a course of reflexology out pain and muscle tension, improves blood flow. All the methods in this section not only to relieve pain and other discomfort, but also revitalizes the entire body.

I think many people have heard of the applicator Kuznetsova. This special "thorn" to be applied to the sick area of ​​the body. After the course of such therapy (which can be done at home) you do not recognize yourself. I would never have believed it if she did not try. After lying just 5 minutes' prickly mat "(I put on the neck), I felt the blood flow to the brain, relaxing muscles of the back. A left pain that even sleep normally would not let a few days. Buy a "miracle" at any drugstore, and in many online stores. And the price is available to all (I took 12 UAH).

Manual therapy in the treatment of degenerative disc disease is very similar to massage, as a chiropractor conducts manipulation of the spine, as they say, with his bare hands
4. Manipulation. Also popular method of treatment and not onlyosteochondrosis. Very similar to massage, as a chiropractor conducts manipulation of the spine, as they say, with his bare hands. Here are just a massage - is the work of the muscles, and manual therapy is conducted with the vertebrae and ligaments with some effort. Very effective method of treatment. But! Only with very high skills and solid experience chiropractor. Therefore, your most important task is a serious approach to the selection of a specialist. Prefer well-known clinics and therapists with many recommendations. Do not be lazy, because in the hands of an amateur chiropractic worse weapons, as the damage cause is simply enormous.

5. Surgery. Bon of such treatment a little, for any operation - this risk. Usually surgery is performed to remove hernia and the elimination of vertebral deformity. All this - the result of neglected diseases. So once again I say - do not ignore low back pain, treat it! The sooner treatment begins, the less the likelihood of such events and operations.

one of the treatments for degenerative disc disease is a therapeutic exercise
6. Exercise therapy. If in the preceding paragraphs treatmentsselected individually, it is necessary for each exercise therapy. However, exercise complexes vary depending on the stage of the disease and localization. It is better to begin to resemble the physical therapy clinic or rehabilitation center, remember all the exercises every day and be sure to make them at home.

There are other treatments for osteoarthritis. This leech therapy and traditional methods that involve rubbing onbasis of bee venom, formic alcohol or carrying a pepper patch. But check with your doctor before just such a treatment, because that saved one, can not help or harm another.

Of course, it is necessary from an early age to follow the bearing,do exercises and to prevent osteoarthritis. But if you do not guard themselves - do not despair, because at the moment there are many ways to treat this disease. And if you have patience, you will be able to stop the disease. But what if you let it go? I do not advise. After all, the process of deformation of the vertebrae can lead to the formation of a herniated disc, and it is very, very seriously.

Health to you!

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