The treatment of pressure ulcers

The word "bed sores" in medicine is callednecrosis of the skin that appears as a result of their prolonged compression. The disease is most prone to bedridden patients, by fate, a long time bedridden. In this article we will look at what are the bedsores and how to deal with them.

Causes of disease

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MirSovetov found three main causes of this phenomenon:

  1. Squeezing the skin area overtime. The soft human tissue, a long time lying in bed or sitting in a chair in the same position, are subjected to constant pressure. As a result, the cells that are not supplied with blood and oxygen necessary, die - so there bedsores.
  2. The friction of the epidermis of the various surfaces,which may occur at a time when the patient changes position in the bed and is contacted with the bed cloth. It is easy enough injured excessively dry and sensitive skin.
  3. The shift of the skin that occurs inwhen two mating surfaces are shifted in opposite directions. For example, if a patient picked up the headboard slightly slides down. In some cases the skin while it remains in place, whereby this portion circulation deteriorates, and the epidermis is injured.

It should be added that some patients are most at risk of the formation of pressure ulcers. Factors contributing to the development of the disease include:

  • poor and poor nutrition;
  • insufficient amount of fluids you drink;
  • commitment to bad habits: smoking, alcohol use;
  • skin moisture due to sweating;
  • for diseases of the cardiovascular system;
  • obesity or, conversely, excessive thinness;
  • failure to comply with the rules of hygiene;
  • allergies to a variety of creams and ointments;
  • diabetes;
  • presence in bed or on the underwear of any items that irritate the skin: crumbs, folds, seams, buttons, etc .;
  • effects on the epidermis of urine or feces, which is the result of their incontinence.

Stages of the disease

patient hygiene, patient lying, treatment of bedsores, pressure sores, decubitus prevention, care for immobile patients

Consider a ways to treat disease at different stages of its development.

I stage.

If you notice the first signs of a mandisease, begin to take therapeutic measures immediately. Seeing redness on the skin, which when pressed does not change color, get their daily treatment. It involves rubbing alcohol or camphor oil of sea buckthorn. Remember that massage the affected area is contraindicated.

Stage II.

In the case where a patient having the firstulcers, it is important to protect them from infection control and further development of inflammation. Several times a day, the wound should be disinfected with chlorhexidine and lubricate the healing agent. To those include Levomekol, aktovegin, Solkoseril. Now the treatment of pressure ulcers are actively used special hydrogel and hydrocolloid bandages, promote wound healing as soon as possible.

Stage III and IV.

The third and fourth stage of the disease requireimmediate treatment to the doctor. He must carefully examine the affected area for signs of infection and bone destruction. Treatment should start with cleansing the wound, it is done with the help of a solution Chlorhexidine. During processing, it is desirable not to touch ulcers,so it is possible to pour liquid from the vial it. Carefully inspect the affected area, whether there are dead skin or pus. If you tap something like this, be sure to have the wound treated with preparation Proteoks TM.

After the wound is cleaned, it is possibleimpose on it a tampon soaked in oil of hypericum. Instead, you can also use the funds on the basis of sintomitsina or streptotsida. In the case of inflammation as a wound healing drug, you can choose Multiferm. After primary swelling come down this expensive drug can be replaced with cheaper, such as Comfy Plus. Bandage with this tool can not be removed from the wound up to 5 days. Do not forget that before every change of the band should re-rinse chlorhexidine bedsore.

A good option for the healing of ulcers is consideredDexpanthenol, treating them the affected area should be at least 3 times a day. Doctors do not recommend a long time to close the surface of the wound gauze bandage, such as through the fabric is not fed enough air, and tied too tight bandage, moreover, impairs circulation. But in some cases, such as in the exclusion of dead cells from the surface of bedsore can use a gauze bandage soaked with specific enzymes.

Not so long ago, a new pharmacyeffective means of pressure ulcers - Alginates. They are sterile dressings made from seaweed, which perfectly disinfect the wound.

I would like to remind once again that selftreat such disease, especially reached the severe stage, it is not recommended. It is best to visit a doctor who will give all the necessary advice and prescribe the necessary drugs on the basis of surveys.

Preventing pressure ulcers

patient hygiene, patient lying, treatment of bedsores, pressure sores, decubitus prevention, care for immobile patients

As is known, to prevent development of the disease is much easier than to deal with its consequences. Let's look at the basic rules of prevention of pressure ulcers:

  1. Periodically help patients change the position of the body, while respecting the accuracy and without damaging the epidermis.
  2. Follow hygiene lying man, do not allow, that his skin was dirty or sweaty.
  3. After cleansing, apply to the subject bedsores places special cream or powder.
  4. Inspect the patient skin as often as possible.
  5. Provide the patient a balanced diet and drink enough.
  6. Do not smoke in the presence of the patient and do not let him do that.
  7. If possible, spend a special gymnastics.

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