How to get rid of corns

Shoes with high heels or all your favoritestuds can lengthen legs and make every woman a little slimmer and more attractive. But for the beauty you have to pay sometimes - narrow and uncomfortable shoes can cause the appearance of corns.

With the onset of heat, many representativesthe fair sex a bad mood. The problem of corns, acquired last summer, and has not been solved, and wearing tight boots with high heels only aggravated the situation. And if the winter was an opportunity for many to hide this cosmetic defect, then with the onset of heat have to wear open shoes. Each of us would like to boast a beautiful, smooth and well-groomed feet, so to get rid of corns is necessary right now.

What are corns and why they appear

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Corns on the foot - this is a common problemnot only among the fair sex. Suffer from this disease as men. Externally, the disease manifests itself as follows: first appear on the foot portions of the densified skin, one might even say that this is a common skin only slightly coarsened. If the problem can not be solved in time, these areas gradually ogrubevayut and hinder walking. Such seals chapped skin disease at the initial stage does not cause discomfort to man, since the rod from corns are available. Over time, the skin is so ogrubevaet that person feels pain while walking.

Causes of corns:

  • wearing tight shoes with high heels;
  • uncomfortable shoes;
  • deformed insole;
  • garbage in the shoe;
  • thin soles of shoes;
  • Wearing b \ y shoes;
  • wearing socks is not the size of the products and synthetics.

The cause of the sealing areas canbe wearing tight shoes, especially high heels or shoes with narrow block, weight and physical activity. When a woman puts on the shoes or boots with high heels, the weight is distributed evenly across the foot and corns are formed in places where there is an increase in load. The skin is compacted in the fingers or on the sole.

With special care to the choice of shoes should be treated if the person has flatfoot, Then the problem may be exacerbated. Despite the fact that women regularly take care of your body and try to keep your feet in order, corns can still occur even when wearing shoes without a heel, if a person is overweight and it is uncomfortable shoes.

Hormonal surges, varicosity, Fungal infection - these diseases can also lead to the formation of corns on feet.

According to some experts, you can evento trace the relationship of corns formation in people who don’t wear high-heeled shoes. It is a chronic disease. For example, if a woman constantly coarsens the skin on her big toe, then chronic gynecological problems can be assumed, and when the skin on the left little finger becomes rough, then the person has problems with the work of the heart and blood vessels. If corns formed on the right little finger, it means that you need to pay attention to nutrition and check the liver.

If the skin in the area of ​​the heels becomes rough (underproper care and wearing proper footwear), while a person has problems with joints and the appearance of corns on the edge of the outside of the foot indicates problems with the spine. When the skin is compressed more on the inside of the foot - the intestine may work intermittently.

Recognize corns or dry corn and distinguish from other skin manifestations (warts, Corns on the feet) is possible on the sensations and externalmind. Corns may appear to stop anywhere. Outwardly, this horny skin, thick to the touch. Color dry calluses can be light or yellow. Get rid of him once and for all a simple shearing of the stratum corneum is not possible, it requires a comprehensive approach to solving problems. By the way, if you do not treat corns, they can provoke the appearance of corns and flatfoot.

How to get rid of the unpleasant symptoms

calluses, corns, feet, pedicure, foot, foot care

Currently, there are lots of ways to get ridfrom dry areas on the soles of the feet. It is the use of keratolytic (skin softening) agents. The main active substance - salicylic acid. In pharmacies a wide range of patches, pencils, socks and protivomozolnyh tools to help get rid of the problem.

If the disease is started, it is necessary to use the services of specialists.

Please find effective methods and choose the appropriate treatment option corns:

  1. Cryosurgery, or treatment with liquid nitrogen. This substance is widely used not only to remove corns, and scars, and warts. The method is very painful, require special care during recovery. Cost of services - high. You can only get rid of the little calloused areas on the foot. There are advantages: speed of operation, the scars remain, there is no blood, corns are cut without anesthetic (a plus for allergy sufferers), there are no contraindications.
  2. Removing corns laser - it does not hurt and efficiently. Care for problem areas after the procedure is not necessary. One procedure is enough to get rid of the problem.
  3. Hardware manicure is one of benignmethods. From the first time to get rid of rough patches will not work. Using a special machine, you can get rid of corns, if you regularly (1-2 times a month) visit the master. The probability of infection is excluded, the result will depend on the master and the apparatus itself.

preventive measures

calluses, corns, feet, pedicure, foot, foot care

It is always better to prevent than to deal with its manifestations.

Preventive measures can help you avoid trouble:

  • Choose the right shoes - with a wide toe thick soles;
  • alternate wearing narrow shoes with heels shoes with low heels and loafers;
  • every day - plus feet hygiene applying moisturizer;
  • pedicure should be done 1-2 times per month;
  • not too lazy to do contrasting foot bath every night.

What if I refuse to shoes with heelsit is impossible? There is a solution to this problem: the first - is to choose shoes with a comfortable shoe, and the second - to buy special pillows with silicone. They evenly distribute the load on the foot. Use the pads can be a long time, but you should not forget to treat tabs promptly wash in warm soapy water before use should be pritrusit inserts talc. Inserts may be different: in the form of pads, insoles and polustelek. So you can pick up invisible helpers for any shoe.

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