Smoking in pregnancy

A miracle happened! In the hands of the test with the cherished two strips. Excitement, happiness, and at the same time fear for the future of the child. Coping? For this event - the birth of a child, the most long-awaited and desired in every woman's life.

pregnancy, quit smoking, addiction, healthy lifestyle, smoking

The first questions that reflects the futureMom in the early weeks of pregnancy, it is worth whether to change their usual rhythm of life, to abandon such favorite little weaknesses, habits, without which it is impossible to imagine life.

One of these habits - smoking. Over the past ten years in the world the number of female smokers has increased several times and, with the biggest group of smokers - are women of reproductive age. And, sadly, 40% of female smokers do not quit the habit during pregnancy.

What happens in the body of a pregnant woman smoking?

By smoking even one cigarette a day, the futureMom is very harmful to your health. Nicotine resin penetrate into the woman's body. Suffer the respiratory tract, cardiovascular system, kidneys, interfering with the natural course of pregnancy. Starting from the second trimester, smoking can lead to serious consequences such as miscarriage, uterine bleeding, and placental abruption miscarriage. Great risk of stillborn children.

Also, women who smoke can not be produced breast milk or produced in insufficient quantities.

The effects of nicotine addiction to the fetus

pregnancy, quit smoking, addiction, healthy lifestyle, smoking

Smoking woman even can not imagine,what a relief it will test the body when it ceases to poison himself with nicotine! And in order to easily and painlessly get rid of a bad habit, you need to clearly realize the potential danger, both for themselves and for the unborn child. Is smoking woman indulging their weaknesses, she wants to give birth to a disabled child. Of course not. Every woman wants to raise their children healthy and happy.

So, the first step on the road to success - it is to be patient and remember that with each puff of cigarette smoke you own hands to poison the child's mother.

If you wish to smoke, you can drink a glass of juice, chew sunflower seeds and eat caramel.

One successful method to quit smokinga complete isolation of the company of smokers. Try as little as possible to be in such places, and to communicate with smokers give up altogether, or at least do not stand next to them when they smoke a cigarette.

If in your family there are smokers,for example, it's your husband - a talk with him. Tell him how much smoking is harmful to your baby. It is best if you quit smoking together. Support each other. Throw away all the ashtrays and lighters, destroy cigarettes. And let nothing in the house reminds you of your habits.

Walk more often in the open air. Keep an active lifestyle. Move more, sign up for a fitness for pregnant women - sports reduces the craving for nicotine. And if you have an old habit will still be drawn to cigarettes, go hobby, get a hobby that will entice you, and you are carried away by the creativity, will forget about the bad habit.

Talk to your doctor, his adviceadd you confidence. Your doctor can advise how to observe the regime of the day, how to eat right. Did you together to develop their own, individual scheme of quitting. And, most importantly, remember! Even if you do not immediately get rid of the nicotine addiction and the next visit to the doctor, you still smoke your, but far fewer cigarettes, forget about shame. Be aware of your baby's health! And with the support and help of family and friends, will be able to quickly deal with the problem.

Remember, for which you quit smoking! And when you finally get rid of this bad habit, do not forget to share the joyful news with all those who have helped you and supported you!

What does "withdrawal"?

pregnancy, quit smoking, addiction, healthy lifestyle, smoking

Do you have a great motivation - your healthy andstrong kid. It feels good in the womb, and he is comfortable enough oxygen. Now everything depends on you! Your family, loved one and your physician - all you support. You must be stronger, harder than this small pack of cigarettes with sharp, repulsive odor. If you can live for five, ten or more days without a cigarette - a small victory! Do not give up! This period is for smokers to experience the most difficult. The body, which is accustomed to a constant dose of nicotine begins to give signals when it is low. The person experiences discomfort, weakness, dizziness. This condition is called "fragile," and the doctors called "withdrawal syndrome".

To make it easier to move this difficult period,MirSovetov recommends longer walk in the fresh air, to give up fatty foods, from food, rich in carbohydrates, from sharp and spicy dishes that stimulate the appetite, to include in the daily diet of more fruits and vegetables.

And when you live two weeks without cigarettes,the abolition of nicotine syndrome will subside, you will become much easier, and the following month after month without cigarettes will be the most happy for you and your unborn baby!

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