How to treat the bumps of injections

Very often we have to do injections. But not always for the sake of this procedure, we visit the treatment room clinic, often rely on relatives or people who claim that they can brilliantly injections. And if such people or not is absolutely no money to pay for their services, injections do themselves in the mirror.

Causes of cones

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The causes of lumps of injections can be:

  1. Improperly selected injection site.
  2. Too rapid administration of the drug, in which he collects in one place and forms a hump-seal.
  3. Muscle tension.
  4. There are people who panic afraid of injections,straining muscles before drug administration. Muscles have such a structure in which the drug is absorbed faster without forming the seals, when they are in a relaxed state.

    our website warns never agree to do shots standing, be sure to go on a couch or sofa, because the muscles are strained in this position, and therefore, the cones can not be avoided.

  5. An allergy to the drug.
  6. In this case, to seal the injection sitefast red (if the drug is absorbed rapidly) and itches. This is inevitable when the drug is administered first person if the person is inclined to allergiesOptionally medicines.

    The only way out of this situation would be the cancellation of the drug and another drug prescribed by the doctor because of this kind of treatment do more harm than good.

  7. The length of the needle.
  8. Many nurses naively believe that if the needleis short and thin, the medication will be administered quickly and painlessly. Some even do intramuscular injections of insulin syringes, citing the fact that their design is just perfect for this procedure. our website points out that this statement is a common misconception, for short needle under any circumstances will not be able to get to the muscles, so the drug will be released in the subcutaneous fat. In this layer, the drug never dissolves and forms a seal rather painful.

  9. Formulation properties.
  10. In fact, a lump formed or not also affects the properties of the composition - a thick or oily drug will dissolve much longer than liquid.

    enter our site encourages dense compositions as slowly as possible to avoid the appearance of bumps on the injection site.

  11. Failure to comply with the rules of antiseptic treatment.
  12. Do not be lazy to handle the injection site before and afteralcohol injection. Ideally, even before a shot is taken, we must be prepared two cotton ball moistened with alcohol. One to wipe the injection site before the injection, and the second - after. If the injection is done in extreme conditions, where the alcohol in the afternoon with fire you will not find, wipe the injection site with vodka, medical alcohol wipes or, in extreme cases, cologne.

  13. Damage to the blood vessel.
  14. A little blood gets to the surrounding tissue container, the seal is formed, painted in red or purple color.

  15. Hurt the nerve ending.
  16. If it is damaged, along with the formation of seals are present:

    • edema;
    • "Backache" smack in the leg;
    • weakness in the leg or legs;
    • partial or complete loss of sensation;
    • numb the injection site;
    • increase or swelling of the lymph nodes.

    Before we look at ways of treatmentcones from the injections, our site urged to take into account the following: the seal typically resolve within 12-14 days. Sometimes they do not go for months and years, sometimes remain for a lifetime. Cones are not dangerous and only slightly painful, and dangerous only in that there is a risk of an abscess (boil).

Signs of an abscess

infiltration, injection, muscles, injection, seal from the injection site, bumps of injections

  • Compress with ointment Vishnevsky.
  • Good help for running or stuffy cones. It is necessary to apply ointment on the cone, cover the top with an alcohol compress and leave for 3 hours.

  • Compress with tincture of propolis.
  • This tool is sold in any drugstore, and does not require any special training:

    • grease cones vaseline or paraffin oil;
    • apply a bandage soaked in tincture of propolis;
    • cover with cellophane;
    • securely;
    • lift 1,5-2 hours.
  • Compress with Dimexidum.
  • This tool is very toxic, so it is necessary to adhere to certain rules:

    • dilute 1 part water Dimexidum and 10 parts of water;
    • moisten a piece of gauze, folded several times, in the resulting solution;
    • to apply gauze to the seal area, in any case, without touching the puncture;
    • remove the compress over 25-30 minutes;
    • rub the skin with a piece of wool or cotton pad that has been soaked in alcohol;
    • to carry out this procedure should be 2 times a day.

    infiltration, injection, muscles, injection, seal from the injection site, bumps of injections

  • Physiotherapy.
  • After consultation with the doctor can be used physiotherapy:

    • hand massage bumps, while she will not resolve;
    • massage bumps using special elektromassazhery.

    Massage should be done cleanly washed his hands, and after manipulation be sure to wipe the injection site with a cotton swab dipped in alcohol or vodka.

    Folk remedies.

    1. Soda packs.
    2. For soda compress should be diluted 1dessert spoon of baking soda in a glass of warm water. Wet gauze in this solution, folded several times, to make it to the site of the injection and cover with plastic wrap. Keeping you need to dry completely.

      infiltration, injection, muscles, injection, seal from the injection site, bumps of injections

    3. Cabbage leaves.
    4. cabbage juice and its leaves to help you easily get rid offrom the bumps after the injection. We need to take a cabbage leaf, to make it a few small incisions crosswise, hesitated, started to stand out juice. Attach a list-compress to the cone, covered with dense tissue and cellophane. Hold until the leaves wither.

    5. Aloe.
    6. This doctor, who can be found in any home, perfectly helps to get rid of bumps:

      • fleshy leaf cut aloe;
      • remove it for a day in the refrigerator (best to do this in advance, use 1 aloe leaf, the second put in the refrigerator);
      • get a sheet and cut it crosswise into pieces of 3-5 cm;
      • a little beat off a piece of leaf aloe kitchen hammer, previously wrapped in a plastic bag;
      • Cut along the leaf;
      • attach it to the seal pulp;
      • cover the plaster;
      • change to a new piece of 3-4 times a day.

      infiltration, injection, muscles, injection, seal from the injection site, bumps of injections

    7. Honey wrap.
    8. You need to bring:

      • tablespoon of honey thick, heat it to room temperature;
      • add 1 teaspoon of butter (not spread, not margarine!);
      • Add 1 egg yolk;
      • carefully mix;
      • Apply an even layer to place seals;
      • cover the injection site with foil or a plastic bag.

      This compress warms great lump on the injection and increases blood circulation, but it is necessary to remember that honey is contraindicated in people with allergies.

    9. Compress to help even with abscess.
    10. It consists of natural wax and fresh(Unsalted) pork lard. The components are taken 1: 1 and overheat water bath. Do not forget to thoroughly mix the ingredients. Poured into a jar, cool to room temperature. We impose on the gauze and attached to the injection site. It removes not only inflammation, but also draws out the pus. The remaining ointment keep in a jar in the refrigerator.

      infiltration, injection, muscles, injection, seal from the injection site, bumps of injections

    11. Compress a bow with soap.
    12. Onions need to bake in the oven and mix it with grated soap (2: 1). Thoroughly grind and attach to a piece of bandage to the cone. Apply 1 time a day.

    All the features discussed in this article, help withtreatment of cones of injections, but the best way to get rid of them is disease prevention. Do not get sick, do not make shots, we do not know what the bumps of injections!

    And yet, our website is strongly recommended not to self-medicate and go to the nearest clinic to the surgeon, who saves you from the bumps in a short time.

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