7 reasons to call the child "ambulance"


7 reasons to call the child "ambulance"Your child has stomach ache suddenlyfever or vomiting opened .... What to do? Try to cope with the situation on their own, or still dial "03" and cause a brigade of "first aid"?

Cases of unnecessary anxiety parents notrare in practice, "Ambulance" doctors, often the problem can be solved without having to call "ambulance." But as they say, fear has big eyes, and the parent of fear - they are huge. When a small child is sick, mothers and fathers, and especially grandparents difficult to think clearly.

On the other hand, there are situations where aspeed parental reaction actually depends on a child's life. When minute delay can be disastrous, and only a professional medical treatment can prevent the development of serious complications and sometimes death of the baby. When the need to call "ambulance" should not cause doubts among parents? Thus, the most common warning signs.

1. Acute abdominal pain

Severe pain in the abdomen, making a childcry, squirm, take a forced posture with his legs pulled up, pale skin and lips, the occurrence of vomiting and / or diarrhea, possibly with blood - it is an occasion to immediately call "ambulance."

Possible causes of these symptoms: injuries and diseases of internal organs, such as acute appendicitis, peritonitis, pancreatitis, intestinal obstruction, acute poisoning and intestinal infections.

First Aid to the arrival of the doctor

Place the child in bed, to the stomach to make an ice pack or a hot water bottle with cold water.

must not wash the stomach, put an enema, give painkillers, applying a hot compress - it will increase the risk of complications and complicate diagnosis.

2. Severe vomiting

Unrestrained vomiting with or without diarrhea,accompanying abdominal pain or fever, or occurring in isolation, could be a sign of many dangerous diseases. Of particular concern parents should cause vomitus containing blood, a large amount of mucus, with putrid odor and green.

Probable cause symptoms: intestinal infections and acute poisoning, includingincluding drugs or products with botulinum toxin, acute gastrointestinal disease, including appendicitis, intestinal obstruction, central nervous system disease, brain injury.

First Aid to the arrival of the doctor

Place the child on his side, slightly raising the head end of the bed, it will prevent the casting of vomit in the respiratory tract.

must not water and feed the child, to give him an antiemetic painkillers.

3. Heat

Call the brigade "first aid" is needed if the child's temperature is higher than 39 0Since she does not give antipyretic drugs to treat. If the temperature is kept at the high figures for more than 2 days - is cause for concern.

Children can easily tolerate the heat, but a fever above 39 0With the risk of developing convulsions. Babies "ambulance" is recommended to call at a temperature of 38-38,5 0FROM.

Possible causes of fever: acute respiratory infection, heat stroke, acute poisoning by toxic substances, acute inflammatory disease of the internal organs.

First Aid to the arrival of the doctor

Drinking plenty of fluids, cold compresses on his head, wiping towel soaked in cool water, cool bath, antipyretic drugs based on paracetamol.

must not cover baby blanket, even if it is chilly, drink it hot drinks, wiping with alcohol or vodka.

4. Black stools or blood in stool

Kal child becomes black dueoxygenated hemoglobin, a sign - a sign of gastrointestinal bleeding. Remember, if you gave a child beets, activated charcoal, iron or bismuth preparations, treats with high content of dyes. If not - call "ambulance."

Probable cause symptoms: ulcer bleeding, dysentery, rectal disease.

First Aid to the arrival of the doctor

Create the child rest, put him to bed.

must not clysterize, to feed, to give the medicine.

5. No urine, dry lips and tongue

These symptoms as thirst, eyes and retractionfontanelle, crying "no tears" are signs of severe dehydration, endangering the child's life, because the body is accompanied by poisoning with toxic metabolic products, changes in the internal organs.

Probable cause: inadequate fluid intake of, for example, refusal to drink at pains in the throat or fluid loss due to persistent vomiting and frequent watery stools.

First Aid to the arrival of the doctor

It is necessary to drink clean water or babya special solution, prepared at the rate of half a teaspoon of salt, 1 teaspoon of baking soda and 5-8 teaspoons of sugar. Liquid give 1 teaspoonful every 2-3 minutes, so as not to induce vomiting. To make up for the loss of fluid your child up to two years is enough 50-100 ml of water after each bowel movement, a child older - 150-200 ml of water.

6. Shortness of wheezing

7 reasons to call the child "ambulance"If the child is breathing heavily, his lips turn blue and shortness of breath, call the brigade "first aid".

Probable cause: False croup, diphtheria, asthma attack, pneumonia, angioedema.

First Aid to the arrival of the doctor

Give the baby to breathe the warm steam from the spigothot water in the bathroom. Triple the child comfortable, giving an elevated position, open the window and provide fresh air. Drink warm tea, in the absence of a foreign body in the throat.

7. Strange behavior

Wanton aggression, drowsiness,lethargy, confusion, occurrence of seizures should be an occasion to call "ambulance." Strange, unusual behavior of the child's parents should be alerted, but if the child went to sleep and can not wake up - it is a special cause for concern.

Probable cause: head trauma and brain, psychotropic drugs poisoning, encephalitis, meningitis, coma.

First Aid to the arrival of the doctor

Do not feed or water the child to bed and to ensure complete rest.

Hopefully, these tips will help you in an emergency.

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