Acute appendicitis in children: causes


Acute appendicitis in children: causesWhy do some children appendixinflamed in early childhood, and some people a lifetime to live it and not feel discomfort? Why this is a very common surgical disease does not occur at all?

Speaking of acute appendicitis in children is appropriate to begin with a description of its symptoms and causes. The pathogenesis of acute appendicitis presented two theories:

  • neurovascular concept - explains the occurrence of vascular inflammation and spasm of smooth muscle which leads to disruption of the power process and even to the walls of its necrosis.
  • stagnation theory is based on the concept of deterioration of lymphatic drainage, leading to edema and swelling of the appendix tissue.

Classification of acute appendicitis

In its development, the disease passes through three successive stages:

  • Bluetongue - manifested swelling and redness of the mucous membrane;
  • abscess stage is characterized by a purulent inflammation of all layers of the appendix;
  • gangrenous - characterized by profound destructive changes throughout the process wall with ulcerations and perforations.

What are the symptoms of acute appendicitis? The disease usually begins with pain in the abdomen, which is very noticeable in the umbilical or epigastric. There is vomiting, body temperature rises to 38C and quickens the pulse. There violation of bowel function, that the child may show a delay of a chair or vice-versa - diarrhea. There is tension of the abdominal wall muscles, and severe pain on palpation, most often on the right side of the iliac region. With increasing pain in the abdomen during withdrawal of the hand from the abdominal wall is marked symptom Shchetkina-Blumberg.

Criteria for acute appendicitis in children

Criteria for acute appendicitis in childrenAttack of the child usually begins with a markedlygrowing anxiety and loss of sleep. The child is very anxious when changing position, rolled up, bent legs, complaining of pain. And here it is possible to condemn the mother, who wanting to help him, apply to the abdomen hot water bottle, give painkillers and in no hurry to call a doctor? "And what cost?", She thought excitedly and says that even knows of the "people's recipes" on how to relieve the pain in the abdomen. This is the biggest mistake parents, because heat causes a rush of blood and accelerate the process of inflammation. Any anesthetic for some time takes away from the true picture of the disease, creating a picture of an imaginary being. When parents pull up to the last and do not cause "ambulance" they forget about what is fraught with inflammation of the appendix. Acute appendicitis may be accompanied by severe, life-threatening complications: intra-abdominal abscesses, peritonitis, pylephlebitis, intestinal fistula, intra-abdominal bleeding. Because of what may develop such complications? The answer is simple: gangrene or perforation of the appendix is ​​the cause of delay, providing parents with a child first aid.

Surgical care - emergency care

Treatment of acute appendicitis - is a surgicaloperation that many different methods can be performed. Pediatric surgery today - is a highly branch of medical science, the development and the establishment of a State has serious financial support, knowing that the children - the future of the country. Surgery may be performed to traditional surgical method: the incision in the iliac region and the removal of the inflamed appendix, or by modern seamless operation using high-tech equipment. The advantage of the laparoscopic method is a small trauma and external aesthetics, which is important for the young growing organism. The recovery period after standard surgery is 7-8 days, and after laparoscopy - 3-5 days.

During recovery after surgery any questionDiet is very important. The first day it is advisable to no food, only water to moisten his lips. On the second and third day is supposed to frequent smaller meals, low-fat broth, consistency of products should be in the form of puree or jelly. Parents need to understand that diet - is the protection of the healing wound and favorable conditions for the intestinal motility.

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