Autism - is not a disease


  • Do not rush with the diagnosis
  • How to recognize a dangerous syndrome
  • Mom - the best doctor

  • Do not rush with the diagnosis

    Autism - is not a diseaseAccording to statistics, in Russia for 10,000 children -eight are born with the syndrome of autism. Those who heard about it, they know that parents and caregivers an autistic child can put a monument in life, because they are required to truly angelic patience and boundless love. Most moms have never heard of autism. Meanwhile, experts believe that any woman who is about to give birth, should be aware of this phenomenon.

    Autism is defined as "the emotionaldysfunctional, which is expressed in the individual isolation, in the almost complete absence of contact with the outside world. " This phenomenon is inherent, and the reasons for it is that the child's emotional design are no mechanisms needed for the proper adaptation to life.

    Simply put, a child is mentally completelyunprotected, very vulnerable, and almost every contact with the outside world has on him is too strong emotional impact, which borders with the stress. As a result - the child from the first days of his life trying to protect itself from strong impressions, and closes almost comes in contact even with their parents.

    It seems that this baby is not interested in anymother, no toys, not responding to the voice and appearance of loved ones. Therefore, most of autism syndrome confused with cretinism. Err maybe even a doctor who is not specifically involved in the problem. The result of such a "blunder" the most pitiable - the child falls into the category of mentally retarded with all its consequences.

    Autism can not be called neither a disease, nor evendisability in the ordinary sense of the words. According to professionals, autistic children often have exceptional talent and intelligence. As one of the doctors desperate parents: "You have to get through to his inner world, believe me, it's worth it." These children have great creativity in music, poetry, painting, mathematics, and so on. D.

    Many students, after experts on autismyears of hard work, as it were "revealed" endure to the world that so long hoarded in itself. Some of these children are enrolled in the conservatory, in the elite universities, since they possess a nontrivial system of thought. In autism there are several levels of difficulty, but even the most difficult children give hope to adapt to if you think suddenly already at the first sign of trouble.

    How to recognize a dangerous syndrome

    Autism - is not a diseaseNotice signs of autism can, if wellknow the basic stages of mental development of the baby. Most parents of autistic children say that an adult meaningful look at their kids, but it is very difficult to catch. In fact, this child does not fix any opinion on the mother's face, nor even on any face. Sometimes the mother is confused with blindness, but a closer look closely, notice that the lamp or window attract attention baby, while the person he prefers not to watch. The reason is that an autistic child can not long withstand the opinion it overstrains it.

    He does not accept the "ready position" when Momgoing to take it, and at the hands of lies "tyufyachkom", in contrast to the normal baby, who "distributed" on the mother, like a monkey, clinging little hands around the neck, Nestle.

    Next alarming sign: Mom sometimes very difficult to do with a child a common cause. While all kids to take pleasure in their games, and even adults trying to attract their attention called to play together, the autistic child is indifferent to the attention of parents and sometimes starts to cry when my mother turned on his game. It seems that it is much more comfortable feel alone, doing some things only he understood and entertainment.

    For the same reason, an autistic child is very difficultlearn to speak. The usual scheme looks like this: Mom shows your child on some object, the child watching her eyes, my mother calls it, on that show, and he tries to repeat. With autistic kid is much more complicated, because too difficult to get his attention.

    It is also important to consider that emotionallydysfunctional child very long accustomed to the surrounding environment and the change of the place: to go out, meeting with a stranger, even just a rearrangement of furniture in a room can cause his reaction close to psychic shock.

    Mom - the best doctor

    Autism - is not a diseaseIn the early stages of formation of the personality of the child to determine the disadvantaged and help him only mom can get rid of it. How to do it?

    Very often the mother, watching her autisticchild falls into a depression, it seems to her that she was completely indifferent to the kid, he does not allocate it and do not like. But it is not, this baby needs a mother's love and attention, even more than usual. It's all about the dosage. Because of this, and we must proceed.

    Mom needed a maximum of patience and tact toin order to gradually pull the baby out of the closed state. If the child does not delay the look on his face, and would look just casual and turns right, you need to try to gently hold it at first glance briefly, and then for a longer time.

    If the child does not want to play with you, you havelook at it, to understand what he does not like your behavior, what place you occupy in the game, not injuring the baby. Be sure to encourage any attention to you.

    Educating a son or daughter to talk, payfocus on what they themselves react and call those things to which he or she is watching. In short, the mother need to completely get used to the inner world of your child, look at the surroundings through his eyes and slowly, without forcing events, to establish contact between the child and the reality.

    If a child with autism in an easy manner, the mothercan eliminate all problems on their own. In the complex case, without a specialist to do it will be difficult and sometimes even impossible. In Moscow, this problem is only involved in three institutions: the Center for Curative Pedagogics, Mental Health Center and the Institute of Correctional Pedagogy.

    And, of course, the most important thing - not to lose couragespirit and confidence in the victory of his child, and who has a chance to realize his outstanding abilities with your help. One of the experts on autism said to me: "Yes, you look at MSU, there very often our former customers, mostly among the professors!".

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