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  • Strange child

    Autism: who is to blame and what to do? That's how the people - to the last willshy away from thinking about the worst. Mama Miti four knew that her boy - not quite the same as other children, but serious violations in its development up to the time she had not seen. In fact, the child began to speak in time, very early became a store and tell verses. Moreover, the memory of the boy was unusual for his age - he showered and phrases from fairy tales and cartoons, my mother often repeated cues, much like passing even intonation.

    Here are just a dialogue with my son could not get -Mitya did not seem to hear him say that, and almost did not react to any request, any comments, in whatever form they nor expressed. There were a boy and other oddities. Mitya, for example, never ask any questions.

    And he had the ability, completelyincredible for such a small child to engage in hours the same, while the other children quickly get bored with the previous session, and they switched to something new. So, the boy could stand for a half-day of my mother's guitar, pulling a single string. When one of the adults tried to intervene and divert Mitya, he expressed his protest with a loud cry.

    Sometimes he repeated for a long time as a routine linefrom a poem ... The pronoun "I," it is almost never used, itself often told in the third person - "Mitya walks", "Mitya wants", and sometimes even in the plural: "We want to ..."

    Any contact with a stranger deducedboy from himself. Sometimes it seemed to my mother that he is simply afraid of strangers - when guests came to the house, Mitya was hiding in the corner, and if the mother tried to introduce him to someone pulled out, shouting loudly and even cry. Approximately as he reacted, if ever be in a new place for him ... psychologist, and then the doctor agreed: Mitya - an autistic child.

    What is it?

    Autism - a mysterious disease and byway. Fortunately, experts say that clean, "classic" autism almost never occur, as a rule, have to deal with children who have some symptoms of autism observed. Moreover, at the present stage of development of psychology and medicine, many autistic problems are solved, and so successfully that this diagnosis before such a terrible, is not facing child crippled life and are not afraid of the parents.

    What is autism? This is a complex disorder of mental development of the child, which is expressed in violation of contact with others, emotional coldness, stereotyped activities.

    The symptoms of autism occur in the first yearlife. The child is not a complex animation, which appears in children from about the first month, he is emotionally very poorly responsive to family, until the complete indifference. Child-autistic does not smile, avoiding eye contact with eyes, but draws attention to the subjects.

    However, in the present can only recognize autismwhen the child moves abroad yearly. This kid is very afraid of change: new items, environment, people cause him anxiety, which manifests itself in the absence of any contacts or hysterical refusal to do something. Parents often think that the child does not understand what they say, and does not remember what was said.

    In fact it is not so: sick kid can remember almost word for word, for example, a conversation between the mother and father after a few days, or even weeks, and not only words, but also the intonation. Such children have delayed development of the awareness of your own body boundaries - is already in the school-age child, as if for the first time, the clock may consider themselves in the mirror, to feel his own body. Autistic child does not understand very well what is happening around, sometimes do not realize that, besides him, there are other people.

    British scientists have found that autismsuffer an average of six children per thousand under the age of eight years (previously it was thought that one or two out of a thousand). Boys suffer three times more often than girls. Today, alas, autism is more common than the blindness and deafness.

    autism Treatment depends on the following factors: early diagnosis, psychological interaction, neuropsychiatrist and parents and, finally, patience and faith in success.

    Who is guilty?

    Autism: who is to blame and what to do? About the causes of autism are largely unknown. First we thought that it may cause the vaccine against measles, mumps and rubella, as well as immunological disorders in the body and bowel disease. However, recent studies have not confirmed this. Scientists, in particular, found in patients with autism congenital disorders of brain development, namely the underdevelopment of certain lobes of the brain combined with his giperrazvitiem other areas, as well as violation of amygdala body - the center, which is responsible for emotions.

    But, thank God, is not a sentence: modern medicine has learned to deal with it with the help of current micro-doses. In addition, more research suggests that correlated with autism metabolism - in the digestive tract of patients with autism are not split two proteins: casein, which is milk and gluten contained in wheat. In a healthy body, these proteins are broken down into components and absorbed and converted into autistic opiates (ie drugs) and in this form are absorbed into the bloodstream.

    The foreign medical literature describesamazing cases where a strict gluten-free diet beskazeinovaya and gave amazing results. Some experts link the strange behavior of autistic with food allergies. Psychoanalysts also believe that a major role in the occurrence of autism plays emotional coldness of parents, especially in the early stages of child development.

    What to do?

    Infantile Autism - a medical diagnosis,so it can put a child neuropsychiatrist. Be sure to go with the child comprehensive examination, and then together with doctors to develop an individual program of treatment and corrective education. And do not believe that your child - is incomplete and will never change! The main thing - be patient, kind and always firmly believe in the success.

    • Parents especially need to create a child emotionally and psychological comfort, a sense of confidence and security, and then gradually move on to learning new skills and behaviors.
    • We need to understand that the child is very difficult to live inthis world, so you need to learn how to observe the baby, interpreting aloud every word and every gesture. This will help to expand the inner world of the little man and push him to the need to express their feelings and emotions into words.
    • As a rule, even nonspeaking autistic childrenwilling to perform non-verbal tasks, ie those that do not need to use it. It is necessary to teach the child with the help of bingo, puzzles, jigsaw puzzles, mosaic establish contact, to involve it in individual and joint activities.
    • If a child comes to any subject,call him, let the kid held out his hands for him, because in this way all connected analyzers - sight, hearing, touch. These children need to be repeated many times the names of objects, they should say what they are for as long as the guys do not get used to it, do not "include" in the field of your attention.
    • When an autistic child is fully busy with something(For example, looks at herself in the mirror) can be carefully connected speech support, "forgetting" to call things that concerns a child, It provokes nonspeaking crumbs to overcome the psychological barrier and say the right word.
    • If the child is immersed in the game-manipulationitems need to try to ensure that they have some sense: putting some rows of bricks - "build a train", scattering pieces of paper "arrange a salute."
    • Autism: who is to blame and what to do?With "treatment of the game", it is desirable to use the gamewith clearly established rules rather than plot-role-playing, where you want to say. And any game you need to play many times, accompanying every action the comments that the child understood the rules of the game and for Pego was a kind of ritual, which is so fond of the little autistic.
    • Autistic Child Problems need to be solvedgradually setting themselves immediate goals: to help get rid of fears; learn to respond to outbreaks of aggression and self-injury; connect the child to the general studies.
    • Since it is difficult to distinguish between autistic by facial expressionsthe emotions of other people, not to mention their own, you need to select to view the cartoons with characters who have clear facial expressions. For example, many autistic children are "friends" with Tom locomotive, cartoon characters and toys. In the animated film "Shrek," which recently came out in theaters, is also very expressive facial expressions and emotions of the characters. Let your child guess the mood of fairy tales characters (for example, by freeze-frame), tries to portray them himself. In moments of immersion kid a try to distract him, play mood, but your facial expressions should be expressive, so he guessed your mood.
    • Is attached to the baby drama. Of course, the child will initially provide rapid resistance to attempts to engage in these activities UTB. However, if you persevere, having involved in this promotion, autistic, not only obey, but will experience great joy.
    • Very useful to invent stories in whichare approximate and bad characters. This will help the child subconsciously absorb what is good and what is bad. You can play these stories as children and puppets, explaining that each will play a role. "Performances" must be put many times, each time making some small changes.

    Of course, despite the features of communication,autistic child once in a while to be in the team. If the kindergarten teacher can not work with your toddler, find an experienced teacher who can teach the child to interact with adults and children in the team. It is not far off school and adulthood. At first, until the baby does not get used, parents to attend classes.

    It is important not to overdo it: every child has the right to be alone. Do not overload it with their presence, let it rest.

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