Cerebral Palsy Stem Cell Treatment


Cerebral Palsy Stem Cell TreatmentFinally cerebral palsy - not a sentence. While until recently all doctors could do - it's a little relieve symptoms. But if the little man in the age allotted time can not he sit, walk, hold a spoon, and even speak, he remains in isolation, even with the improvement of the state of a few percent. This complete dependence on others.

Stem cells, which are now used in the treatment of cerebral palsy is not only abroad but also in Russia, become a miracle for a sick child and his family. However, the miracle of a simple scientific explanation.

Stem cells are unique among all cellshuman body. They not only are able to replicate, but also ways to transform into other cell types - depending on the tissue in which the fall.

In the treatment of cerebral palsy taken from a sick childstem cells are cultured in the laboratory by converting them into the desired cell type. Then enter their sick child, and begins to take place that same miracle. So doctors of Moscow clinic "Contemporary Medicine" changed the lives of the seven-year girl Urda.

Doctors stress: cell therapy - is not a wholly-owned guarantee of cure, but the sooner it started, the better the child's chances of a full independent life.

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Cerebral Palsy Stem Cell Treatment

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