Scarlet fever: symptoms and development


  • Scarlet Fever Symptoms
  • Scarlet fever: clinical picture

  • Scarlet fever: symptoms and developmentScarlet fever belongs to the category of acute infections,caused by beta-hemolytic streptococcus toxigenic. The clinical picture of the disease due to septic and allergenic effect of pathogen and toxin excreted influence on the child's body.

    The incubation period of scarlet fever in children from 1 to10 days. This period of time is required for the accumulation of pathogen, hidden flows in the background of well-being. Symptoms of scarlet fever appear suddenly, grow quickly and require urgent action, procrastination is fraught with complications that threaten the life of the child, therefore, every parent should know about what it looks like scarlet fever.

    Scarlet Fever Symptoms

    The main manifestations of infection are

    • Scarlet rash - melkotochechnye elements ongeneral hyperemic background, clearly visible after clicking on the skin. Scarlet fever rash appears at 1-3 hours from onset, preferably located on the sides of the body, on the back surface of the hand, in the groin, the inner thighs, on the face, except in the area of ​​nasolabial triangle which remains pale free of rash. When scarlet fever rash kept 3-7 days, then the skin starts to peel off and cleaned.
    • Scarlet angina develops at the end ofthe incubation period of scarlet fever. In children, it can be catarrhal, when the tonsils, soft palate arch and swell, become loose and bright red or follicular, lacunar with the appearance of purulent, fibrinous or necrotic plaque.
    • Scarlet tongue - a symptom of infection, manifested in the 2-4 day. Language patient acquires a bright red color, pronounced graininess and swollen taste buds give it a resemblance to the raspberries.
    • Specific skin peeling of scarlet feverbeginning on day 14 after infection. A characteristic feature is the large-lamellar peeling the plantar surface of the feet and palms. On the trunk, neck, face - peeling scaly.

    Scarlet fever: clinical picture

    What is the clinical picture of scarlet fever?Onset of the disease acute, characterizedfever, malaise, weakness, headache, palpitations, abdominal discomfort, and sometimes vomiting. The child becomes lethargic, apathetic, or vice versa, excited and moving.

    The development of a sore throat is marked by pain in the throat,refusal of food. Zev baby looks "glowing" bright red, swelling, redness and more pronounced than for angina. Scarlet sign of a sore throat is to have a clear line of soft mucosal transition in the hard palate. Angina is accompanied by an increase in submandibular lymph nodes and perednesheynyh.

    Language sick child initially imposedgrayish-white bloom, but the 4-5 day cleaned and become crimson with small bright red dots - inflamed taste buds. In severe cases, become crimson lips baby. The symptoms of angina are beginning to regress, on the background of general intoxication stored tachycardia and mild increase in blood pressure.

    The rash of scarlet fever appears on the 1-3 day. Small dots are arranged on a background of reddened skin, in areas of friction, in the axillary and inguinal regions, the neck and the elbow, may merge, forming a characteristic dark red stripes.

    What is scarlet fever? The baby's face is strewn with red rash in the area of ​​the cheeks, forehead and chin, nasolabial triangle pale against its background stand out bright red swollen lips. When pressed on the rash hand she turns pale, but soon reappears. In some cases, there are bumps and bubbles, sometimes rash absent along with typical scarlet fever rash elements.

    The state of health of the child is improved by 4-5 days: the temperature drops, the rash fades and disappears by the end of the week, the skin begins to peel, peeling severity and its duration is directly proportional to the intensity of rashes.

    In the absence of healing complications occur7-10 days from the onset of the disease. Within 12 days of the child should not attend child care or school to avoid contact with children. Up to 21 days from the onset of symptoms it is contagious to others.

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