Signs of peritonitis in children


Peritonitis in children often develops again, on the background
acute processes localized in the abdominal cavity. In childhood in
mainly found bottled forms of peritonitis. This is due to
the body of the child: a shortened oil seal does not protect against the spread
acute infectious-inflammatory process and the immune system is immature
It contributes to the rapid emergence of purulent process and development of the obvious signs of peritonitis in children.

The main symptoms of peritonitis in childhood

Signs of peritonitis in children
Young children may have erased symptoms
peritonitis early stage. The true picture of the child's internal state
often not the external manifestations of the disease. If the background of the existing
pathologies child uses antibiotics, the symptoms
peritonitis in children may be more inconspicuous.

At the initial stage, the child may be sluggish,
irritable. When abdominal palpation can notice muscle tension. Language
dry, there flatulence, diarrhea occurs in some babies,
vomiting. The vomit blood can be detected. The temperature rises,
breathing becomes shallow. The hardest purulent peritonitis occurs in children. Some of his
forms can cover a 4-6 abdomen. Inflammation of the peritoneum
without care can lead to severe
intoxication, liver failure, brain damage and death.

At the last stage of the disease the child appears
confusion, facial features sharpened, mucosa and skin is pale,
the child receives a forced position (lying on his side, with his legs pulled up).
A particularly dangerous form of spilled purulent
peritonitis, the child they
there are, as a rule, against a background of appendicitis, hernia and infringement of
bacterial infection. Treatment operative.

Peritonitis in the newborn period

In newborn infants, peritonitis almost always
It occurs due to perforation of the large intestine (due to enterocolitis,
congenital malformations of the intestine). Against the background of developing bacterial intoxication
circulatory disorders of the gastrointestinal tract. bowel palpation
causing a sharp cry, there is vomiting bile, gas delay. Because the rectum
can stand the blood.

Prediction and prevention of peritonitis in children

Signs of peritonitis in children

The effectiveness of treatment of peritonitis in infants depends on the form
disease, treatment time for assistance and the nature of surgery.
Diffuse peritonitis in 40% of cases ends lethal. Most
peritonitis in childhood develop against some diseases
(Pancreatitis, gastric ulcer, appendicitis). If time treat
these diseases, it will be possible to prevent an acute inflammation of the peritoneum. Most
the main thing - not to lose time, not
take any attempts to self, as they can be very
dangerous for the baby's health.

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