Acne: what to do with them?


  • To start let's see what the "pimples" in principle?
  • Puberty and acne
  • The main causes of acne
  • How to deal with acne?
  • Prevention of acne

  • To start let's see what the "pimples" in principle?

    Acne (acne, acne) -
    unpleasant disease, which affects up to 80% of young people
    aged 14 to 30 years. Acne - a disease of the sebaceous glands.

    Spots are inflammatory nodules
    Red. Acne can be located on the face, neck, chest or
    back. The appearance of acne can be caused by both external and
    internal factors.

    Puberty and acne

    During puberty, your body starts
    produce large amounts of sex hormones. Under the influence of these
    hormones increases the activity of the sebaceous glands that clog
    pores, and there is a tube - comedo. Because of comedones sebum has
    possibilities shown on the surface of the skin and fat in the development of their
    turn continues unabated. As a result, in
    clogged follicles begin to grow bacteria. vital functions
    bacteria causes inflammation and sometimes rupture of the follicle. On the fight against
    inflammation our bodies send white blood cells that devour
    harmful bacteria Acne: what to do with them?and products of their activity, but killed
    themselves, forming pus.

    The main causes of acne

    • age and hormonal changes;
    • stress;
    • poor diet;
    • smoking;
    • endocrine disease;
    • gastrointestinal disease;
    • genetic predisposition.

    How to deal with acne?

    In the first place it should be said that it is unnecessary
    to self-medicate. Self squeezing pimples can
    lead to disastrous consequences, if also take into account the fact that there is little
    who comes to this procedure, with full responsibility: wash hands
    alcohol wipes the face ... I'm sure that most of us, as soon as
    see "red in the enemy" in the mirror immediately begin its
    exterminate. But to do that in any case it is impossible!

    The first thing to do - walk through diagnosis
    and accurately determine the cause of the disease. Only precisely defining
    internal cause skin disease and the type of acne - you can
    choose the right treatment, because you first need to
    eliminate the cause of acne occurrence.

    Nowadays, modern medicine and cosmetology
    It offers a variety of options for different creams and various umyvalok
    funds to cleanse the skin.

    Prevention of acne

    For acne
    It affects a huge number of factors, but, nevertheless, we can
    prevent them by taking some precautions.

    • change
      personal care products, such as pillowcases and towels for a person
      may be more likely because of the dirty linen bacteria provoke the appearance
    • Not
      squeeze pimples. This may provoke new spots. it also
      It can lead to formation of pits and scars existing acne.
      If you're at it do decide, do it very carefully and sterile - always wash your hands and wipe the face with alcohol.
    • If you have long hair make sure that that they are not in contact with the skin during sleep.
    • Always wash off makeup before bed.
    • Clean the face with special means, it is suitable for your skin type.
    • Most wash with soap and a brush, which you apply makeup.
    • Regularly
      Exercise, it helps to relieve stress,
      It improves blood circulation in the body, increases the penetration
      oxygen to the skin, helping to prevent acne.
    • Be sure to drink a day at least 2 liters of fluid, better water as the liquid helps the body cleansed of toxins.

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