• Over time, will be held
  • Tasty, but bad
  • incurable disease
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  • Over time, will be held

    With these words, many parents soothe their children, entered the period
    puberty and noted this occurrence violent "flowering"
    acne on the face. But with age, the problem of acne is solved
    independently only in those adolescents whose problems are caused by the skin
    only age hormonal imbalances.

    Unfortunately, more often
    just the reason lies not only in the field of hormone replacement. disease
    the gastrointestinal tract, decreased immunity (with chronic
    diseases of the upper respiratory tract or urogenital), violations
    in the nervous system due to problems with the spine (scoliosis,
    low back pain, etc.), bad heredity, general deterioration
    environmental conditions, skin mites - a cause of acne
    It can be any of those diseases.Acne

    Another important reason
    of acne is the fact that most
    modern teenagers are in a constant state of stress.
    Huge mental and physical activities at school; lack of communication with
    parents are chronically busy making money; inability
    cope on their own with their own age-related problems
    (Communication, self-realization and self-affirmation, etc.) - all this has
    a devastating effect on the psychological state of a teenager and often
    It causes the appearance of acne. Its appearance is even more
    It strengthens the already depressed mental state - a problem
    It is growing like a snowball, and often aggravated by the reluctance of parents
    pay attention to it.

    Tasty, but bad

    The assertion that the sweet and fatty foods is the cause
    Acne skin disease, is not entirely correct. Many people eat
    boxes chocolates and potato chips batches, but does not suffer
    from acne. Of course, you should avoid the consumption of excess fat
    and sweets, but it is likely, not in food and the digestive
    system. The body can cope with the "junk" food. But
    if a person suffers from diseases of the gastrointestinal tract
    (Dysbacteriosis, dysfunction of the pancreas, etc.) and
    adhere to the prescribed diet, the wrong food can
    provoke a skin rash.

    incurable disease

    Many people believe that acne can not be cured, and therefore does not
    sense to spend time and money on not cheap procedures in clinics and
    beauty salons. Dermatologic is required. The sooner will
    treatment is started, the faster, more efficient and cheaper it will be.
    If treatment is started at an early stage of the disease can be completely
    avoid serious skin damage. If the disease is started, then from
    remaining after inflammation of multiple scars can get rid
    Only after surgery.

    The aesthetic aspect of the problem is very important. The problem of acne
    due to unfavorable environmental conditions and an abundance of stress
    ceased to be a teen. The disease also affects people in
    aged 20 to 40 years. In Europe, people do not solve problems
    facial skin is perceived as well as unwashed or have not sheared.
    I wish that in our country people stopped to take it
    disease as a necessary evil.

    Acne is a disease - a disease polietimologicheskoe (called as
    Typically, several reasons), is difficult to treat, but it
    symptoms can be minimized (the procedure cost - 250-500 rubles.
    Course duration - 2-10 days) and subsequently regular
    visits to the doctor-cosmetologist maintain the achieved effect.

    "The good old cleaning of the face - the only effective way to deal with acne." This statement is incorrect.

    This procedure, after which patients are subjected to it
    some days are afraid to appear on the street, a thing of the past. Modern
    gentle cleansing leaves behind no trace, and can be the same
    day without the slightest hesitation to go to any crowded place.

    But the cleaning of the face - only an integral component of the medical complex. treat
    I do not manifestations of the disease, and its cause. For this
    conducted a special survey, the results of which
    appointed external and internal treatment, as well as the rate of home
    procedures for skin care. The process of long-term treatment (6 -12
    months), and not cheap. The cost depends on the stage of the disease and the choice of
    drugs (from 5000 rub.).

    As medical procedures appointed by the ingestion of complex
    trace elements, antibiotics, retinoids. Externally applied the same
    antibiotics and retinoids, sulfur and zinc containing other drugs.
    In addition, the ozone treatment is practiced, mesotherapy, chemical peeling, electric procedures, reducing greasiness of the skin, and others.

    Sex - a head

    According to experts, professionals, common perception among adolescents
    opinion that acne - a sign of the onset of puberty and
    You can get rid of them immediately began sexual life,
    unscientific and immoral. With having sex certainly can remove accumulated tension. But given
    present extremely unfavorable situation in the field of sexually transmitted
    diseases, is much safer to vent hormone in a different direction
    (sport, musicdancing
    and much more). And this, of course, in the first place should be
    caring parents. Daily attention to patient care of the child,
    expression of interest to the problems of his age - the only true
    the way to the formation of moral and physical health of the individual.

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