Pustular skin diseases (pyoderma) in children


  • pustular
    skin diseases (pyoderma): Causes
  • pustular
    skin diseases: treatment and care
  • Pyoderma skin from
    children: the main symptoms

  • Pustular skin diseases (pyoderma) in childrenpyoderma
    skin in children is
    to a group of pustular disease, developing as a result of skin lesions
    cover pathogens (staphylococci, streptococci). Disease
    It can affect both healthy skin and appear on the background of existing dermatitis.

    skin diseases (pyoderma): Causes

    Pyoderma on the skin
    children have, as a rule, against the backdrop of a weakened immune system. Leather
    is a habitat for many opportunistic pathogens that
    at the confluence of unfortunate circumstances can lead to the development
    pyogenic infections.

    What can
    provoke the appearance of pyoderma on the skin of the child:

    • Lack of personal hygiene.
    • Duration of the current dermatitis.
    • Increased sensitivity of the organism.
    • Reducing the body's defenses.
    • Overheating, overcooling.
    • Skin Injuries.
    • Diabetes.
    • Dysbacteriosis, disorders of the digestive
    • Increased sweating.
    • Stressful situations.

    skin diseases: treatment and care

    Pustular skin disease treatment and carePyoderma - pustular it
    diseases of the skin, which can lead to infection of the blood, dangerous
    Infectious complications and severe damage to the skin of children. at
    the appearance of any suspicious rash on the child's body immediately consult a dermatologist
    or pediatrician. The doctor will determine the cause of the disease and prescribe an effective

    Pustular skin diseases (pyoderma) is very hard to bear children,
    particularly if they are located in the thighs and buttocks (natural
    stool irritate the already injured skin). Parents should
    closely monitor the hygiene of the child, a proper diet and daily routine.
    If there was a pyoderma on newborn skin, try as much as possible
    a long time to maintain lactation. Breast milk is ideally adapted to
    crumbs body. It supports the child's immune system and helps fight faster
    with infectious agents.

    appointed antiseptics, disinfectants, antibiotics,
    antifungal and anti-inflammatory drugs. During treatment
    it is recommended not to wet the affected skin with water. Pens baby regularly
    wash with soap and water, then treat with antiseptic. This will reduce the
    the risk of spreading the infection to other parts of the body. Antibiotics are appointed
    as indicated by the doctor, and after determining the sensitivity of the pathogen to them.

    Pyoderma skin from
    children: the main symptoms

    newborn children against the background of prickly heat usually occurs vezikulopustulez.
    The disease is Staphylococcus aureus. On the child's body there
    characteristic of bubbles that with the right care quickly disappear.

    because of
    atopic dermatitis, insect bites a child may appear
    strep impetigo, characterized by the occurrence of ulcers after
    which toe pink scars remain on the skin. Children with chronic
    infectious diseases, tooth decay, lack of nutritional vitamins B
    suffer from the slot-like impetigo. The disease is prolonged. In the wings of the nose,
    near the corner of the eye bubbles appear, which after opening in the skin
    there are painful ulcerations.

    When psevdofurunkuleze child becomes anxious, on the skin
    there are small nodules, swelling of tissues. Appetite is reduced, there
    dyspeptic disorders. Due to the poor quality of care for the baby skin can
    diaper dermatitis occur. In the area of ​​the external genitalia and perineum
    there are red and blue pimples quickly turning into erosion and crust.

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