People like acne?


  • Diagnosis for Acne
  • Two-faced ultraviolet
  • Problem neighborhood
  • When going to the doctor?
  • People like acne?
  • Medicine provocateurs
  • Cosmetics for acne
  • Chocolate justified!
  • Doctor by the name of joy
  • Climate for acne
  • Depression of acne

  • Diagnosis for Acne

    According to the location of acne on the face can be assumed, which authorities are not in order. If acne lesions - differently acne are mainly in the forehead
    mean bowel work leaves much to be desired. Acne is localized in
    brow areas? It should be tested for gallbladder disease.

    The lower part of the face - the so-called endocrine zone. If a woman
    Acne chosen by the upper lip and chin, then surely broken
    functionPeople like acne? ovaries. Acne on the neck suggest
    the presence of thyroid disease.

    Two-faced ultraviolet

    widely used for the treatment of acne, as they say, from time immemorial, but
    Today the experts have come to the opinion that the UV-treatment is good not far
    always. It is best treated with ultraviolet light in the winter, when
    the sun's rays in short supply. And only in the case if there were no
    autumn exacerbation of acne.

    Why I hit the ultraviolet
    favor? It was noticed that the skin condition improved only during
    UV treatment. Upon completion of the course the illness procedures are often exacerbated.
    Incidentally, the same thing happens when the year changes during
    the amount of ultraviolet rays. In the summer of acne rash retreat, and
    with the beginning of autumn with a vengeance go on the attack.

    is this happening? Ultraviolet light has a bactericidal,
    drying effect - due to this it really helps when
    rashes. But at the same time, excess UV radiation triggers a complex
    Acne formation mechanism. In particular, ultraviolet light stimulates
    hormone androgen - provocateurs acne.

    Problem neighborhood

    During the course of acne treatment should be aware that some medicines can reduce the effect of medical anti-acne drugs. For example, peeling of the skin, which sometimes occurs in the early stages
    Skinoren cream treatment can not remove fat creams. Otherwise, use
    of the drug is not. Just be a few days
    apply Skinoren once a day instead of two - and irritation go away
    by itself. In addition, the effect of Skinoren reduces the alkaline environment.
    Therefore, it is not necessary to wash with soap and water before using cream - is better
    clean the skin with a weak alcohol solution.

    When going to the doctor?

    The legend that the pimples on their own will, is not justified in most cases. If papules appear - red nodules under the skin - or pustules - pimples
    with purulent heads, it is recommended to stop independent
    experiments and go to the doctor.

    People like acne?

    Experts can make a portrait of a man prone to the appearance of acne.
    He is prone to spasms of smooth muscles, hence colitis, dyskinesia
    gallbladder. In addition, such a patient is poorly digested
    foods, his disturbed hormonal problems. Exasperate virus,
    infectious diseases, indicating that immune system problems.

    Medicine provocateurs

    People like acne?

    There are drugs on the background of long-term use of which
    can develop acne. This, for example, systemic
    corticosteroids, anti-epileptics, anti-
    drugs. Also preparations of iodine, chlorine, bromine, and some lithium salt
    Vitamins, especially the group B and vitamin D.

    Aknegennye materials: butyl stearate,
    Atsetilalkogol, hexylene glycol, isopropyl myristate, lanolin, sodium
    lauryl sulfate, polyethylene glycol 300, sesame oil, stearic
    Acid, Sulphur.

    Cosmetics for acne

    In this disease is contraindicated useproducts containing fats. This primarily refers to the lanolin and Vaseline and oils - whether it be cosmetics or preparations for skin care. Greasy cosmetic cream or cream, liquid or powder blush can awaken to life acne rash.

    It is best to use a tool specifically designed for those,
    who suffer from acne. I am glad that there was a decorative lately
    this kind of cosmetics.

    All funds that are intended
    for application to the skin should be labeled «non-comedogenic». but
    to ensure just-in safety features, should be read on
    packaging its composition - whether there aknegennyh, ie provoking
    the formation of substances for acne.

    Chocolate justified!

    It is believed that some foods, such as chocolate, can aggravate acne. By provocateurs acne rank as meats, fatty, spicy,
    pepper food. However, observations of experts showed that these
    products are not particularly affect the course of disease. At the same time, it was
    seen - to keep acne at bay to help low-calorie foods,
    plant food and reasonably limitedPeople like acne?ix with a high content of food

    Doctor by the name of joy

    There is a common belief that with the beginning of sexual activity acne disappear by themselves. Of course, this does not happen. However, the improvement is quite possible that
    If a relationship give joy, raise self-esteem. AND
    the point here is not in the physiology. Just any positive emotions
    help fight chronic diseases, including those with acne

    Climate for acne

    median strip and sharply continental influences on acne patients
    much better than the wet tropical and subtropical.

    Those who suffer from this disease, the choice of destinations is useful
    consider this information. Smoking seriously complicates the course of acne
    disease. Similarly acts and alcohol. And yet, if the lesser of two evils
    choose the lesser, the better for acne sufferers glass of dry wine than

    Depression of acne

    thought a person suffering from acne, only focused on the illness
    - As a result there is delayed development of intelligence.
    Permanent anxiety, sadness, low self-esteem - it's not all
    psychological problems, which entails acne. not infrequently
    Patients consciously limit your social circle. In this way,
    Acne brings severe emotional distress. In its turn,
    constant emotional stress it difficult for acne.
    It is a vicious circle.

    Breaking it can be. Dermatologists
    in recent years have come to believe: the one who wants to conquer the illness,
    necessary to resort to the help of a therapist. Especially needed
    support psychotherapist those who are by nature inclined to dramatize
    disadvantages. Most acutely experiencing the presence of at acne
    insecure people who suffer from an inferiority complex.

    If a person frequently and dramatically changing the mood, and his actions
    entirely dependent on these changes - acne can be received by them
    as a tragedy. People who are constantly concerned about the fact that people think about them
    surrounding, also tend to take too close to heart defects
    their appearance. Those who are inclined to dwell on their
    problems can immerse oneself in the slightest feelings about

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