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  • How do they appear?
  • Delete - but how?
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  • WARTS? Just get rid of them!Almost everyone at least once in my life one way or another
    way I faced with the truth and myths about warts. Many people still believe
    that plantar warts can be transmitted, if stepped on a frog; what
    common warts can cause skin cancer. Although
    Warts - a benign neoplasm
    on the skin and does not represent a serious risk, they are eager
    get rid of. Why do it, and what methods to choose, explain the doctor-dermatologist
    Pilyavskaya Svetlana Olegovna.

    How do they appear?

    First of all, understand the cause
    occurrence of ordinary (vulgar) warts on the body. And it is one
    types of human papillomavirus. The viral nature of warts means that
    regardless of their location - on the hands, fingers, feet or face
    - Their appearance is contact with an infected surface. Options can
    be many - from the banal handshake and use someone else's towel to
    handrails in public transport or common bath in the pool.

    Another no less important consequence of infection
    is spread warts that have already appeared on the skin
    Wart can "help" spread the virus to adjacent tissue. This
    a process called autoinoculation. In practice, it leads to
    New warts where "take root" infection. This process is facilitated
    stressful conditions and reduced immunity, but it's not just them.
    The incubation period - from infection to the appearance of the characteristic skin seals
    - From two to five months, so to pinpoint the source
    infection is not possible.

    Several factors may contribute to further
    increase in the number and area of ​​the warts. When the location of the feet influence
    It can have a wearing tight and poorly ventilated shoes. These reasons may
    lead to the fact that the wart will change its color, or will increase

    Delete - but how?

    WARTS? Just get rid of them!It is a permanent change and risk autoinoculation
    the quality of such tumors is the main argument in favor of a
    possible imminent removal of warts. And the good news is,
    that today medicine has an arsenal of effective means to fight
    with them, it is sufficient to choose one.

    The most versatile is the method of cryoablation,
    or removal by using a low temperature. In the beauty parlors for this
    target liquid nitrogen is used, and the procedure itself is quite simple, and that is important,
    almost painless. It is because of its simplicity, cryosurgery is not as
    It has long since become available in the home. Instead of liquid nitrogen is
    used vehicle KrioFarma®.
    which allows to reach a temperature -57 ° C. This is sufficient for
    wart removal is medium in size, and detailed instructions
    and the holder ensure the accuracy in the application. Apart from these, the set includes 12
    disposable applicators, so one container will last for several

    Complicated cases

    The more expensive disposal options involve visiting
    Dermatologist. It is mandatory to their services need to have recourse, if
    you notice the modification of the warts over time. In this case, only the
    Your doctor can determine which treatment is best to assign.

    WARTS? Just get rid of them!If the wart is stable and does not cause painful
    sensations, but different large size, it is best to cope with it
    surgical excision - quite painful, but effective procedure. at
    location of warts on the face are recommended electrocautery and laser
    removal. Because they require sophisticated equipment and specialized training
    cosmetologist, these methods can be expensive.

    All of the above methods, except for surgery
    interventions often do not leave marks on the skin, so you can not
    worry for its smoothness after removing warts. Ultimately, it is not
    only therapeutic, but also an aesthetic procedure!

    If you have any questions, please leave them in the comments. Our
    Pilyavskaya expert Svetlana O. happy to answer them within
    online consultation!

    Let your skin will be smooth and beautiful!

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