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  • Causes of felon
  • If a finger is injured
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  • Any most banal cut finger or a needle prick can turn into a painful abscess (felon), if time does not take action. Why it occurs and how to avoid this trouble?

    Causes of felon

    Causes and prevention of felonThe cause of the felon arepathogenic bacteria - staphylococcus, streptococcus, or a combination thereof (in this case, the disease is usually more severe). Streptococci and staphylococci hovering around us in an incredible amount, but so that they caused suppurative inflammation, you need a combination of several factors.

    Firstly, the presence of the entrance gate for infections -it can be cracked at elevated dry skin, abrasions, puncture wounds, splinters, bruises, hangnails. Especially dangerous are sores, bites pets. The second factor is the weakening of the immune system caused by vitamin deficiency, metabolic disorders.

    The most difficult panaritiums occur in patientsdiabetes, and healthy people panaritiums number increases dramatically during epidemics of influenza. Felon often in children, which is associated with increased injuries and inadequate hygiene practices, and, oddly enough, have the most economic of women, even though they are - a lover of cleanliness and order - almost all the time busy with water.

    If a finger is injured

    If you cut or pricked finger, washwound with antiseptic solution and apply a bandage or plaster bactericidal. When bruises or pinching fingers in the door immediately substitute the hands under a stream of cold water - this simple action we kill three birds with one stone - reduce pain, relieve swelling, wash, if it is, an open wound.

    If pain or swelling persist, applyto the affected area a cold compress and raise the arm above. If, despite the measures taken, the next day you will notice on the finger of the classic signs of inflammation - redness, swelling, pain - apply to the affected area with a bandage with ointment containing an antibiotic (eg, sintomitsinovoy emulsion with novocaine). This simple measure will help to stop inflammation in the early stages.

    Prevention felon

    The main means of prevention - clean hands, butdo not forget that overdried soap and detergents skin is covered with small, but deep cracks and through these micro-traumas in her penetrating pathogens.

    Wear gloves when cleaning or working ingarden. Be careful when dealing with dirt and cutting items - peeling potatoes or fish Burke (injections fish bones - a common cause of heavy flowing panaritiums). You can not work with gloves, lubricate Protective hand cream before and after work moisturizing.

    Do not share nail devices. If you are doing a manicure, try less to injure the skin around the nail bed. Carefully and gently remove burrs - they cause painful periungual panaritiums.

    Be careful when doing needlework - we forget about the needles or injections with needles and remember the next day, when there is pain in the injured site.

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