Treatment and prevention of allergies

Unfortunately, not everyone succeeds at least for a while to eliminate one reason causing allergies. And some failed at all. What should be your actions in the event of an allergic reaction? And let's ask you whether it is possible to fully get away from allergies and if so, then how?

Treatment and prevention of allergies
Tatyana and Olga - native sisters, but they live completely differently. Tanya in the morning is engaged in cleaning at home and looks dust from his statuette collection. Then she goes to walk in the park with his dog, enjoying a light breeze carrying odors from the nearest fields and from the forest. And in the evenings, it is arranged in a comfortable chair in front of a TV with her fluffy cat, which I like to sleep on the lava knees.

Olga, on the contrary, feels completely unhappy. Even at a considerable distance from dusty bedspread it starts to fall and sneeze. Even the shortest walk through the park makes her eyes get to get away and blush. She misses her pets - now they live in Tatiana.

Where are the allergies come from

The difference between the sisters is that one of them is allergic. In such people like Olga, the immune system reacts to usually present in the air (and for all other harmless) particles, such as dust, mold, pollen plants and dandruff animals.

Typical allergy symptoms include sneezing, itching in the nose and runny nose, as well as swelling, redness and itching in the eyes, sometimes and rash. Will you have allergies, partly depends on what genes you received from parents, and partly from the environment. If one of the parents suffers from allergies, the risk of developing allergies in a child is approximately 30-50%, if allergies are also subject to both parents, the risk for the child increases to 60-80%. In addition, contact with high concentrations of allergens (for example, citrus, chocolate) Early childhood increases the likelihood of allergy development in the future.

Provocateurs called allergens, each sufferer has their own. However, they are not necessarily in the air and fall into the body through the respiratory tract, as with a hay fever. It is allergic to food products (for example, citrus, shrimp, peanuts); Contact allergies (for cosmetics, nickel); Allergies to substances penetrating into the skin (for example, when the bee is styling) or directly into the blood (let's say, on Penicillin injeces).

Prevention of allergies

What advise doctors allergists to their patients suffering from allergies? Avoid the perpetrators of allergies and fight her symptoms. Here are some recommendations from our site that will help allergies to breathe easier.

Dust pliers

Dusty tick
Extremely dangerous for allergic dust pliers, miniature creatures that feed on dust, leather flakes and other microscopic particles, accumulating in bed, furniture and curtains. A good way to limit contact with ticks - put on your mattress and pillows polyethylene covers.

We also recommend taking scotch with lightning on the mattress, thereby closing the path for ticks.

Dry air

Mold and home dust pliers feel good in warmth and humidity. Therefore, in order to prevent to reduce the amount of mold and dust mites, keep one air dryer in the bedroom and one in the common room.

However, remember that the air dryer needs to be cleaned at least once a week. Otherwise it will be a mold.

If you have the opportunity, turn on the fan when you take a shower. In a wet unrecoverable atmosphere of the bathroom, the mold is stronger than developing. After you finish, open the door to the car, so that all moisture will disappear from the bathroom.

Get rid of all too much

To stop sneeze in the room, you need to free the room from all extra: carpets, statuettes, calendars, soft toys. All these things accumulate dust, and, therefore, the seating clubs of dust ticks. It is recommended as the prevention of allergies as possible to change bed linen and regularly wash or give your pillows and blankets into dry cleaning.

House Allergic

To make at home you feel also perfectly, as in the fresh air, get rid of all carpets and pales. Leave just a smooth wooden floor.

Store all books and paper on closed shelves, behind glass. But not in the night tables and not in the dresser. Books and paper - Great drives harmful to you dust.

Constantly support order in the house. Mountains of unnecessary things lead to the accumulation of harmful dust, in addition, all surfaces must be easily accessible for cleaning. Regularly spend wet house cleaning.

The best style of the interior for your home will be minimalism - leave only the most necessary. Just but tastefully.


Allergies and pets
Previously it was believed that people have an allergic reaction to animal wool. However, if you start a bald cat, you will not save you from constant sneezing.

The fact is that the allergic reaction is not the wool of pets, and their dandruff - small skin scales.

Surprisingly, allergies can also make pets, but only subject to some preventive regulations. Dogs and cats should not sleep in the host bedroom, highlight them a corner in the kitchen or in the hallway. Once a month wash your pets with special animal shampoo. Roll out home all carpets and palaces.

However, if you are not sure that you can perform these conditions, it is better not to make dogs and cats at all. You thought about fish or a turtle?

Allergy treatment

Unfortunately, not everyone succeeds at least for a while to eliminate one reason causing allergies. And some failed at all. What should be your actions in the event of an allergic reaction? And let's ask you whether it is possible to fully get away from allergies and if so, then how?

Nasal wash with saline

A good fluid thinning of mucus is washing the nose with salt solution. Doctors allergists advise use sprays of saline solutions that are on sale. But the saline solution can be prepared by themselves. To do this, half a teaspoon of salt must be dissolved in a glass of warm water. Rinse the nose with a solution with a rubber pear, leaning over the sink to flow there with a nasal fluid. Rubber pear can be bought in a pharmacy.

Cool eye compress

Cool eye compress
If the eyes are squeezed, the eyelids were blushed and swollen, take a clean soft cloth, wet it cold water and keep in front of it until it gets warm. If necessary, repeat the whole process again.

At the moment there is a huge amount of non-prescription medical devices that eliminate allergy symptoms. But most of them are ineffective and do not fit every allergy. Therefore, before going for a medicine in a pharmacy, our site recommends notifying for a doctor. Only an allergist, taking you need, will be able to define allergen. After that, on the basis of the results obtained and the type of allergic reaction of your body, it will prescribe you treatment. Antihistamines and hormonal agents are usually used.

But almost everyone Hormonal drugs have undesirable side effects, so you, consulting a doctor, can use natural antihistamines. For example, nettle, which contains a substance that suppresses the activity of histamine - hormone provoking the development of an allergic reaction. Take the infusion of nettle leaves or capsules with dry extract for 500mg three times a day.

Treatment and prevention of allergies
It is possible to teach your body to an adequate response to Allergen, to develop immunity on it, allergen injection will be injected, but in small quantities. This method is inevitable if you constantly have to be in places where the causes of the allergic reaction cannot be eliminated. Injections are made weekly for about 12 months, as long as the reaction to the allergen becomes less problematic for you.

You should refer to the doctor also because it is often the root cause of allergies are diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

Do not postpone a visit to the doctor in the following situations:

  • It is hard for you to breathe, you sneeze, cough, despite the fact that we regularly accept drugs from allergies;
  • You cannot independently find out the cause of the allergic reaction.

With allergies you need to learn to live. And we hope that after reading this article, you will be easier to cope with this difficult thing.

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