Treatment of epilepsy

Epilepsy is sometimes called «God's notged», It is believed that people who sick epilepsy are marked over. The nature of the appearance of this disease has not yet been established. Today, our site with the magazine will consider what epilepsy is, as it is treated and how to behave in case a person suffering from you suffering from this ailment.

Treatment of epilepsy
The Great Roman Emperor Julius Caesar; The first Russian emperor, Peter I, raised Russia to the global level; The famous mathematician, who founded the Nobel Prize in all areas of science, except mathematics, Alfred Nobel; Russian writer who wrote famous novels «Crime and Punishment», «Moron», «Demons», «Brothers Karamazov», Fedor Mikhailovich Dostoevsky; French emperor who captured the floor of Europe, Bonaparte Napoleon; Great Dutch artist, whose paintings are exhibiting in Louvre to this day, Vincent Van Gogh and many other brilliant personalities were sick epilepsy. Epilepsy is sometimes called «God's notged», It is believed that people who sick epilepsy are marked over. The nature of the appearance of this disease has not yet been established, there are several assumptions in medicine, but there are no accurate data. Today, our site with the magazine will consider what epilepsy is, as it is treated and how to behave in case a person suffering from you suffering from this ailment.

What is epilepsy? How epilepsy develops

What is epilepsy?
Epilepsy is a disease that is manifested by sudden convulsions, disorders of consciousness, and sometimes a change in personality.

Medicine found that epilepsy - hereditary disease, it can be transmitted along the mother's line, but is often transmitted by the male line, it may not be passed at all or manifest themselves through generation. There is a chance to appear epilepsy in children conceived by parents in a drunken form or patients Syphilis.

Epilepsy can be «Acquired» The disease, as a result of a strong frightement, head injury, mothers diseases during pregnancy, due to the formation of brain tumors, brain vessels, generic injuries, nervous system infections, poisoning, neurosurgical operation.

Signs of epilepsy

Signs of epilepsy
The well-known sign of epilepsy is a big convulsive fit: the patient suddenly loses consciousness, falls, it breaks it with convulsions, a foam goes out of his mouth, after 2-5 minutes the seal ends, the patient falls into a deep dream, and, waking up rarely, which remembers. Four stages of epilepsy flows are highlighted: the stage of precursors, auras, seizures and the aftergraduate state.

The stage of the harbingers of the patient can feel in a few minutes, hours, days before the occurrence of the seal, manifest themselves in the form of headaches, fast fatigue, increased irritability, worsening mood. In some cases, the stage of precursors may not be.

The aura stage precedes convulsions, it arises suddenly, lasts a split second. For the fraction of a second of the patient, being conscious, feels, experiencing some emotions, situations. External manifestation of this stage: the patient feels cold, pain, numbness of some parts of the body, severe heartbeat, feeling unpleasant smell, taste of some kind of food, sees bright flicker.

After the Aura stage, convulsions are coming. Often, something shouts with convulsions to the patient and falls where there is a convulsive fit. Further, the body of the patient drives a seizure, the face is distorted, shines, a foam goes from his mouth, sometimes a patient bites the tongue and foam can go with blood. Pupils are increased, do not react to light. Breathing is broken. During the seizure, urine and feces are distilled. The seizure lasts 2-5 minutes.

The next day comes immediately after the convulsion, the patient falls into a deep sleep, when wakes up, does not remember anything, complains of general weakness,, headaches. In the aftergrading state of the patient's face acquires pale-blue colors, pupils are expanded, breathing and pulse is rapidly increased body temperature, muscles are relaxed.

Epileptic fit can be caused or triggered by a strong run, fast flicker of light, alcohol, infections, injuries, strong nervous experiences.

First aid in the event of epilepsy

In case you know that you are next to the sick epilepsy, then at the time of the epileptic seizure of the patient, firstly, do not be afraid, you need to take yourself in hand, secondly, you should not touch and try to disperse the patient. Our site believes that everyone should know how to act in such a situation. It is necessary to put a patient on a solid surface and turn the head on his side so that it does not choke his own saliva, and the language did not block the breathing throat, or turn the head on the side and press the tongue with a spoon, wrapped in a clean handkerchief or the cloth again to be patient did not suffocate. Then unbutton the buttons, weaken the tie, weaken the clips, remove the belt, you should put something soft under the head.

In case you found the patient after the seizure, when it is already unconscious, a foam, noisy rapid breathing is distinguished from the mouth, you need to turn the head of the sick side and clean the oral cavity from mucus, foam, vomit, remove removable prostheses. Further, so that the patient again did not bite my tongue, it is necessary to insert a spoon, a wand or a spatula, wrapped in a clean handkerchief.

Do not leave the patient in the cold, in the sun, put in the building, in the shadow. Be sure to call ambulance!

Treatment of epilepsy

Treatment of epilepsy
Patient epilepsy needed to undergo integrated treatment in a specialized clinic. Doctors prescribe drugs that weaken the seizures, prescribe a course of treatment, which allows you to reduce the frequency of seizures. Complex treatment allows you to almost completely cure the disease. The patient must be referred to to those skilled in the art, they must correctly and accurately diagnose, based on complete inspection, since there are several types of epilepsy. When choosing a drug, the type of attacks is considered, the possibility of side effects in the patient, taking into account its characteristics, concomitant diseases and T.D.

Treatment of epilepsy begins with its diagnosis. It is necessary to establish the form of epilepsy for further treatment. An anticonant therapy is based on traditional treatment. When conducting anticonvulsant therapy, previously known anti-wural drugs are prescribed: ethosuximide, phenytoin, prison, phenobarbital, carbamazepine, valproic acid salts. Since science does not stand still, all new and new drugs appear, allowing to treat convulsive manifestations: Tiagabin, Gabapentin, Felbamat, Topiramat, Okskarbamazpine, Lookidin, Vigabatrin, Zhudismitide (2,3,2,3,9). In addition, research continues and the invention of new drugs, one of the newest anti-kvulsants levetyracetams. The drug is being developed and will soon go to the Russian market.

The doctor carries out a selection of an anticonvulsant drug, and prescribes a dose individually for each patient, depending on the form of epilepsy and the frequency of attacks. The patient must accurately perform the prescriptions of the attending physician, since with a violation of the mode and decrease or increase the dose. The patient may have a strongest attack of epilepsy. Treatment of epilepsy drugs is carried out systematically for a long time.

In the process Medicine treatment The patient can manifest adverse reactions to a particular drug, the patient should necessarily turn to the doctor and it is necessary to either change the dose, or change the drug.

Fitting therapy method is used to secure the effect of anti-confusion drugs. Patient prescribed medicinal grasses champs, which also reduce the occurrence of convulsion. Methods of preparation and doses are also prescribed individually to each patient depending on the form of epilepsy. To drug herbs, allowing to reduce the number of attacks, include a thousand mint peppermint, plantain big, Kalina ordinary, St. John's wort, Melissa, Nney, Air.

One of the methods of treatment of epilepsy is the surgical method of treatment
Treatment of epilepsy is carried out not only by drugs, there are other methods of treatment. One of these treatments is a surgical method of treatment.

Modern highly sensitive equipment allows you to determine the area in the cerebral cortex, which provokes the appearance of attacks. After determining the exact position of such a section of the brain, the procedure is carried out by its destruction, that is, eliminate the center of the emergence and development of attacks, as a result, the attacks should not develop.

After the destruction procedure, anti-kvural drug treatment is carried out for a long time. After this complex treatment, patients in 60% of cases do not appear.

There are several methods for the treatment of epilepsy in traditional medicine.

One of the folk remedies: patient epilepsy should eat as much as possible raw bow, and drinking a lot of fresh onion juice. From onion, epileptic seizures become softer and repeated less.

Journal Our site on the scale of one article cannot describe the whole and completely treatment of epilepsy, but the highlights you need to know everything, such as first aid and the main approaches to treatment, we tried to cover. The main thing is that we will advise finally - in the case of an attack of epilepsy, not to lose composure, and immediately act so that the patient does not suffocate and do not die in your eyes. And be sure to call ambulance.

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