Treatment of pyelonephritis

Pyelonephritis can get sick any person. However, this disease is most characteristic of women and girls. When pyelonephritis, the kidney cloth itself amazes, kidney pelvis and cups. Pyelonephritis causes an infection that falls into the kidneys either with a blood current or as a rising path - from an infected bladder bladder.

Treatment of pyelonephritis
Pyelonephritis can get sick any person. However, this disease is most characteristic of women and girls. When pyelonephritis is affected by the fabric itself kidney, renal loch and cup. Pyelonephritis causes an infection that falls into the kidneys either with a blood current or as a rising path - from an infected bladder bladder.

In women, the ureage channel is much shorter than in men, so infection spreads faster and pyelonephritis is much more often. During pregnancy increasing uterus Swears the upper urinary tract - the outflow of urine is broken and inflammation occurs. In men, pyelonephritis can be caused by urolithiasis, adenoma prostate gland, narrowing the urethra, chronic prostatitis.

Symptoms of pyelonephritis

Acute pyelonephritis begins suddenly: the patient rises the temperature, there is a constant dull pain in the lower back area. In some cases, cystitis phenomena are added to these symptoms - threaded when urinating, rapid urges on it. When palpation (feeling) can be noted that one or both kidneys increased in the amount. Patient periodically experiencing fever attacks and severe pain from the affected side. Our site would like to note that if pyelonephritis is not treated, he will inevitably go into a chronic form.

In chronic pyelonephritis, the attacks of pain become not so painful, but the infection is constantly present in the kidneys, and the kidney tissue continuously suffers from the destructive impact of pathogenic bacteria. And this may later lead to renal failure.

Diagnosis of pyelonephritis

Chronic pyelonephritis
Most often for the initial diagnosis, it is sufficient to study urine under a microscope - find out the number of leukocytes, their increase indicates the presence of inflammation. When the increased content of leukocytes in the urine has already been installed, it is necessary to find out what type of bacteria caused inflammation. To do this, sowing urine into a favorable for the development of bacteria Wednesday and after some time the bacteria, which caused pyelonephritis, grow in sowing. If a doctor suspects a patient with urolithiasis, additional surveys may be required - kidney x-ray, ultrasound, magnetic resonance tomography.

Treatment of pyelonephritis

Depending on the type of bacteria that caused inflammation, antibiotics are prescribed, usually gentamicin. The course of antibiotics is long - from two to six weeks. Sometimes it is very difficult to drive an infection from the urinary tract and even after the course of antibiotics in the urine, leukocytes are preserved. In such cases, the doctor appoints an antibiotic, which can be taken once a day for a long time - up to one year.

But if the patient's immunity turned out to be strong enough, then leukocytes in the urine disappear. In this case, you only need to conduct special therapy to prevent re-infection. Very effectively in this plan Treatment of herbs. There are various herbal fees, using which you can fully improve the affected kidneys.

Here are some examples of medicinal fees for the treatment of pyelonephritis. Fruits juniper - 1 tablespoon, licorice root - 1 tablespoon, fruits of horsewa field - 1 dec. spoon, toloknyanka leaves - 1 dec. spoon, lingonberry leaves - 1 st. a spoon. All ingredients need to grind, mix. For the preparation of therapeutic infusion of 2 st. Collection spoons and pour them 0.5 liters boiling water. The infusion must draw in 12 hours, after which it must be taken 3 times a day for 1/3 cup. Reception rate - 2-3 months.

Another recipe: Birch leaves - 1 st. spoon, black currant leaves - 1 st. spoon, fruit juniper - 1st. Spoon, bumps of hops - 1 st. Spoon, two st. Spoons of leaf of tocherry, lingonberries, plantain, nettle - 3 st. spoons, rosehip fruits - 4 st. spoons, strawberry leaves, grass horsetail grass - 6 st. span. All ingredients are crushed, then it is prepared and applied by infusion - as in the previous recipe.

There are many other recipes, but the principle of their preparation is one - in any kidney fee, the leaves of the Tolokniki, the leaves of the lingonberry - these herbs are most beneficial to the kidneys. The renal charges also include nettle, dandelion, a series, kidney pine, soul man, rowan fruits, St. John's wort, grass, grass, ledge (ordinary animal-ant), Birch kidney, herb grass and others. Many do not believe in the treatment of herbs, but regular reception of herbal fees for six months after acute pyelonephritis completely solves the kidney problem. The trouble is only that to achieve a resistant effect you need to drink herbs constantly, despite the rapid improvement in the state of the patient. If the patient is moving his own laziness and will be disciplined to drink herbal fees (and it is not easy, since all the renal fees have a disgusting bitter taste), then a disease will be defeated.

With pyelonephritis, you can use various biographic supplies based on medicinal herbs. Apply them or not - the personal matter of everyone. However, our site recommends that you laugh to apply unknown dietary supplements, it is better to buy the necessary herbs in the pharmacy and prepare the collection yourself.

The kidneys are a filter of our body and to facilitate their work during treatment with a patient categorically prohibited to use alcohol. Vegetable soups, cereals, low-fat meat are preferred in the diet.

The consequences of pyelonephritis

Kidney damage pyelonephritis
Pyelonephritis never passes without a trace. In very rare cases, a person sick pyelonephritis once in his life, most often affected kidneys remind themselves periodic exacerbations of the disease. Thus, the treatment of pyelonephritis is delayed for many years. The worst consequence of pyelonephritis is the gradual development of renal failure. Pyelonephritis causes the gradual death of the kidney fabric, which is why the kidney functions gradually go to no - this is renal failure. You can avoid this if you comply with all the recommendations of the doctor and treat so much time as it takes. Remember: pyelonephritis cerebral, but the treatment process can take at least six months.

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