Symptoms and treatment of orchita

The health of the men's reproductive system is determined primarily by the normal state and the full features of its genitals. Do you know that in childhood, many factors can negatively affect the ability of the boy to have offspring in the future? Orchitis is one of such diseases.

Pathology concerns the health of the testicles. Multi-level structure and body fabric covers a strong inflammatory process. The disease is found mainly in boys from the infancy period before adolescence.

Causes of the development of pathology

Inflammation, men's diseases, men's problems, orchit, testicles

There are a number of factors, the influence of which doctors directly associate with the appearance of inflammation in the oral cavity. So, the cause of the orchita can be:

  1. Diseases caused by infection. Orchitis often becomes complicated Influenza, brucellosis, typhoid, rheumatic polyarthritis, epidemic vapotitis (pig), lung inflammation. Pathogenic microorganisms penetrate the testicle with blood.
  2. Inflammation developing in the urogenital system. The pathological process in the egg begins with uretrite, vesiculite, inflammation of prostate, epidididit.
  3. Orchitis of newborns occurs after infection of the eggs by pathogens, which caused inflammation of navel vessels.
  4. Little boys and teenagers have such a pathology of eggs almost always develops as a consequence Ginger.
  5. Sometimes the orchitis appears due to mechanical damage to the egg: the pathogens fall into the organ from the outside as a result of the long presence of the catheter in the urethral urethra.

On the intensity of flow, the orchitis is divided into acute and chronic. Acute form develops on the basis of an acute inflammatory process, chronic - against the background of chronic disease.

Signs of orkhita

Orchitis: Symptoms and Treatment

The faster the cause of the orchitis will be eliminated, the more effective will be the treatment of the pathology itself. Almost always at the basis of orchitis, infection lies, so its therapy is directed mainly to reducing the activity or destruction of malicious microorganisms. Among the rich assortment of modern antibacterial drugs, preference is given to fluoroquinolines and macrolides. These groups of antibacterial drugs have an extensive spectrum of action, as a result of which the bulk of pathogens is destroyed. In addition, these drugs make it possible to avoid inflammation with the formation of pus. To knock down a high temperature and weaken the signs of a local inflammatory reaction, the patient is prescribed diclofenac, Panochelin, Ketanov.

During the illness, bedding was recommended, the testicles should be raised (reach it with melting).

If the development of purulent inflammation could not be avoided, the disease is getting rid of a surgical operation.

Parotitic orchita therapy

In principle, the treatment diagram of the vapor orchitis is practically no different from the one that follows to eliminate the classical type of disease: the same compliance with the beddown, the elevated position of the patient's organ and the reception of antibacterial drugs.

However, in view of the fact that the pork orchitis is often transformed into epididimitis with the obstruction of the apparent ducts, which threatens infertility, the medication therapy of this disease still has its own characteristics. To prevent complications, the patient makes prednisolone injections (40 mg / day) to weaken inflammation and swelling.

Due to the disastrous influence of the complications of the orchita on the ability to have children in the future, all boys aged 1 year 3 months under 7 years old is shown by a live vapor vaccine. It is necessary to do it if the child communicated with a man, a sick pig.

Treatment of chronic form of the disease

The fight against chronic orchitis consists in long-term admission of antibiotics and anti-inflammatory drugs. A good result is also given physiotherapy and local thermal procedures. For a disease that is seriously corrected, the doctor may decide on the surgical operation with one-sided removal of eggs.

Treatment of diseases of folk remedies

Inflammation, men's diseases, men's problems, orchit, testicles

Our site reminds: before using folk recipes, you need to know what the doctor thinks about this!

  • 100 g of dried hop flowers are poured 2 cups of steep boiling water and insist the drink for 30 minutes. Then filter and drink 0.5 cups 2-3 times a day. If desired, the drink can be sweeten 1 h. L. Honey.
  • 100 g of linen seed wrapped in a gauze bag, you need to lower in hot water for 10-15 minutes. After the expiration of the specified time, the bag is taken out of the water, they wait for it when it cools, and then applied to the affected egg.
  • Inclusive Proportions Mix Brusarium Leaves, Flowers Elderly, Chamomile Flowers, Hormour Grass and Poplar Kidney. 5 st. L. Collection poured 0.5 liters of boiling water and insist in a thermos about 6 hours. Healing infusion you need to drink 0.5 cups per day for 2-3 weeks.

Prevention of the disease

Orchitis, symptoms and treatment

Official medicine has not yet can give unequivocal councils about the prevention of orchita. However, this is what the mother of each boy should know:

  • All inflammatory diseases of the urogenital child system must be treated in a timely manner, using all the medication and procedures appointed by the doctor;
  • Follow the sonship of the Son during the treatment of flu, pigs, lung inflammation, Scarlay;
  • Immediately contact the hospital with strong bruises of the scrotum, during injuries of the crotch and pelvis.

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