Treating ichthyosis

Ichthyosis is called crocodile leather disease or fish scales: skin covers as a result of a rare gene mutation are covered with an ugly burned layer of scales.

Causes of disease development

The reliable cause of the occurrence of ichthyosis is still not clarified, except that the disease is hereditary. Some suspicions of specialists cause Vitamin A deficiency in the body, as well as the insufficient activity of sweat glands and thyroid gland. Because of the similar failures in the blood, the level of amino acids increases dramatically, which contributes dissonance in the exchange of proteins, and the amount of cholesterol increases, violates fat exchange. People suffering from ichthyosis often observed slow metabolism and improper thermoregulation.

Forms and symptoms of the disease

Vitamin A, dermatology, ichthyosis, leather, skin diseases

All numerous forms of the disease are combined by several common characteristics: they appear as a child, they remain in a person for life and are all expressed by external extensive delicate of skin.

The form of ichthyosis is determined by the degree of skin damage.


This is one of the easiest forms of ichthyosis. Necessary dry skin is covered with small bowls. If a slightly scratching the skin, pulse-white peeling stripes are very well noticeable. Also on the bends of the limbs and buttocks you can see the scattering of small nodules of grayish, pale pink or blue shades.

Follicular ichthyosis.

The skin is roughly the skin, in the mouth of the hair follicles, horny corks are formed, the center of which permeates the hairs. The accumulation of skin defects is observed on the rear surfaces of the hands and the front surfaces of the legs.

Brilliant ichthyosis.

Heavier and unpleasant compared to the previous two, the form of the disease. The skin is partial «Etern» Plots of horny schellowi. Dirty and white color of scales can smoothly go to the marble shade. Localizes kernels mainly on the skin and legs, scoring the mouth of the hair follicles. Straight sun rays refracted on scales, giving them a pearl hue - that is why the name «Fish Schee» even more common than «ichthyosis». On the peripheral areas, the horn surface is peeled in places, the edges of the scales are slightly lifted, in connection with which the contours of the areas affected by ichthyosis look lighter than their darker central part.

Black ichthyosis.

This form of the disease amazes the abdomen and lower back, also localizes on the back and inner surface of the hands and the front surface of the legs. These areas are covered with a layer of black horny plates, while the skin of the face, natural folds on the body, the medial sections of the hands and legs and on the sides of the body remains normal.

Plate ichthyosis.

This is a pretty serious form of the disease. Thick and coarse flakes cover the whole overall surface of the skin of the back, face and front of the body, even natural folds suffer. Dry skin «Etern» Scales of brownish gray shade, which have a kind of clearly bounded rectangular or oval plates up to 3 cm in diameter. The head is usually covered with grayish silver scales, the general view of which is reminded of dry seborrhea. The form of the disease is complicated by the fact that the sinks of the ears are deformed, caustic to the head, the eyelids are shortened and twisted, the hard palate is gothic.

Congenital ichthyosis.

It is divided into ichthyosis erythrodermia and intrauterine ichthyosis. The last form may appear for 3 - 5 months of pregnancy and occurs infrequently. Such kids are born in a dense horny layer, the appearance of which resembles a turtle sheath or crocodile. In most cases, kids with this form of the disease premature and non-visual.

The ichthyosiforous erythrodermia is also very pronounced immediately after the birth of a child. The skin of the newborn covers a thin dry film of a yellowish tint. After some time, it turns out, after which the plate surface of the skin begins to peel. This process as the child grows increases.

Diagnosis of the disease

In almost all cases, the symptomatic painting of the disease is enough for a specialist to put the correct diagnosis. When the congenital form of ichthyosis is differentiated with erythrodermia, to confirm the diagnosis they turn to histological examination of the skin.

Treatment of the disease

Vitamin A, dermatology, ichthyosis, leather, skin diseases

Ichthyosis is amenable to treatment both in hospital and outpatient conditions: it all depends on the degree of development of the disease. The treatment of ichthyosis is represented by long, regularly repeated courses of vitamin therapy (A, B, E, C and high doses of nicotinic acid). One of the main tasks from doctors is to soften the scales causing a pain. To do this, they use lipotropic remedies based on vitamin U and lipamide. An important part of the treatment of ichthyosis is considered to be activities aimed at the overall strengthening of the patient's immunity, among which the reception of polyvitamins, larger doses of iron and calcium, blood plasma transfusion, aloe extract drugs.

If against the background of ichthyosis, a person suffers from functional disorders «Shields», He is necessarily shown by thyroidine, in the case of pancreatic damage - insulin. Hormone therapy is connected only when they deal with congenital ichthyosis or its very launched form. When the patient's condition can be considered satisfactory, the amount of hormone used is carefully reduced up to their complete cancellation. In the twist of the age of the patient in the eyes drip the retinol acetate on an oil basis. If the patient is a child who is on breastfeeding, mother prescribed the same list of vitamin preparations as the baby.

Locally skin condition, «edible» ichthyosis can be somewhat improved if you regularly take baths with manganese, and after lubricate the affected areas in greasy children's cream. The cream is optionally replaced by the means of our own production: they mix equal parts of Lanolin with vaseline oil to the consistency of not very thick creamy mass. Salicyl Vaseline and Retinol concentrate as oil will also be suitable for dry skin treatment.

The healing dose of ultraviolet irradiation, talllasotherapy, heliotherapy, carbon dioxide, sulfide and starch baths will benefit. All these procedures stimulate the metabolism in the leather dermis. Between recurrences of disease in preventive purposes, Ilova and peat mud.

Prevention of the disease

Vitamin A, dermatology, ichthyosis, leather, skin diseases

The best prevention of ichthyosis in the future offspring of the MirSestes considers a genetic study before pregnancy in order to determine the degree of risk. Unfortunately, when the intrauterine presence of the disease in the fetus confirms the analysis of amniotic fluid, pregnancy is worth interrupted. The forecast of any form of this disease is extremely unfavorable: ichthyosis is usually accompanied by a number of systemic diseases and violation of metabolic processes. Pare, who has found a high risk of born of a baby with ichthyosis, you need to seriously think about the possible adoption of the child.

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