Treatment of thrush soda

Among the many drugs from the thrush, one of the most effective is the ordinary soda, which is effectively fighting the symptoms of the disease. The use of this natural antiseptic is justified not only by folk, but also official medicine.

Causes and symptoms of candidiasis

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Thrush, In medical language called candidiasis, is a fairly common fungal infection, the causative agent of which are yeast microorganisms of the genus Candida. Such fungi in small quantities are constantly present in the human body, but under the influence of certain factors, their active reproduction occurs, causing the beginning of the disease.

The mucous membranes of the body most often suffer from yeast fungi, and in some cases skin. Symptoms of the disease are specific and manifest as follows:

  • the appearance of redness and swelling on the affected area;
  • sensation of itching and burning;
  • the appearance of abundant discharge of a cotton view and an acid odor, if we are talking about the vagina infection;
  • the formation of white plaque on the mucous membranes;
  • painful urination;
  • The appearance of unpleasant sensations during sexual contact.

Our site would also like to describe the main prerequisites for the development of candidiasis:

  • Weakening of immunity due to suffering from diseases;
  • Long use Antibiotics;
  • Reception of contraceptives;
  • too much carbohydrate content in the diet;
  • chronic pathology of the kidneys, liver, thyroid gland;
  • Non-compliance with personal hygiene rules.

What is due to the effectiveness of soda when dealing with the thrush

Our site figured out why the soda is an effective tool from the candidiasis. First, this substance is considered a good antiseptic and can destroy pathogenic microorganisms. Secondly, Candida fungi can be multiplied only in an acidic medium, but to neutralize excess acidity can be alkalic composition, to which the soda refers.

The soda solution to the soda solution is quickly eliminated by the unpleasant symptoms of the thrush: pain, burning and itching. In a similar way, you can quickly remove the swelling and redness in the affected place, but for greater efficiency, it is better to use soda in combination with other antimicose means, which is guaranteed to destroy the fungus in the body.

Soded Drainage in Candidiasis

fungal infections, candidiasis, thrush, soda, soda drying

For douching there are a number of contraindications:

  • pregnancy;
  • cervical erosion;
  • inflammatory processes in the vagina;
  • Postpartum or postoperative periods.

The amount of soda in a solution for the arms can be greater than in the case of douching, but also too concentrated mixture is also not worth doing. An excess of soda can dry the mucous membrane, lead to irritation, allergies, the emergence of new diseases.

It is worth understanding that the arms is not as effective as douching, so it is better to use a similar method in a complex with other antifungal therapy. Soda solution for a time can be selected and will help restore the acid-alkaline balance of the mucous membrane, after which the action of medicines will be more efficient.

Similar soda solution can be treated not only female, but also male candidiasis. The procedure itself does not represent anything complicated:

  1. Take a clean liter bank or other suitable capacity, good to disinfect it. Proceed also a pelvis in which you will do.
  2. Now prepare the solution. Divide 1 liters of boiled water 1 st. L. soda. You can also add 10 drops of iodine. Cool the remedy to comfortable temperature.
  3. Pour the liquid in the pelvis and sit in it for about 20 minutes. Then wrame a clean towel and lubricate the genitals with antifungal cream or ointment.

Before each procedure you need to prepare fresh solution. Instead of iodine, you can add ragners of therapeutic plants into the water: chamomile, calendula, chiurela, sage.

Candidose treatment in children

fungal infections, candidiasis, thrush, soda, soda drying

Candidiasis of the oral cavity in newborns - the phenomenon is not so rare. Passing by the generic paths, the child can infect the fungi from the mother. Subsequently, the infection will call the baby discomfort, in the tongue, cheeks and the sky there will be a whiten fall. The child can be concerned, often cry, abandon breasts and bottles.

Candidial stomatitis at an early stage can be cured with soda solution. Divide in 1 cup of warm boiled water 0.5 h. L. soda. Take a piece of gauze and wrap a finger. Makeup finger into the solution, wipe the mouth of the baby, removing the flare from the tongue, the sky, the inner surface of the cheeks and lips. Such a procedure must be carried out every 2 hours.

For greater efficiency, it is recommended to process soda nipples from bottles and mother's nipples, if the child eats in breast milk. In the launched cases, the removal of the plaque may be accompanied by pain, injuries of the mucous, blood appearance. If this happened, it means that for the treatment of candidoses of some soda wipes is not enough. It is urgent to consult with a doctor who will register medication.

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