Hardwriter in children

Almost every parent came across such a common disease as urticaria. This skin disease is the result of allergic reactions of the brittle body of the baby, and manifests itself in the form of red inflammations on the skin, peeling and hypersensitivity.

Typically, this disease is worried about children under the age of 3, but the appearance of urticaries can manifest itself in adolescents, and in adults.

What leads to the disease?

Allergies, childhood diseases, urticaria, treatment of urticaria, rash

The primary task when the symptoms of urticaria are appeared of the child - to find the cause of the disease that usually lies in a certain allergen. As soon as you find the focus of the ailment, you can prevent the child's contact with the stimulus, without allowing aggravation and appearance of complications, the most dangerous of which can be Sweet Qincke. Our site suggests to consider the most common types of wretched causative agents:

  • infections of viral nature, various bacteria;
  • the presence of flower pollen in the air, fluff, dust, etc.;
  • Individual hypersensitivity to food products: nuts, seafood, citrus, apples, honey, dairy products, smoked food additives, etc.;
  • medications;
  • a bite of an insect;
  • Physical stimuli: sun rays, friction, vibration, cold, sweating;
  • Perfumery substances.

Varieties of nettical rash

Allergies, childhood diseases, urticaria, treatment of urticaria, rash

Effective and adequate therapy for a child with a gloomy can be appointed only by the attending physician. As a rule, it is based on compliance with the measures complex, among which the following recommendations are:

  1. Adhere to a special diet, in the diet of which are excluded food, saturated with biologically active substances.
  2. Eliminate the impact of all potential stimuli, which can act like the appearance of the disease.
  3. Regularly carry out cleansing enemas.
  4. Assign the reception of drugs, among which the main role is given to antihistamine.

Also, we also note that with a straining rash it is impossible to produce a child to the open sun and bathe it in a hot bath. Therefore, if there is no definition of you in the summer, it is necessary to apply sunscreen to the skin before each outside outlook. Do not neglect so simple at first glance. After all, it is the wretchedness that earned the 2nd place among heavy allergic conditions after Bronchial asthma.

Talk about diet

Allergies, childhood diseases, urticaria, treatment of urticaria, rash

Since the spectal rash is most often due to the allergic reaction of the baby on a certain food ingredient, it is worth paying particular attention to the dietary nutrition of the child. So, if you are sure that the disease is caused by such an allergen, the first task of parents is to eliminate the possible pathogen from the daily diet. It is then necessary to include in hypoallergenic nutrition for a period of 2-4 weeks. Products such as cottage cheese, boiled or trouted vegetables. At the same time, completely eliminate the use of baking, confectionery, canned products, strong black tea and minimize salt consumption.

During the period of rehabilitation, it is undesirable to give the kid red pepper, milk, nuts, eggs, cocoa or chocolate, fried dishes, beets, tomatoes, mushrooms, apples, smoked sausages and citrus fruits. In other words, in the first 7 days, the child's nutrition scheme should consist of stew vegetable vegetables and boiled meat. If during this period, the child did not appear at the child, new products can be introduced into the diet - steedy fish and soups. And every week it is necessary to increase the number of foods in the baby's nutrition, adding hypoallergenic ingredients each time. Fully translate the child to normal food is recommended no earlier than after 4 weeks.

Preventive measures

Allergies, childhood diseases, urticaria, treatment of urticaria, rash

Despite the fact that the urticaria in acute form is quite easy to treat, ignore this disease is undesirable, otherwise the consequences can be extremely severe. Sequential and competent actions of the doctor - this is the basis of the return of peace of mind and health to the baby.

Prevention measures for this ailment are quite simple:

  • Do not leave even the easiest cold illness;
  • Constantly engage in improving the immunity of your child;
  • Each new food product should be administered to the kid diet gradually and small doses;
  • Regularly examine domestic animals for diseases or parasites.

The diligent observance of these simple rules will help to avoid the appearance of a networfish, and not to treat it with more complex methods.

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