Urticaria in children

Almost every parent is faced withcommon disease as urticaria. This skin disease is the result of the body's allergic reactions fragile baby, and manifests itself in the form of red inflammation on the skin, peeling and hypersensitivity.

Usually the disease are concerned children under the age of 3 years, however, the appearance of urticaria may also occur in adolescents and adults.

Which leads to the disease?

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The primary task of the appearance of symptomsurticaria in children - to find the cause of the disease, which typically lies in the particular allergen. As soon as you look for hearth disease, you will be able to prevent contact of the child with an irritant, not allowing the emergence and worsening of complications, the most serious of which may be angioedema. Our site offers to consider the most common types of pathogens urticaria:

  • viral infections, various bacteria;
  • in the presence of air, pollen, lint, dust, etc .;
  • Individual hypersensitivity to foods: nuts, seafood, citrus, apples, honey, dairy products, smoked products, food additives, etc .;
  • medications;
  • a bite of an insect;
  • stimuli of physical nature: the sun's rays, friction, vibration, cold sweats;
  • perfume material.

Varieties nettle rash

allergies, childhood diseases, urticaria, urticaria treatment, rash

Effective and adequate therapy with the childhives can be appointed only by the attending physician. As a rule, it is based on compliance with a series of measures, among which appear the following recommendations:

  1. Sticking to a special diet, a diet that excludes foods rich in biologically active substances.
  2. Eliminate the impact of all potential irritants that can serve the cause of the disease.
  3. Regularly cleaning enema.
  4. An appointment of drugs, among which the main role is played by antihistamines.

Note also that you can not with nettle rashlet the baby in the sun and bathe him in the hot tub. Therefore, if the disease has overtaken you in the summer, should be applied to the skin sunscreen before each exit to the street. Do not neglect so simple at first glance disease. After all, urticaria deserved 2nd place among the states after a severe allergic asthma.

Let's talk about diet

allergies, childhood diseases, urticaria, urticaria treatment, rash

Because nettle rash most often isthe result of an allergic reaction to a particular baby food ingredient should pay special attention to the child's diet food. So, if you are sure that the disease is caused by just such an allergen, the first task of parents - to eliminate from the daily diet to be caused. Then it is necessary to include in the allergenic food for a period of 2-4 weeks, products such as cottage cheese, cooked vegetables or protushennye. At the same time completely eliminate the use of baking, confectionery, canned food, strong black tea and minimize the intake of salt.

The rehabilitation period is not desirable to give the kidred pepper, milk, nuts, eggs, cocoa or chocolate, fried foods, beets, tomatoes, mushrooms, apples, smoked sausages and citrus fruits. In other words, in the first 7 days, the child nutrition scheme should consist of a stewed vegetable dishes and boiled meat. If during this period the baby rash does not appear, it may be administered in the diet of the new products - soups, and steamed fish. And every week is necessary to increase the number of products in baby food, each time adding hypoallergenic ingredients. Fully translated child on normal diet is recommended not earlier than 4 weeks.

preventive measures

allergies, childhood diseases, urticaria, urticaria treatment, rash

Despite the fact that in acute urticariafairly easy to treat, ignore this disease is undesirable, otherwise the consequences could be extremely severe. Consistent and competent actions of the doctor - is the basis of peace and the return of a healthy baby.

Preventive measures for a given ailment are fairly simple:

  • leave undertreated even simple colds;
  • constantly engaged in strengthening your child's immune system;
  • each new food product should be administered in the diet of baby gradually and in small doses;
  • regularly inspect the animals for the presence of diseases or parasites.

Diligent observance of these simple rules will help avoid nettle rash, and not treat it more complicated methods.

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