Treatment of vasomotor rhinitis

The mechanism of the conventional runny nose is known to everyone, it is necessary to overcoase and here it is, an old familiar: the inner surface of the nose swells, it becomes difficult to breathe, it becomes difficult to release mucus from the nasal moves. However, the usual non-complicated runny nose, passes during the week, and in this it is favorably different from vasomotor rhinitis.

The mechanism of the occurrence of ordinary Rudeness Known to everyone, it is necessary to transfer and here it is, an old familiar: the inner surface of the nose swells, it becomes difficult to breathe, it becomes difficult to distinguish a mucus of nasal moves. However, the usual non-complicated runny nose, passes during the week, and in this it is favorably different from vasomotor rhinitis.


With a vasomotor ritin, a person is constantly experiencing discomfort: a nasal breathing is broken, nose is either fully laid or «does not work» One of the nostrils. The olfactory sensitivity is reduced, constantly worried mucous allocations from nasal moves, sometimes very abundant. Due to the inability to breathe normally, the patient's brain gets less oxygen, the sleep is disturbed, the fatigue increases.

Types of vasomotor rhinitis

Treatment of vasomotor rhinitis
Doctors divide vasomotor rhinitis on allergic and neurovegetative.

Allergic rhinitis It appears when the allergy persisted is in contact with the allergen. This can occur episodically, for example, a person with allergies on household dust accidentally passes by a woman who knocks the dusty carpet. Several inhales - and a powerful allergic runny nose is guaranteed. Or seasonally, as with allergies to pollen flowers and trees. With vasomotor ritin of allergic origin, it is necessary to observe a few simple rules to reduce the frequency of its manifestations. First of all, the patient should know as much as possible about his allergies: what is it caused, how to avoid contact with allergens than to treat. Our site draws your attention to the fact that only the doctor can answer all these questions, because there are thousands of various allergens and give one recipe for all occasions impossible.

Rule Second: regularly carry out the prevention of ARVI (sharp respiratory viral infections). That is, not to transfer, take vitamins in the cold season, smaller contact with patients with people in the period of outbreaks of colds.

And thirdly, on the recommendation of the doctor, it is necessary to regularly conduct preventive treatment with antihistamine (anti-allergic) drugs.

Nearegetable vasomotor rhinitis amenable to treatment much worse. The fact is that the main role in the emergence of this type of rhinitis is played by violations in the organism endocrine system. In other words, at some point in time, the hormonal imbalance in the body causes a disorder in the nervous regulation of the physiological processes occurring in the nose. The tone of the blood vessels of the mucous membrane of the nose changes and the patient has a very sharp reaction to the most common stimuli, manifested by spontaneous bits of sneezing, abundant mucous discharges and embroidery of one or both nostrils. An irritant can be anything - from change of weather to conversation on elevated colors.

In addition to endocrine disorders, the cause of vasomotor rhinitis may be the abuse of vasoconducting drugs in the treatment of a cold. Doctors not in vain warn us: you can not use vasoconstrictor medicines (such as Galazoline) more than 3-5 days in a row. Their action may forever change the normal functioning of the mucosa of the inner surface of the nasal sinuses and cause permanent edema and mucous selection. Congenital or acquired (for example, after injury) curvature of the nasal partition can also cause the start of vasomotor rhinitis.

Accompanying illnesses

In reflections, the fact that most people suffering from vasomotor rhinitis have one or more of the listed diseases:

dysfunction of the vegetative nervous system;

This may mean that in the presence of one or more of these diseases, the body is subjected to a constant negative impact, weakens, ceases to function properly, which leads to the development of vasomotor rhinitis.

Necessary analyzes - put the diagnosis

If you suspect a vasomotor rhinitis, our site recommends not postponing to conduct a number of analyzes to accurately determine the nature of the disease. It is necessary to visit the otolaryngologist, pass the overall blood test, go to an allergist and conduct allergeros to reveal the possible allergen. You may also need X-ray sinuses (they are located on both sides of the nose) to exclude hymorit.

How to treat vasomotor rhinitis

Treatment of vasomotor rhinitis
But all the tests were held, the doctor put you an unpleasant diagnosis. What now?

If you suffer from the above diseases, you will have to pay special attention to its treatment to strengthen the immune system and minimize the manifestation of vasomotor rhinitis. A successful treatment of rhinitis also contributes to the improvement of living conditions - a decrease in dusting in an apartment and in the workplace, air humidity control.

Therapeutic methods of treatment of vasomotor rhinitis are very diverse. Depending on the etiology (causes) of the disease, as well as the presence or absence of concomitant diseases, the doctor may prescribe a patient of physiothereders (UHF, various types of heating). In some cases, it is advisable to carry out a series of nasal washing with salt solutions - irritating substances are mechanically washed out of the nasal cavity, the edema decreases and normal nasal breathing is restored. However, without medication, it is still not to do. The doctor may prescribe antihistamines or steroid drops in the nose. Antihistamine drops are effective in allergic origin of rhinitis, and steroids, with local application, well remove inflammation and reduce swelling.

Many doctors are supporters of surgical methods of treatment of vasomotor rhinitis. There are several types of operations: sublipal vasotomy, ultrasound disintegration, intrachnic radio electrosagulation, laser photodegradation. It makes no sense to describe each method, because they all have their own strengths and weaknesses. The general meaning of any surgical intervention in vasomotor ritin is reduced to the destruction of blood vessels under the mucous membrane of the nasal shells. After the vessels are destroyed, the nasal shells are no longer susceptible to edema and breathing difficulty disappears. The most suitable method of treatment can only choose a doctor! What about folk remedies? Alas, the effectiveness and usefulness of people's methods of treatment of this type of rhinitis has not been proven scientifically. Of course, you can try to cure a vasomotor rhinitis of herbs, rinsing, washing the nose, instilcing in the nose of the juices of various plants, but the result is not guaranteed. Moreover, plant juice (Aloe, Callanhoe) can cause a stormy allergic reaction and strengthen the manifestations of vasomotor rhinitis.

Our site recommends that you do not risk your health and treat only certified otolaryngology specialists. be healthy!

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