Treatment and prevention of skin diseases

Probably, each of us has come across us in life with one type of skin. For some, they become a minor temporary inconvenience, and for someone - a real disaster. However, first of all, it is necessary to keep in mind that dermatological diseases most often tend to develop, so it is very important to not run them.

There is a small medical parable. Once the son came to his father and told him that, like he, also wants to become a doctor, but she still did not decide what exactly. What my father answered him: «Go to learn to the dermatologist, as everything is suffering from skin diseases and always».

And indeed, probably, each of us at least once in life came across this or that type of skin diseases. For some, they become a minor temporary inconvenience, and for someone - a real disaster. However, first of all it is necessary to keep in mind that dermatological Diseases most often tend to develop, so it is very important not to launch them.

Skin diseases are divided into infectious and autoimmune. It is believed that with the first to cope much easier.

Infectious skin diseases

Scabies. In a decent society, the story that you sick scabies may cause misunderstanding and even disrespect. It is believed that only unclean and untidy persons are ill. However, today, despite the observance of hygienic standards, this disease occurs by no means rare. Our site should say that it is possible to infected with scabies not only when bodily contact with the sick, but also when using things on which mites can be - washcloths, towels, bed linen, wet, gloves, toys, even door handles. The cause becomes a gabble tick, which is embedded in the upper layer of the skin and paves in it passages, laying eggs there.

In itself, this disease is not dangerous, but extremely unpleasant. His characteristic feature is itching at night, which does not allow to fall asleep and is very annoying. Also scabies can be recognized on small scratched pimples and a gray line descending from them - this is a tower.

Treatment is to use external drugs that are simply etched. The oldest is rubbing sulfur ointment throughout the skin, except the face and hair, or washing soap with gray (7-10 days). The result is invariably positive, however, after this, the skin becomes dry and irritable, so antihistamines and moisturizing cream are prescribed in parallel.

At the present stage there are a large number of alternative drugs that are enough to apply twice (with a period of 3-4 days), and which can be used at the same time to destroy a tick in furniture objects, mattresses, clothes, and so on. In the process of treatment, it is also necessary to boil all bedding and underwear, dishes and other subjects. Some things can be simply packaged and remove for a long time, since without contact with a man, a scaffold tick dies after 7 days.

Warts. In essence, they are a benign swelling caused by the human papilloma virus (PVCH). Warts are several species: ordinary, pointed wrestlers, plantar, flat and old. This disease is very common. Papilloma virus can be obtained with direct contact with its carrier, using common objects, when skin impairment, when it is easily entered into a damaged epidermis, when wearing close and badly breathing shoes (this concerns the plantar warts).

Most often warts do not represent any threat to humans, except when they are located on the foot and cause pain when walking, as well as on the genital organs, which can lead to the formation of malignant tumors. T.E. The risk of turning the wart from benign in a malignant tumor still exists. Therefore, it is necessary to consult a doctor if the wart began to root or walled, changes began to be bleeded in its appearance, it began to bleed, greatly increase, if it is injured if the number of warts began to grow, and also if the wart was formed in the field of genital organs. In the remaining cases, to remove them optionally.

But if you, nevertheless, decided to get rid of the wart, then it is necessary to do it only under the supervision of the doctor, since non-professional action can lead to the development of wart to the cancer. To remove warts, several methods are used: the removal of chemical preparations, freezing with liquid nitrogen, electrocoagulation (very painful method), the removal of warts in the usual surgical method - the method is undoubtedly effective, but leaves scars and can heal for a long time. Today there are much more gentle methods for the treatment of warts that do not leave traces, painless and in efficiency are not inferior to knife surgery - it is laser and radiosurgery.

Teenage age - time when warts begin to actively appear and often become the cause of complexes of young people. Today, the pharmacological market offers funds oriented on this group of consumers. As a rule, these are funds involving independent removal of warts at home. I would like to recall once again that non-professional actions may entail complications in the form of cancer or increase the number of warts. Therefore, it is always necessary to preliminarily consult with the doctor.

More detailed about this skin disease and getting rid of it, our site told earlier in the article «Warts treatments (removal) warts», where the means of folk medicine and no less effective traditional are offered.

It should be known that only warts are being treated with treatment, and the papilloma virus is forever remained in the body and cannot be treated. Therefore, it is quite possible to appear new warts, especially when immunity falls strongly.

Herpes. In this case, we are talking about herpes 1 type. There are also other types of herpes viruses, but they no longer belong to skin diseases, and more affect the internal organs.

So, herpes 1-th type (or a simple herpes virus) is an infection that lives in almost every of us. According to statistics, 9 out of 10 people are infected with herpes. It is transmitted very easily - through direct contact with the carrier, the use of common dishes, hygiene objects, children can be infected through toys and even air-droplet. Finding into the human body, herpes virus remains there forever, deploying in the channels of the Tropro nerve. It is over these channels that it applies and leads to rashes on the skin, and, always in the same place.

But herpes virus may not show himself a very long time. It all depends on what state is your body. Provocateurs can be impacts driving on immune protection. The most frequent of them are supercooling and overheating in the sun. Symptoms of the exacerbated herpes virus, in addition to skin manifestations, can resemble the usual cold - weakness, heat, etc. In such periods, try not to infect healthy people, for example, members of their family, because in any case getting into the body, herpes reduces the level of human protection forever. To do this, our site advises during the exacerbation to make a separate dishes, a towel, try not to touch the place of rash on the skin, and constantly wash your hands.

To avoid the next outbreak of herpes, experts advise the use of a set of measures aimed at improving the overall level of health. These include a diet rich in vitamins A, E, with and zinc, getting rid of bad habits and so on.

Feeling first «calls» On the appearance of herpes, it is possible to stop his further development, adopting both vitamins C and R.

If nevertheless, the disease passed into the active stage, the treatment is limited to the use of ointments (you can find more information in the article «Symptoms and treatments of herpes»)

Fungal Fights
Fungal diseases. Fungi, which, falling on the skin, hair and nails of a person, cause their change, a huge amount. In addition, some of them were not even fully studied. You can get infected with fungal infection, as well as other skin diseases, when contacting the carrier (including animals), when using common hygiene objects, shoes, as well as in the baths and pools, that is, where heat and damp, especially if present Mechanical skin damage. Also, fungal infection can be obtained during a manicure in the cabin, after a long stay of hands in water, when working with soil, fitting clothes and shoes. Foci of infection usually appear in places favorable for mushrooms - between the fingers on their hands and legs, inguinal folds (more often it happens in men), under the breast (in women), on the nails, hair. And already from there can spread further.

The danger of fungal diseases is that they are not localized and in the absence of treatment will develop further, hitting the neighboring areas and parts of the body. At the same time, our site should warn that self-medication can not only be useless, but also dangerous, because it can cause an even greater aggravation of the disease. Therefore, suspecting a fungal infection, you must consult a doctor. The reason for such an appeal can be itching, burning, redness, peeling, mocking, cracks, peeling, the formation of round plaques with a peeling raised rim, a change in the color and texture of the nail, the appearance of clearly bounded foci on the hair surface, in which the hair becomes dull, Little and, in the end, fall out, the appearance of black spots, severe seborrhea or dandruff. Treatment will depend on the degree of illness. If the infection has not yet spread greatly, then, most likely, the doctor will be limited to the drugs of local external impact. In more complex cases, medication systemic treatment may also be needed.

For the prevention of fungal diseases, you can use soap and shampoo with tar (no more than 1 time in 2 weeks) or with zinc. There are also special creams that can be applied in periods when the skin is particularly susceptible to infection, for example, in summer, putting on sandals. In addition, it is recommended to use special antifungal nail polish.

Lisha. These are diseases that can also be called viral microorganisms and mushrooms. The infectious varieties include a harsh, pink, multi-colored (or decented). A common feature of these diseases is a rash in the form of peeling plaques of the altered color and a completely different size causing itching.

The most infectious of them is a ringless deprived, which can be transmitted both from human and animals. He takes the greatest form in children, while in adults it often proceeds in chronic form. This skin infection can be localized on the nails, in any section of the skin and hairproof. In the latter case, this leads to the fact that the hair in the location of the plaques becomes dry and, in the end, are laid out at an altitude of 2-3 mm from the root (in the case of chronic infection - at the skin level). Hence the disease and got its name. A ringless deprived method of bacteriological and epidemiological analysis is detected, since in chronic form it can be confused with other diseases.
Found (Multicolored) deprived
Here, the main thing is to know that when a ring detection is detected, it is necessary to immediately isolate the patient, spend a thorough disinfection of clothes, objects of hygiene, household items, destroy hats. Treatment is appointed by a doctor. It includes systemic therapy and local ointments, iodine, special plasters.

Freewood deprived is also caused by mushrooms and is characterized by brown stains. Most often, he arises from those people who are slopes to increased sweating. It is the chemical composition of the secrets of a sebaceous glands that is decisive in the development of a human-like depriving. Therefore, it can be provoked by existing diseases, such as diabetes mellitus, tuberculosis. The complexity of the diagnosis of this disease is that it is very similar to syphilis 2nd degree. Therefore, laboratory research for syphilis is carried out to eliminate this diagnosis. It is pleased that the deserid deprived is easily treatable with local therapy.

Pink Lisha
The least contagious is pink deprived. Its distinctive feature is the presence of a large pink plaque, the so-called maternal, while the rest have a smaller size. Such a deprived in most cases goes out by itself, however, experts do not advise during illness to often perform water procedures and wash with funds with soft impact on the skin, as well as refrain from long stay in the sun and try to wear clothes from natural fabrics.

However, in addition to infections, deprived may be caused by internal reasons.

Autoimmune skin diseases

Common for all these skin diseases is that they are chronic, unsuccessful and can be inherited. All of them were not fully studied, as autoimmune processes are generally a mystery for modern medicine. The following diseases can be attributed to autoimmune diseases.

Red flat lichen
Red flat lichen, Manifesting, as a rule, with age, most often in women. Pre-providing factors may be heredity, stress, violation of the activities of the gastrointestinal tract, allergies, also chronic infections of the oral cavity and upper respiratory tract and.NS. You can recognize the flat deprived by the scratched red nodules on the skin, which over time expand and acquire a blue color.

Such a disease, as a rule, does not require treatment in itself. Sometimes antiallergenic drugs can register. However, when it occurs, it is necessary to examine the state of the internal organs, since their diseases can become red deprivation provocateurs. Since very often such deprived after severe or protracted stresses, doctors prescribe sedatives (for example, based on the motherboard). If you know that you have a tendency to the red flat deprive, then you should not launch chronic diseases, for example, violation of the gastrointestinal tract, tonsillitis, carious formations, neurological diseases.

Moching Lisha - Eczema. This is an inflammatory skin disease, which defines the line of which are numerous itchy bubbles on the skin, which quickly burst and the skin is covered with wet crust. Foci of the disease may appear in any part of the body and with time to occupy a large area, which is covered with a crust, cracking at any movement. Reasons for its occurrence a lot: heredity, diseases of internal organs, professional harmfulness, microbes. But the most powerful stimulant to the development of eczema always becomes psycho-emotional state.

Board parents from our site. 85% of children eczema is manifested under the age of 5 years. If your child has been diagnosed, analyze what could provoke it. So, for example, it happens that eczema occurs after the emergence of the second child in the house, when the elder has fears that now he does not need his parents. Working together with the child over his emotional state, you can overcome the Eclae and prevent the development of its extreme forms.

I must say that, appearing once, eczema is almost never cured to the end, but its manifestations can be minimized. The doctor will help determine the type to which the eczema refers in this particular case, to identify the causes and assign the therapy to eliminate it, as well as the eczema itself. To facilitate skin manifestations, hormonal ointments are used, and in severe cases and tablets.

Tip from our site. Do not immediately apply a hormonal ointment to foci damaged by eczema, in pure form. Often it is much more efficient to use it in a diluted form, mixing with conventional cream about 1: 3. In addition, any hormonal ointment is addictive, so a dose reduction will simplify the process of completing treatment.

In the event that the disease takes complicated forms, the treatment is carried out in a hospital where comprehensive therapy is carried out.

If the treatment takes place at home, then there are several ways to facilitate the course of the disease, as well as prevent its next exacerbation.

  1. Moisturize the skin by applying fatty creams on a wet body.
  2. Moisturize the air in the apartment, especially in the heating season.
  3. Reduce the frequency of use of means from sweat, that is, antiperspirants, and choose those in which there are antiallergenic components, such as magnesia and zinc oxide, aluminum hydroxide, tritanolmine.
  4. Clothing that directly comes into contact with the skin must be only of cotton.
  5. Be sure to follow your diet. Proper nutrition can largely become the main element of successful treatment and prevention of eczema. Of course, it is necessary to exclude fried, sharp, pickled, citrus, refuse bad habits. Recommended by the use of dairy and vegetable products.
  6. Not superfluous will be the reception of sedatives - Valeryans, mother-in-law.

Scaly Lishe - Psoriasis. One of the most common skin diseases and at the same time one of the most mysterious. No one can say with confidence which reasons are determining in the development of psoriasis. Examples are just known that this is a systemic disease, noncommunicable etiology. The first sign of psoriasis becomes peeling of the skin and itching. Next, pink plaques of rounded shape appear, when combing which the small blood droplets perform. Over time, psoriasis can affect significant areas of skin cover, as well as nails. But the most dangerous form is psoriatic arthritis, when the disease destroys the joints.

Previously, psoriasis was treated by the brutal method of use of arsenic (of course, in small doses). Today it consists in the reception of immunosuppressive funds, the appointment of creams with vitamins A and D, various ointments, physioproceptions. If the stage is more serious, then it is possible to purify blood, cryotherapy and ultraviolet therapy.

It should not be thought that for the treatment of psoriasis you can simply visit the solarium, despite the fact that ultraviolet therapy, in fact, is very similar to it. In large doses, ultraviolet can aggravate the course of the disease.

Many Psoriasis researchers come to the conclusion that the causes of the disease have neurological nature. They advise to understand their internal problems, fears, guilt, insults and t.D. It is possible that work with a psychotherapist can give its positive results in the treatment of psoriasis.

In this article, our site has tried to list the most common skin diseases. In most majority, the main reason for the development of such diseases is to reduce immunity, and as a result of not only physical reasons, but also psycho-emotional. So take care of yourself and it will be the basis of your health.

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