Application of borovatte

Boring uterus belongs to the centuries experienced means of traditional medicine. She helped many women to get rid of various gynecological diseases, get pregnant, to endure a long-awaited baby and become happy mothers, although they were diagnosed - infertility. And not only in female diseases recommended a boring uterus. About her therapeutic properties, testimony for use and will be discussed.

Boring uterus refers to the old, centuries experienced means of traditional medicine. She helped many women get rid of various gynecological diseases, Pregnant, make a long-awaited baby and become happy moms, although they were diagnosed - infertility. Some gynecologists are skeptical about this grass, while others - actively use it in the treatment of their patients. And not only in female diseases recommended a boring uterus. The Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation in 2003 officially approved and issued regulatory and technical documentation for the use of this plant. About his therapeutic properties, indications for use and methods of preparation of medicinal drugs and will be discussed in this article.

Application of borovatte

A little bit about the plant

Official name - Ortlia Single Brook or Ramishia Single Brook, Latin - Orthilia Secunda. But in the people she was given a lot of names - boring uterus, blicker, boring, motherboard. She loves to settle in Borovy Forests. The plant is perennial, it has sharpening stalks, but annual low twigs are already departed from them. Brilliant leaflets, once located, have a pilt edge. Ophid leaf shape, and the foundation rounded-wedge-shaped, but the upheat is pointed. Flowers are small and unbroken, collected in the brush - one-sided and deflating. Seeds are placed in boxes. Grows in Altai, in the forests of Siberia, Ukraine.


Bioactive substances are assembled here in such a complex in the plant: the main components - iridoid glycosides, monotropyine, flavonoids, saponins, coumarins, quinones, waterbutin, tanning and bitter substances, resins. There is lemon and wine acids, vitamin C. Trace elements: titanium, zinc, manganese, copper. Because of iridoids, the freshly robbed grass has a fish smell, it is weathered when drying.

Medical properties

Due to its composition, the boring uterus has the following action:

  • anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, antiviral, antifungal, resinking (thanks to flavonoids);
  • contributes to the functional activity of the female reproductive organ - the uterus and gradually lines the hormonal background;
  • Saponins dilute the vaginal secret, remove the wet from the bronchi;
  • hydroquinons prevent the growth and development of tumor cells;
  • During the arbutin, the diuretic effect is turned out;
  • Vitamin C stimulates immune processes, strengthens the vessels;
  • Cumarins, which are natural anticoagulants, prevent thrombosis;
  • Microelements are settled metabolism.

Application of borovatte

Indications for use

The rally is mainly used to treat many gynecological diseases - endometriosis, mioma, fibromy, hyperplasia endometrial, adnexites, ointment pneumans, polycystic, thrush, adhesions, obstruction of pipes, cysts on the ovaries, disorders and dislike menstruation cycles, amenorrhea, erosion, mastopathy, To facilitate the PMS. This grass contributes to ovulation, conception, helps preserve the pregnancy and the birth of the baby in women who are diagnosed with the sentence - infertility. In this case, the village healers advised before each admission to apply to therapeutic grass asking: «Borovaya Mother, Hostess Forest! You help me, healed, amaze - and the Bet I, please, Naody!»

It is useful in the treatment of other diseases:

Side Pensions when taking

  1. At the beginning of treatment, an exacerbation of inflammatory processes may be obstructed, which used to be hidden, sometimes colds arise, herpes.
  2. Possible nausea, vomit, constipation or diarrhea.
  3. Painful ovulation, felt by a woman.
  4. There is a delay of menstruation in the first reception cycles.
  5. Sometimes there are bleeding or gas selection in different cycle phases.
  6. Allergic reactions, the appearance of acne.
  7. Often, hypotonists reduces blood pressure, causes headache, Dizziness in some women.


Be sure to know when it is impossible to use or. These are the following cases:

  • reduced blood coagulation indicators;
  • Individual intolerance;
  • treatment period by hormonal agents or other herbs with hormonal action;
  • Period lactation.

In the days of monthly or sudden bleeding, the grass does not need to drink. Sometimes there are evidence that the Borov uterus can not be taken during pregnancy, but phytotherapists, on the contrary, they advise women who helped this herbal, take her infusions and in The first months of pregnancy, Since it contributes to its preservation and workout of progesterone, as well as removal of phenomena Toxicosis.

Medicinal forms

Most often of the grass prepare daily infusions or make alcohol tincture.

Preparation of tincture. We will need 50 g of chopped dry grass, which can be bought in a pharmacy or prepare independently, and high-quality vodka in the amount of 0.5 liters. Introduction is carried out in a glass jar, a well-clapped lid for 3-4 weeks. Then everything is well filled after several layers of clean gauze or wide bandage. The remains are carefully compressed. Tincture take 30-40 minutes before meals 2 times a day for 15-40 droplets. Droplets Fall in 50-70 ml of water.

Application of borovatte

Cooking ins. You can do it in a circle with a cap or in a thermos. We need to start treatment with a small amount of raw materials. First brew on a teaspoon of raw materials from pharmacy packaging by 250-300 ml of boiling water. Do not immediately pour with boiling water, and wait after boiling 1-2 minutes so that the water is a little cold. Then, with good tolerability, brew 2 teaspoons, and then you can go to 3 teaspoons. Insole to spend 1 hour or even leave overnight. First, take a quarter of a cup 2 times a day, then go to the reception of 100 ml 2 times during the day. Drink medicine 30 minutes before meals or per hour. This same infusion can be used for douching at night. Drafting is better to do in the first phase of your cycle from 7 to 10 procedures.

Our site readers! Do not immediately take large doses of dosage forms, start treatment with small doses to avoid adverse events. Dose increase gradually. If inflammation is exacerbated or by-phenomenon are increasing, then temporarily dose reduce. Listen to your body, advise with a phytotherapist or attending and gynecologist observing you. A knowledgeable specialist can recommend and choose your other reception scheme. Sometimes a comprehensive treatment of a borovoy uterus, a herub of round-headed and wintering. It is possible to assign fees of several herbs that enhances each other's action. Some women are suitable one fee, and the other is different.

special instructions

If the gastritis is worried, nausea and discomfort in the area of ​​the stomach, then the grass is better taken in an hour after eating, but at the same time its action on women's organs will decrease a little.

Before treatment, you need to know your hormonal background. With elevated estrogens, the whole cycle takes the whole cycle, with the exception of menstruation. But with reduced estrogen, treatment is carried out only in the second phase of the menstrual cycle. If the disease is chronic, worried for many years, then get ready for a long-term reception. Every three reception cycles do a monthly break. Sometimes treatment lasts courses for two years, it all depends on the severity of the illness and individual characteristics. Once again remind you that in days of menstruation or when Dysfunctional bleeding Reception is temporarily canceled. During treatment, periodically hand over blood tests on women's hormones to know the dynamics and adjust the days of reception. If androgens above the norm, then the treatment can also be carried out. Do not fall into a panic, if in the first months of treatment of menstruation will be delayed, gradually with proper treatment everything is normalized in the body. And some women on the contrary will be surprised that their cycle has become shorter. Sometimes monthly may be abundant, and sometimes - scarce or dark colors with clots, mucus. In the treatment of obverseness of pipes, the first six months follow the prevention measures so as not to get pregnant, otherwise there may be an ectopic pregnancy, since the pipes have not yet been completely cleaned. If a woman finds out that it is pregnant, then you should not immediately cancel the medication. It must be done smoothly, gradually reducing the dose. Of course, you do not need to drink alcohol tincture during the waiting period of the baby, in this case make yourself aquatic infusion of grass.

Borovka or Ortlia can get rid of many ailments. And someone she helps to become mom. Properly selected doses, following strict recommendations and patient receptions will be rewarded. Let Natural Remedies contribute to your healing!

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