Coffee and cigarettes - unsuccessful tandem


  • Coffee and Cigarette Ritual
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  • Coffee and Cigarette Ritual

    Coffee and cigarettes & ndash; Unsuccessful tandemWhat makes most people waking up in the morning? What are you doing? What the hand stretches and what thoughts in the head suddenly arise when you feel familiar morning invigorating fragrance?

    Someone does not like coffee, someone's life will not imagine without the morning cup of good morning drink, and someone does not love himself and starts his morning from a cup of strength coffee and a cigarette on an empty stomach. One friend who has already concrete problems with the stomach, despite all the already happening and possible consequences, all the same every morning begins with this dubious ritual.

    Facts with sign «+»

    • Scientists found that smoking and drinking coffee reduce the risk of developing severe neurological disease – Parkinson's disease. Smoking opportunity to get 60% lower, in those who drink coffee – by 30%. And the women have a greater effect, if they drink coffee moderately, but men advise this drink in large quantities.
    • Coffee is an antimutaged factor and reduces the risk of cancer. And also is a good medicine from gout, as it reduces the content of uric acid salts in the body.

    Something pleasant and useful about cigarettes, I did not find separately. As for the risk reduction to get sick of Parkinson's disease, then drink coffee – The occupation is not only pleasant, but in some extent useful. But smoking cigarettes – Very dubious salvation.

    Facts with sign «–»

    • Coffee – Not the best heart. Cigarettes also badly affect heart and vessels. Accordingly, the connection of these two favorite habits leads to very crying consequences. They increase the level of homocysteine ​​(amino acid, which is formed from protein coming from food), which can lead to a stroke. In people who drink 6 and more cups of coffee per day, the level of this amino acid is higher than those of people who do not drink coffee at all, on 5–10%. If you are still smoking, then multiply it into two.
    • The combination of coffee and cigarettes leads to a decrease in the elasticity of vessels, and this in turn leads everything to the same infarction and stroke. Especially sensitive to this people with elevated arterial pressure.
    • Fact from personal life – All the same familiar, using this sweet couple is no longer the first year, earned itself a stomach ulcer. Perhaps the ulcer you and does not threaten if otherwise you eat healthy food, but you just feel the severity in the stomach. I'm not talking about not very pleasant smell of mouth and yellow teeth (all the same coffee + cigarettes). About lung cancer, I think it's not worth telling – All this is written even on packs of cigarettes.

    Coffee without cigarettes

    Personally, I just adore coffee with milk, cinnamon and cardamon. But the taste of cigarettes in this fareor of taste somehow weakly imagine. Try and you enjoy coffee without familiar cigarette – You may like it more?

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