Melatonin - Sleep hormone, youth and health


«Dream — Best medicine», «who else to sleep, he lives longer» — It is difficult to argue with folk wisdom, especially in the light of the latest discoveries of the mechanism of sleep and processes taking place with a person during the reign of Morpheus. It turns out that during sleep in the body accelerated recovery and repair «Work»: It is normalized by blood pressure, the functions of the digestive and endocrine system, the immune defense is activated, the body is cleaned from free radicals, the aging processes are braked — All this is headed by melatonin.

Melatonin — Hormone Night

Melatonin & Ndash; Hormone sleep, youth and healthMelatonin — Hormone, which is produced in the human body predominantly at night, the overwhelming amount is synthesized by cells of the brain sidewalls under the influence of light signals entering visual analyzers. The amount of melatonin in the brain is depending on the level of illumination, increases at dusk, reaches its peak at 2 o'clock in the morning, after 4 o'clock in the morning it drops to the minimum value. With the beginning of the development of melatonin begins to be a clone into sleep, the work of the brain slows down and we fall asleep. When the amount of hormone drops, sleep becomes superficial and awakening.

The amount of melatonin in the human body falls with age, this explains insomnia in old age. However, this is not all, the shortage of hormone often becomes the cause of rapid aging, early menopause, early male men's climax and reducing the activity of the thyroid gland, signal to increase cell sensitivity to insulin and the basis for the development of diabetes mellitus. In animal experiments, it was found that the chronic lack of melatonin reduces the life expectancy by 20% . As for the antitumor activity of melatonin: the incidence of breast cancer and prostate is significantly higher among people who lack night sleep, often working in night shifts and leading nightlife.

Melatonin regulates the daily rhythm of sleep-wake, providing a calm night leisure, a healthy and deep sleep, during which all organs and systems are normalized. Thanks to melatonin, in the morning there is a vigor and tide of life. Artificial deprivation of sleep leads to a deficiency of melatonin, the emergence of a whole bouquet of diseases and disorders, accumulation of negative emotions, psyche disorders and ultimately reduce life.

Do not interfere with the conductor!

It suggests that it is necessary to maintain the optimal level of melatonin to maintain health. But how to do it, if the modern rhythm of life sometimes requires night activity, and it's quite difficult to escape from bad habits? In order not to interfere with the body to synthesize a vital hormone, you need to observe a healthy day of the day and get out. Strong continuous Son — Warranty Success.

  • Melatonin synthesis activity rises sharply in the dark and decreases when light, so you need to sleep in a darkened room, tightly pulling the curtains.
  • Do not go to bed with the included TV — You deprive yourself of portions of hormone.
  • Waking up at night, do not turn on the bright light, use the night light.
  • Do not stay at the computer or TV is late, but if it happens, muffle the light.
  • Work out the habit to go to bed until midnight.
  • When problems appear with sleep, take melatonin in tablets, especially for the elderly people experiencing a hormone deficit.

Unexpected melatonin effects

Melatonin HormonAccording to modern ideas, melatonin must be taken by all people over 35 years old, courses for 1-1.5 mg per night, especially in the summer and autumn.

In the presence of insomnia melatonin contributes to falling asleep, reducing the number of night awakening.

With prolonged flights and changing time belts, the biological clock fails, which leads to a breakdown of sleep, apathy, poor well-being. To avoid similar symptoms, travelers are recommended, coming into place, take 1.5 mg of melatonin, it will help to sleep and adapt to local time.

If at work Avral, if you «Thugs» and did not sleep at night, accept melatonin once, it will help support the normal level of hormone and protects from overwork.
The first secret of Melatonin solved the Americans, in the US, many older people resort to melatonin to improve well-being. There are no side effects in the condition of one-time reception, while it does not suppress the production of its own hormone, and it is possible to refuse to receive it at any time.

Today, data obtained that can be recommended receiving melatonin patients with ischemic heart disease, hypertension, ulcer of the stomach and 12-rosewoman. But the most striking hormone effect is expected in the fight against estrogen-dependent women's diseases — Misa uterus, mastopathy, breast cancer. The fact is that melatonin inhibits the production of estrogen in women, and therefore reduces the risk of the occurrence and development of these diseases.

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