Colon cancer


  • Color and straight gut (fat intestine)
  • What can be caused by colon cancer?
  • What are the symptoms of caressing cancer and rectum?

  • Color and straight gut (fat intestine)

    The entire intestine can be divided into two parts: thin and thick. In most cases, cancer tumors are developing in a colon, and a thick and straight intestine means under the colon.

    After the food is swallowed, it falls through the esophagus in the stomach and then into the small intestine. When passing food on the small intestine, its digestion occurs, as well as the assimilation of the basic nutrients contained in it. Then the digested food enters the thick intestine, where the water suction occurs. The contents of the intestine becomes more dense, the carte masses are formed entering into the rectum, after which there is a defecation at the corresponding moment.

    What can be caused by colon cancer?

    Colon cancerIn most cases, the disease of the colon cancer establish the cause of its development fails. However, for people who have a rather rare disease, known as congenital family polyposes, in which a benign tumors are formed in the tumps of colon — so-called polyps, there is a higher risk of cancer.

    This also applies to patients for a long time suffering from non-specific ulcerative colitis, t. E. disease associated with inflammation and emotion.

    Naturally assume the presence of communication between colon cancer and power regimen. It is believed that food intake with a high content of animal fat and proteins, but poor fiber can increase the risk of intestinal cancer.

    The risk group can also be attributed to people who have a large number of people in the intestinal cancer.

    What are the symptoms of caressing cancer and rectum?

    Each of the following can be treated with the symptoms of cancer of the thick and rectum:

    • the presence of blood in feces or «Black» Chaul
    • Persistent constipation or diarrhea
    • weight loss
    • Pain in the abdominal cavity or rear pass

    Sometimes a cancer tumor can cause a violation of passability or intestinal blockage. Symptoms of such a state are nausea, constipation, compressive pain (thread) in the abdominal cavity and bloating.

    Although these symptoms can be caused not only to colon cancer, but also other diseases, it is very important that if they appear you, you turned to your doctor in a timely manner.

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