• Who is in the risk group
  • What is the main causes of the disease
  • How to reduce the risk
  • In which case, you need to consult a doctor
  • How can modern medicine help

  • Osteoporosis

    Who is in the risk group

    First, these are people, not
    scored sufficient stock of bone mass, which would then allow them
    For a long time to spend it. People who did not use enough
    Calcium products. As well as people with diabetes and
    all sorts of pathologies of the thyroid gland, with diseases
    Cardiovascular system, kidneys and joints.

    What is the main causes of the disease

    most often found in women. Women genetically do not gain that
    bone density like men engage in easier
    physical labor and less practicing physical education. But is perfect
    Clear pattern between skeleton loads and bone density
    Fabrics. After 25-30 years, we start losing the bone mass. Each second
    Woman after 80 years old risks to get a fracture of the thigh, because
    It is physiologically reduced density of bone tissue.

    How to reduce the risk

    In preventive purposes in
    ration need to add calcium preparations, consumption meat, fresh
    vegetables and fruits. For the prevention of problems with the spine
    have a bandage (you can easily) and protect the spine before
    Heavy exercise - cleaning the apartment, work on the dacha

    In which case, you need to consult a doctor

    Call «Silent eyelid epidemic». When a man felt pain,
    For example, in the back, and came to a neurologist or orthopedist, it's too late.
    People entering a risk group must be held annually ultrasound
    Densitometry - the method gives information about the quality of bone tissue and is
    painless, rapid, economical. In addition, there is
    X-ray densitometry.

    How can modern medicine help

    Now open
    Public centers with highly qualified doctors passed
    Training in our department. Deployed biochemical analysis is carried out
    blood and the optimal drug is chosen. Imported now appeared
    Preparations for effective treatment of postmenopausal osteoporosis -
    Bisphosphonates. It is very important that people do not engage in self-medication.

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