How Scarlatina is transmitted?


  • How Scarlatina is transmitted?
  • Who is ill

  • How is Scarlatina transmitted?
    Scarlet fever
    — infectious disease characterized by acute streams, symptoms of general
    intoxication, the development of an angina and the appearance of small-point rash throughout the body. The causative agent of Scarlatina -
    Beta hemolytic streptococcus, manifesting toxic, septic and
    Allergenic properties.

    How Scarlatina is transmitted?

    pathogenic microorganisms primarily are healthy carriers
    Streptococca. Microorganisms inhabit skin covers and almonds infected
    People, cause the development of banal angina, pharyngitis, streptodermia. Development of interest
    Us of illness is possible only under certain conditions to turn into the causative agent of scarlet,
    Streptococcus acquires the ability to allocate toxin that increases
    the permeability of blood vessels and ensuring the penetration of the microbe in
    Common bloodstream.

    In importance, the source of infection is patients with scarletina. Special
    The danger to healthy people they represent the first days of the disease and
    Subsequent 3 weeks. Scarlet peeling pathogens are allocated to the environment
    Together with saliva when coughing, sneezing, conversation. They settle on subjects
    consultation, dishes, underwear, toys. The child contacts these objects and
    Dirty hands brings infection in the mouth — This is how Scarlatina is passed.

    Who is ill

    Scarlet fever
    has a rather clear seasonality, the rise of the incidence is marked in the fall and
    Winter. Residents with temperate and cold climates are more ill. IN
    Main doctors register children's
    Scarlay. And if the earlier majority of the diseases were children
    Up to 2 years, today Scarlay has become a disease of the preschool and students of the younger
    classes. Representatives of organized children's teams sick more often than
    Homemade pupils. Cases of Watching Pathogenic Streptococcus among children
    Also not uncommon.

    Flash of children's scarletin more often
    Preceded the increase in incidence of streptococcal infection. If in kindergarten
    The cases of angina or streptodermia are rapidly, parents should pay special
    Attention to the health of the child.

    Transferred Scarlantine in the child remains persistent immunity to the causative agent
    infection. However, anticorlatinous immunity is characterized
    Typical specificity, in rare cases may be repeated ill if
    The causative agent will be streptococcus of another Serovara.

    The story of Scarlatina

    Scarlantine feature is the presence of periodic rates and recession
    morbidity with interval in 2-4 years. Large flashes of scarletins arise
    Once every 40-50 years, after them there is a significant decrease in the number of cases
    diseases, which is primarily due to an increase in the number of immune individuals and
    creation of collective immunity.

    I wonder what from
    Flashes to the flare of Scarlatina as a disease change the nature of his current.
    In the 60s of the XVII century T. Sidenchem described
    the clinical picture of the scarlet «Easy, hardly deserving
    suffering». However, after 15 years, encountered with a severe course of Scarlantine, he
    I put this infection in one row with plague.

    And in the XVII, and in the XIX century, the epidemics of light scarletin was replaced by flash of heavy shape
    Diseases carrying life up to 30-40% of patients.

    In Russia in the XIX century there were three big flashes of scarlet. First — From 1891 to 1901, with
    gradual decrease in morbidity by 1917. Second — from 1918 to 1942 and
    Peak in 1930, when Scarlatina was the third for the prevalence of children's
    infection, and third — From 1946 to 1955. In subsequent years in the USSR
    Three raises of the incidence rate of Scarletina in 1955, 1960 are registered,
    1966, but each time the number of cases was significantly reduced,
    Practically erased seasonal differences, the infection began to flow significantly
    easier. To date, it is quite rare to meet Scarlacin, however
    it's not a reason to relax. It is important to know the signs of the disease so that not
    Skip it and prevent the tragic outcome of the disease.

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